Savannah is a friend of Derek and Addison's who had her uterus, ovaries, and breasts removed after testing positive for the BRCA gene.


After her mother died of ovarian cancer and two other women in her family had been diagnosed with cancer, Savvy had herself tested for the BRCA gene. When the test came back positive, she and and her husband, Weiss, flew out to Seattle so that Addison could remove her uterus and ovaries and a plastic surgeon could remove her breasts. Savvy was sure of her decision, but Weiss struggled with it, not wanting her to take such drastic measures when she did not yet have cancer. They fought over it, but she said she wouldn't change her mind, so when she showed up at the hospital for her surgery, Weiss wasn't there. However, after a talk with Derek, Weiss eventually came and held her hand as she was anesthetized for her surgery.



She is married to Weiss. Their marriage was strained when her mother's death caused her to get tested for the BRCA gene, a test that came back positive. It seemed like Weiss might leave her after she chose to have her uterus, ovaries, and breasts removed even though they'd been trying for a child, but he ultimately came through and stayed by her side.


Her mother had recently died of ovarian cancer. They were very close and her mother's death hit her hard. Her aunt had also died of it and her 37-year-old cousin had ovarian cancer.


She and Weiss are close friends with Derek and Addison.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She wants to learn Italian.
  • She'd like to skydive.