Satellite of Love is the seventh episode of the third season and the 34th overall episode of Station 19.

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As Ben readies the new Physician Response Team truck for the field, his suspicions about Sullivan and the missing Fentanyl continue to grow. Meanwhile, Jack and Rigo try to look past their differences when they are forced to work together and fight a mysterious gas station fire. Dean and JJ try to work through their differing parenting styles, and Travis meets someone new.

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Jack and Andy finish having sex and Andy declares it the last time. They can't keep having sex because roommates who have sex are married couples. Jack doesn't want to go into work and neither does Andy. Andy says he doesn't have to be defined by the worst thing he's done, but he does have to own.

Carina emerges from under the sheet and Maya comments that that's one way to get to know her. Carina says she finds it to be the fastest way. They start kissing again.

Travis stands in the shower. A man pulls aside the curtain, surprising Travis, who thought he had left. The man asks if Travis wants him to leave and Travis says no. The man joins him in the shower and they start kissing.

Vic wakes up to find Jackson not there, but a coffee drink beside the bed for her. She sits up to drink it.

JJ talks to Baby Miller, giving her advice, though Dean thinks it's pointless. Dean says something important they could tell her is her name. He wants them to decide on one because he wants her to meet his parents, but she needs a name first. JJ wants to wait until something happens and they just know what her name is. Dean leaves to go for a run and JJ says he should run to the store for formula so the baby can eat. Dean says she has two stores right there, but she already iced them. He grabs his keys and says he'll be right back.

Ben finds Sullivan working out. It's a big day for Ben, the start of the PRT. Ben says he was taking inventory and noticed some missing fentanyl. Sullivan says he needs to file a police report. Ben says if he reports it, Dixon will shut down the PRT. Sullivan says that's true, but he has to do the right thing, especially if he thinks someone stole narcotics. Ben says he may have just counted wrong, so Sullivan suggests counting again.

Andy reminds Jack to keep his chin up and own it. They pass a guy who intentionally knocks into Jack, who mutters to himself that his nose is still broken. Maya says Dixon and the PRT will be there in a few minutes and thanks them all for staying for the picture. She calls Rigo and Jack into her office to talk.

In the office, Maya asks them if they can work together. Maya then forces them both to apologize. Jack does, but Rigo can only apologize for punching Jack while at work instead of waiting until after. Jack accepts that and she dismisses them both.

Ben pulls the PRT ambulance into the barn and shows it off. Then he introduces the honorary physician, Pruitt. Dixon steps in for a photo op, saying it looks good and will make the news. He then introduces Emmett Dixon, his son and the new probie. Travis is shocked to see the man he hooked up with. Dixon goes over to take more photos. He's glad to see Pruitt helping with that instead of stirring up trouble.

Dixon asks Sullivan to take it easy on Emmett. He's not a natural, but he's a hard worker and he'll get it.

Sullivan checks in with Andy. She blames it on the baby and her dad, then excuses herself. Sullivan says it matters to him how she is and asks if there's anything she can do. She says she's fine.

Ben frets over the inventory report. He pockets the log and then creates a new one that says three vials were broken in transit. Pruitt then comes in and says he needs a refresher, but Ben says that's not necessary. He's a surgeon and he got a certified registered nurse anesthetist. He introduces Pruitt to Claudia Flores, who speaks to Pruitt in rapid Spanish about how she looks forward to working with him. Ben says he needs Pruitt to assist in surgery as needed and drive. Pruitt thinks he's a glorified chauffeur then. The klaxons ring for a structure fire and possible aircraft crash. Ben is delighted to hear PRT get called out.

The team rushes to get ready. They're intrigued by the possible aircraft crash. As they pull out, Emmett runs out, pulling his turnouts on. Sullivan sees him and says to move faster next time. He's on desk duty now.

Sullivan closes the blinds, then unlocks a drawer in his desk and pulls out the fentanyl and a syringe. He then injects it and sits back. He hears a laugh and opens his eyes to see Ripley sitting nearby.

