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Sarah Cassidy is a young girl who was born without cheekbones.


Sarah was born without cheekbones due to Treacher Collins Syndrome. Because of the lack of bone to protect her orbital floor, she was unable to play any contact sports or participate in any activities that had a risk of things flying at her face. They planned to take pieces of her skull to build her new cheekbones. She wondered if after her surgery, she'd be able to try out for the volleyball team. Because using her own skull meant a very long recovery, Mark Sloan suggested using a newer technique with a cadaver bone, but Arizona Robbins dismissed it as being too experimental. Mark then prepared a slideshow comparing the two procedures. She still rejected it, but later relented and they presented the alternative plan to Sarah and her parents. Her parents were dubious about the experimental surgery, but agreed to let Sarah have it when she said she just wanted to be able to play sports. Her surgery went well.



Sarah's parents were concerned about her having the more experimental surgery, but agreed to let her have it after she said she just wanted to be able to play sports.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She was 15 at the time of her surgery.
  • She's in the Chess Club.
  • She bowls.
  • She paints and draws.