Sasha was a patient of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital who was injured in the mudslide following the Super Storm.


Mudslide InjuriesEdit

Sasha’s leg was trapped under her squad car while helping with storm evacuation. Jackson evaluated her leg and assessed that it could probably be saved, but he ordered an ortho consult. He was more concerned about the laceration on her neck, which had debris embedded. Jackson debrided her neck wound. ("Seal Our Fate")

Necrotizing FasciitisEdit

Jackson noticed that there was discoloration of the wound, so he took a sample of the tissue for testing. The test revealed that she had necrotizing fasciitis, so she was taken into surgery. ("Seal Our Fate")

Jackson and April operated and they were able to remove all the necrotic tissue, but the labs suggested that her organs were beginning to fail and she might not make it. (“I Want You With Me”)




Sasha was concerned about Brian, her fiancé, who was one of the three first responders still unaccounted for. When Oscar came to sit by her bedside, she had a moment of hope because she said the handwriting on his leg looked like Brian’s. Later, Brian showed up at the hospital and revealed that he'd been stuck in an air pocket, unable to help and was not the person who triaged survivors. ("Seal Our Fate")

When it looked like Sasha might not make it, she and Brian decided they wanted to get married right away, just in case. When no chaplains were available, Jackson officiated the wedding, with April as a witness. (“I Want You With Me”)


Sasha is a police officer in Seattle.