Ripley wonders what happened to Sullivan's moral compass. He was always such a stand-up guy, now he's shooting up in his firehouse. Sullivan says he has pain that's real. Ripley asks whose pain isn't real. Ripley says it's such a waste. What he needs is what he's always needed: more sugar.

Ben asks Pruitt not to tell anyone he got excited about the words "reported injuries." Pruitt says he'd be excited, too, if he could find the siren. Ben doesn't know where it is either, so Pruitt offers to make the sound himself. Ben offers to get Pruitt a consult with the best urologist in the country, but Pruitt isn't interested. He's wishing Bailey had lied to him and said it was benign. He says between the blizzard last week and it being 70 today, the word will end before he does.

Dean tells JJ he changed the diaper and it was messy. JJ reminds him to check inside her vagina for poop so she doesn't get an infection. Dean cringes and says his mother always referred to his sister's "situation" as her cookie. JJ says that's not acceptable. That's how girls get repeatedly molested, because no one knows to call the cops. JJ says all the moms on Instagram are always posting about their perfect tiny humans, but they don't post about the negative things. JJ says he has a daughter now and he has to learn to be okay with naming her parts. Dean says he's fine with her parts, but can't say labia when JJ asks. JJ goes to leave, telling the baby before she goes never to date a guy who can't say labia.

Vic tells Jack and Rigo they better have their situation handled. She doesn't want to die because he can't keep it in his turnouts. Jack says they're good, but Rigo just says the city pays him and he'll ride with Jack if the city says to.

Emmett is folding laundry when he sees Joe walk by in an towel. He's not sure Joe is supposed to be there and questions him on it. Joe knows he's not, but won't leave. He comes in for the shower and the bed because the sidewalks get hard and the shelters are overcrowded.

The team arrives as a gas station, where there's a large gas leak, and at the food truck area across the street, where there are fires. She has them set up a containment to keep the gas out of the street. Andy remembers that the call was for an aircraft explosion, so she asks Maya about the plane. Maya says that's for Search and Rescue. Their job is the pump. Travis says the emergency shut off has been damaged, so he can't stop the gas from spilling. They call for the driver of the fuel tank, but get no response, so Maya sends Vic to look for keys. Andy says she's not sure they know what they're dealing with just as errant sparks ignite the spilled gas.

Maya checks on Vic, who can't find the keys, and tells her to get out of there. She sends Rigo and Andy to help with the food truck fires over Andy's objection. Maya tells them to prepare to shoot foam at the fire. Travis is worried about the tanker blowing and wants to evacuate and let the fire burn itself out. Maya says there are tanks underground and if the tanker blows, the whole block will go with it. Maya just asks for the thermal imaging camera.

Rigo, Jack, and Andy start putting out the small fires. Ben asks where he can help and Andy sends him to deal with some small injuries while she handles the fire. Pruitt also jumps into help, but Andy's still upset with him. Andy then realizes something and asks him if he told Sullivan, which led to him not making her captain. Pruitt suggests they work now and talk later.

Sullivan hallucinates Ripley and Vic making out in his office. Sullivan says loving someone in your firehouse may lead to you losing judgment and put lives at stake. You can't let yourself love. Ripley and Vic say if you can stop yourself from loving someone you love, you're already dead. Ripley says Sullivan is past the slippery slope.

Maya says the temperature is 300 and climbing. They're spraying foam over the flames, but with the gas still flowing, they're fighting a losing battle. Vic suggests that she can go in and clamp the hose off to stop the gas flow. Travis reminds her that every step she takes exposes the gas to air, creating the possibility of flashover. Vic says she can do it. Maya sends her to get the clamp.

Dean tries to show JJ how to swaddle the baby, but she's taking pictures of the baby instead. JJ doesn't believe she needs to know if he can do it. She says she can look it up on YouTube if she needs it. JJ wants Dean to call his parents for help, because they have money for night nurses and nannies. Dean says he won't do that, because they're fully capable of taking care of the child themselves. JJ disagrees. She suggests Chimichanga as a name, but Dean vetoes.

Maya tells Vic to go slowly. Travis fill spray behind her, filling in the holes she makes with her boots.

