Sarah Freemont is a woman who was in the hospital waiting for a kidney transplant.


Failed TransplantEdit

Sarah was in the hospital in end-stage kidney failure. A kidney finally became available for her after three years of dialysis. While she was having dialysis before her transplant, Izzie Stevens, distracted by a fight with Charles Percy ordered the wrong solution and sucked all the potassium out of her body. She survived, but wasn't able to get her kidney. ("Invasion")

Kidney TransplantEdit

Desperate to save Sarah's life, Bailey flew Sarah down to Los Angeles to receive a kidney from her sister, Emily. Emily couldn't travel to Seattle because she had three small children and her ex-husband is abusive. Emily had been tested as a partial match three years prior. At the time, that wasn't good enough, but since Sarah's condition had declined, they decided to use it. Emily tried to get them to skip the pre-operative tests, but Bailey said they needed to let her rest and get assurances that Sarah was strong enough for the transplant. During the testing, they discovered that Emily was infected with HIV. She was aware of that and hoped they'd still be able to do the transplant because Sarah had no other option. She said she'd rather get AIDS than die. Because of the anti-rejection drugs she'd have to take for the kidney, the doctors believed she had the potential to develop full-blown AIDS quickly.

When Sarah's organs started shutting down, Bailey appealed to Charlotte to do the transplant with Emily's kidney. Charlotte agreed to try to get a team together. Once the team was put together, Bailey asked them all again if they were sure they were willing to participate. One member of the team backed out. Without him, Charlotte said the surgery couldn't go on. However, Sam stepped in, saying he'd done a surgical residency, and he'd take the open place.

The surgery went on and Sarah went into pericardial tamponade. Sam did a pericardiocentesis to relieve the pressure, which was successful, allowing them to complete the transplant. ("Right Here, Right Now")



She is very close to her sister, Emily. When Emily ended up in an abusive marriage, Sarah flew out to her home and stayed for six months, making sure Emily and her daughters were safe. ("Right Here, Right Now")

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 27 at the time of her kidney transplant.
  • She is the last patient to be treated by Izzie Stevens at the hospital on screen.



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