As the temperature approaches 500, Vic takes the final few steps to the pump. She quickly applies the clamp and the gas stops flowing. She starts to walk back, but slips and the gas reignites. Travis and Maya yell for her to run as Travis sprays her with the foam. She makes it out.

Emmett finds Joe in the kitchen and says he doesn't want to have to call the cops. Joe says the cops don't care. They're actually the ones who told him the fire station has showers and beds. Jesus said to feed the poor, give them the shirt off your own back. He asks if Emmett is Christian or not. Emmett says he was raised Catholic, but that doesn't matter here. He stops Joe from going back to the refrigerator, saying that Joe's going to making him get the Chief. Joe says to do what he needs to do, but he's going to finish his sandwich. Emmett tries again to get him to leave, saying he's new and it'll be embarrassing if he has to call his dad, but Joe just says he sleeps on the ground, he has gout and no medication for it, and his kids haven't spoken to him in over a decade. His last good friend stole his tent from him. The one before that died right in front of him. He suffered through a blizzard and there was no room in the shelter. Everything he listed is a real problem. Emmett's problem is not a real problem. Joe then leaves with his sandwich and an apple.

Maya says the fire is out and the tanker is cooled down. Vic did get work. Travis and Andy spray Vic down. She then says she got evicted. It's a long story involving her landlady and a drippy faucet and her poor impulse control, but she's out and she hasn't found a new place. She sleeps at the station three nights a week anyway, so she's just been kind of living at Jackson's place, but she forgot to tell him. She's just has her stuff there, but it's not like he notices because he lives in a palace. She should have told him but he has 800 thread count sheets and an espresso machine so she didn't. She almost just died, so she felt like she had to say something out loud. She asks if that's bad and they both say it's very bad.

Ripley asks Sullivan what he wants to be able to say about his time on earth when he dies. Does he want to say he did a good or that he loved and was loved. Sullivan asks if he can't have both. He can have both, but it's hard if he gets the order wrong. People think if you do a good job, then you will be loved and have the time to love, but that's wrong. Work is never finished and the people who need you and want you wait and wait and wait. Sullivan says he had love, Claire. Ripley says Claire is gone and would want him to be happy. Sullivan thinks he has a problem, but Ripley says he knows Sullivan has a problem and asks what he's going to do about it. Sullivan doesn't know, which doesn't surprise Ripley. His inability to ask for help will be his downfall. Sullivan says he's high, but he's still hurting. Ripley says hurting is living. That's how you know you're alive. Sullivan gets up to get out of there. Ripley says it's time to change his life from he top down. If he doesn't, he may end up just as a vision in someone's overdose. Sullivan then collapses to the floor.

Jack says he didn't know Eva was Rigo's wife, but Rigo says he didn't know the first time. Jack says he tried to stop, but Rigo doesn't like that answer.

Andy sees a piece of debris on the ground. Elaine, one of the patients, asks what it is. Andy's not sure, but it doesn't look like part of a plane. She asks if there are any tech campuses nearby. Elaine says yes, there are a bunch of math nerds with food allergies. They work for the billionaire who wants to send people to Mars. Andy calls Jack on the radio, but he doesn't answer.

Rigo and Jack continue to argue. Jack just wants to know Rigo can work with him. He's worried Rigo will leave him in a burning building and say it's clear. Rigo says as long as Jack's on his team, he has his back, because that is the code he follows. He honors his code, unlike some people. Rigo sees some kind of gas leaking out of a tank and goes to spray it with an extinguisher. Andy comes up to Jack and tells him it's not a plane. It's a rocket. They need HazMat. Jack tells Rigo to stand down. Rigo ignores him and when Jack grabs him to pull him back, Rigo drops the extinguisher and it causes an explosion. Andy sees that Rigo is eviscerated and goes to get Ben. Jack tells him to breathe and holds pressure on his wound. He has Rigo insult him to keep him awake. Ben and Pruitt arrive and takes over care.

Ben tells Maya over the radio that they're moving Rigo to the PRT for surgery. Maya asks what happened and he tells her.

In the PRT, they start surgery on Rigo.

Emmett knocks on Sullivan's door, but gets no response. He enters the office and finds Sullivan passed out.

Pruitt assists Ben with Rigo.

Emmett finds the fentanyl vial and goes to get supplies.

Pruitt is holding pressure in Rigo's abdomen.

Andy goes to Maya and explains the situation with the rocket and Rigo and Jack. She tells Maya to call in HazMat or she'll do it herself. Maya calls for HazMat over the radio.

Claudia helps Ben prepare to do REBOA on Rigo.

Emmett finds naloxone and gives some to Sullivan.

Ben successfully places the REBOA catheter as Pruitt explains that he recruited Rigo out of junior college and was there when his father passed. Rigo starts to stabilize. Ben says now Pruitt drives.

Emmett pulls out his phone and calls his father. Just as he calls, Sullivan jerks awake, so he hangs up the phone. Emmett tells him he overdosed.

Ben watches Rigo as they drive to the hospital.

The team watches Jack walking toward them. He walks past them.

The team arrives back at the station. Jack tells them he didn't listen. They know that and they know why he didn't listen to Jack. Maya stand by her call to let them work together. She and Andy fight about it. Jack tries to defend Maya, but Andy says everything's the captain's fault. Maya then argues that the entire team has questioned every single one of her decisions, costing them time and lives. She says they can request a transfer if they don't want to work for her, but they need to get in line or get the hell out. They say they understand. Maya tells Andy to contact Rigo's wife and Jack to try to get her an update. The rest of them need to get back to work. Jack says it's his fault, which Vic says they know.

Sullivan watches the team from his window. Then he talks to Emmett about trust. He says he has a prescription for the medication and one of the side effects is dizziness. Emmett says he understands. Sullivan appreciates Emmett finding him, even if he was overly cautious. He then dismisses Emmett.

Travis asks Vic when she's going to tell Jackson and she's thinking never. He asks if she's okay, but she doesn't answer as she sees Emmett coming and asks how his first day was. Emmett tells them about Joe, but they know about him. Emmett starts to talk about Sullivan, so Vic says Travis should tell him about the time Sullivan stopped talking to him because he got that weird haircut. When she's gone, Travis and Emmett start to talk briefly.

Carina comes into Maya's office. She saw Ben at the hospital and heard Maya had had a bad day, so she brought lasagna. Maya says she can't just come to her work. All they did was hook up. She doesn't need a girlfriend. Carina goes to leave, but Maya stops her at the door and apologizes. She says she's broken. Carina's not in the habit of fixing broken people, so Maya opens the door so she can leave, but Carina closes it and they start kissing. Maya says the lasagna smells almost as good as Carina.

Sullivan finds Andy and says he needs to talk to her. He has something to say to her. Andy asks why the truth is so hard for him. She knows he gave Maya captain because he knew about her dad and kept it from her, which makes it worse. Sullivan says he's in trouble. He wants to talk to her because he's in love with her. He's been in love with her for a long time and he's failing at it, failing at everything. He says he's sorry and he wants to talk. She tells him she can't be angry at her dad because he's dying, but Sullivan is perfectly healthy. She shuts the door in his face.

JJ is picking up her things around Dean's place. He wakes up and she apologizes for waking him and tells him to go back to sleep, but he gets up to apologize for their argument. They've been cooped up and he suggests taking the baby to the park. He read that was good for her. JJ tells him to keep reading and watching. She's leaving. Without the baby. Dean says he's sorry, thinking it's his fault, but she says she was never planning to stay. She wanted the baby to know him and wanted to give him the choice. He can place her for adoption if he wants, but she has a feeling he won't because he's such a good guy. She tells him he'll be a good dad. He's more cut out for it than she is. She says to tell the baby she loves her, but knows herself too well to stay. She can look JJ up when she's a teenager if she wants. Dean asks her to stay, but she says she can't and leaves, saying to give her a good name and a good life. After she's gone, the baby starts to cry and Dean goes to her. She stops crying when Dean gets to her.


  • Andy Herrera
  • Ben Warren
  • Robert Sullivan
  • Jack Gibson
  • Victoria Hughes
  • Travis Montgomery
  • Dean Miller
  • Maya Bishop
  • Pruitt Herrera
  • JJ
  • Michael Dixon
  • Carina DeLuca
  • Claudia Flores
  • Rigo Vasquez
  • Emmett Dixon
  • Joe
  • Elaine
  • Lucas Ripley

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Rocket CrashEdit

Station 19 was called out for a possible aircraft crash. They arrived on scene to find a gas station with a serious gas leak and a fire truck area across the street which had multiple small fires. Maya had her team set up a containment boom to keep the gas out of the street while a few team members went across to deal with the fires. The emergency shut off was broken and a fuel tank was parked at the gas station with no driver, so they called out to the driver, but got no response. Maya sent vic to find the driver, but before she could locate the driver, some stray sparks ignited the gasoline. Maya ordered them to spray foam over the fire. Travis said they should evacuate and let it burn itself out because the tanker could blow if it got over 500°. Maya said the tanks underground would take out the whole block, so she monitored the temperature of the truck with a thermal camera while they sprayed foam, while patients across at the food truck were treated for minor injuries. Since they were unable to shut off the gas valve, Vic had the idea to go up to the pump and clamp off the gas. Travis said it would cause flashover when her steps exposed the gas to the air, but Maya okayed the plan. Travis followed Vic with a hose, filling in each spot as soon as she took a step. She clamped off the gas and then walked back, but she slipped and the gas re-ignited. She ran to safety as Travis sprayed her with the foam to put her out. Over at the food truck area, Andy noticed a bit of debris that didn't look like it was from a plane. She realized it was a rocket. She tried to warn Jack, but he ignored her over the radio. They noticed Rigo running to spray a gas leak, and they tried to warn him not to because it was liquid oxygen. Jack pulled him back and he dropped the fire extinguisher, causing an explosion that threw them both back and eviscerated Rigo. He was taken into the PRT where Ben used REBOA to stabilize him and then he was taken to the hospital. Maya called in HazMat to deal with the rocket.


When the trucks pulled out, Joe came inside the station to take a shower, sleep, and have a sandwich. He stayed despite Emmett's attempts to get him to leave.

Robert SullivanEdit

Sullivan overdosed on fentanyl in his office. Emmett found him and administered naloxone, which revived him.


Song Performer Scene
"Raining Gold" BNGRS feat. Doe Paoro
  • Jack and Andy finish having sex and agree it's the last time.
  • Jack doesn't want to go to work because of what happened.
  • Carina and Maya finish having sex.
  • Tracis is in the shower when Emmett opens the curtain and climbs in.
  • Vic wakes up to an empty bed and a coffee drink beside her.
"Losing My Religion" The Rescues
  • Rigo is loaded into the PRT vehicle.
  • Emmett knocks on Sullivan's office door.
  • He then enters and finds him on the floor.
  • Ben has Pruitt put his hand inside Rigo.
  • Emmett sees the vial of fentanyl.
  • Andy tells Maya what happened and Maya calls HazMat.
  • Ben decides to try REBOA.
  • Emmett gives Sullivan Naloxone.
  • Rigo stabilizes.
  • Emmett hesitates, then calls his dad. Sullivan then snaps awake.
  • Jack walks past the rest of the team.
"Berth" Gregory Alan Isakov
  • Carina and Maya start to make out.
  • Sullivan and Andy talk and he says he's in love with her.
  • Dean tries to talk to JJ as she packs up to leave.
  • JJ tells him she's leaving without the baby. She confesses that she was never planning to stay.
  • He tries to stop her, but she leaves.

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Station 19 3x07 Promo "Satellite of Love" (HD) Season 3 Episode 7 Promo

Station 19 3x07 Promo "Satellite of Love" (HD) Season 3 Episode 7 Promo

  • This episode scored 6.00 million viewers.
  • This episode marks the return of Fire Chief Lucas Ripley, who died last season in the episode Always Ready.


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