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Save Yourself is the tenth episode of the fourth season and the 53rd overall episode of Station 19.

Short Summary[]

Andy, Sullivan, Dean and Ben are faced with a tough choice while trying to save a couple trapped in their car. Meanwhile, Dean second guesses his legal fight against the Seattle Police Department. Travis' dad fears he will be outed when his "golfing friend" is exposed to COVID-19 and Carina's immigration status is called into question.

Full Summary[]

Under Carina's guidance, the firefighters turn the barn of the station into a drive-through COVID-19 testing stations. Andy is annoyed at Carina's bossy attitude while Ben is excited to have another MD around.

Vic checks with Travis for the grocery list. As she heads back upstairs, she gestures at him to talk to Emmett. Emmett is back Travis and Vic are friends again. He apologizes if he was harsh before but Travis says he was right. He's ready to move on now though he hasn't actually met anyone yet.

Carina assigns the firefighters positions to make everything run smoothly. Maya cautiously says they should limit the number of cars inside to limit the carbon monoxide. Carina simply says people need to turn their cars off. As Carina joins Battalion Chief Gregory outside for an interview, Andy mocks Maya for being scared of her girlfriend. Michelle Alvarez walks in. Her parents are in the car in the line. Michelle wanted to finally see Robert and she herself is eyeing Maya. Andy tells her to get back to the car.

Vic asks Jack about Marsha. Her status is unchanged. People refusing to wear masks piss him off but then he remembers Marsha is one of them. Dean is not excited about the prospect of letting half the neighborhood into their cozy, safe bubble. Jack then receives word that Marsha's son enacted his power of attorney to take her off the vent. He rushes off. Gregory then enters the beanery to have a word with Dean and Vic. Gregory tells Dean that their own union once sued the city of the promotion of the first Black Battalion Chief. The union lost after years of litigation. Gregory says Dean's lawsuit is loud and divisive and creates further mistrust and tension. As Dean argues, Vic says people should mistrust them. She offers community intervention, social services, de-escalation as alternatives to calling the police. Gregory says those things all require cooperation of first responders. Gregory agrees things need to change but it matters how you force change. Gregory is called away.

Maya privately talks to Carina for snapping at her people. Carina says her visa is expiring and she might have to go back to Italy. When she first came here, her study sponsored her with an H-1B visa and she sent in a renewal application, but the President shut down all immigration offices. She has to leave next month. She heads back to the testing operations.

Travis is surprised when his parents pull up at a testing station and wonders why they drove an hour across town. Nari brought spicy beef soup. Paul needs a test and couldn't get a test elsewhere. His golfing friend's wife tested positive. Travis instructs his father to park the car in the back.

Robert tells a couple of newlyweds that they can expect the results in two to three days. Karissa and Shayne are enjoying their honeymoon in their bubble. They drive off. The next car is Andy's family. Michelle comments he's tall. As the family proceeds to ask him personal questions, he checks their form and pieces together that they are Andy's family. He impresses them with a Spanish compliment. Michelle asks about Maya, the other big boss. Robert realizes Andy hasn't told them about their demotion.

Vic is surprised to find Dean doing laundry voluntarily. He got in her head about the germs in their bubble so she has resorted to doing extra cleaning. Dean called his parents, who came over the other day and barely apologized. They pretended that they had known Pru for their entire life. But Dean was glad that they were there and supportive. He's disappointed in himself that he didn't give them the big speech that he had been practising for months. Dean doesn't want it to be like that with Gregory, that a little effort means everything is forgiven. That means nothing changes. Vic tells him not to shut up then.

Jack is on the phone with Marsha's son, pleading with him to keep Marsha on the vent, but the son hangs up on him. Maya checks in on him. Jack says Marsha's son wants to give someone with better odds a chance. Maya hugs him just as Inara and Marcus enter. Maya tells Jack to use his office. Marcus runs off to the bathroom. Inara inquires why Maya was hugging him since he is clearly upset.

Robert does the swabs on the Alvarez family as Andy joins him. Johnny says it's impressive that he's helping out on the ground. Robert says he's not a Captain or Battalion Chief anymore. He then walks off, confusing the family.

Carina yells at the driver of the next car to put his phone down and pay attention. She hates that Americans can't follow rules. Ben says they can but just don't want to, not unlike Italians. Carina apologizes for being on edge. Ben understands. She tells him that the hospital where she trained is in the middle of the hot zone. There are intubated patients in tents in parking lots there. They are short-staffed and even firefighters have to jump in to help. Ben inquires if she wants to go back to help but she says that is complicated now. The claxons go off for a two-vehicle MVC, meaning Ben and Maya have to leave.

Travis has his mother wait on a bench inside while he pretends to go ask his father some contact-tracing questions outside. Travis asks his father how he got exposed, since golf doesn't require close contact. His secret is now putting Nari at risk. Paul maintains it was golf. Travis hopes he was wearing a glove when he was hitting the balls. At least it's always the same friend. Travis asks why he's not with that man then. Paul says Nari is his best friend, his partner. Travis says he has to give her a chance to love him for who he really is.

From the engine, Maya radios to the aid car that the accident happened under an overpass. Maya then tells Andy about Carina's visa issues and wonders what she's supposed to do. They were doing so well, even in the pandemic and with Andrew's death. Andy says if they survived all that, they'll make it through this. Andy then apologizes to Robert for her family. He liked them. He understands why she didn't tell them about his demotion. She repeats that she does not care about his title. Robert knows her and himself. It matters to him. They arrive at the overpass. Vic goes to examine the driver of a small truck. The firefighters don't see a second vehicle but they hear a woman calling for help. Robert finds it; it's crashed into the truck and is stuck there. The small car's frame is made of ultra-high-strength steel, which means their tools won't work on it. Maya calls for USAR. Robert climbs into the truck and then recognizes the people inside the car. They are the newlyweds.

Andy finds that the back of the second vehicle is too narrow for backboards, so they'll need a different point of extrication. She climbs into the car to examine the newlyweds. Andy assures them they are getting them out. Shayne's left leg is trapped but he has some feeling in his toes. She puts a C-collar on him and reclines his seat. The couple talk about how a second car swerved around them and some sort of ramp fell off when it hit a pothole. They couldn't avoid it. Andy reports back to her team that the newlyweds are stable.

Out on the road, Vic briefs Maya that 15's taking the driver to Grey Sloan. Andy asks for an extra set of hands so Maya sends Robert. Battalion Chief Gregory arrives as Maya tells her team that USAR's out on another call across the city. Maya says they need to work to free the couple before crush syndrome sets in. Maya then notices Gregory, who tells her FD asked him to oversee her calls to avoid another lawsuit. He tells her to get to work on crowd control.

Dean finishes up foaming the fuel underneath the truck as he spots Gregory. Gregory talks about the racism he experienced in his early days with the FD. He came close to walking out a few times but then he was promoted. It wasn't all perfect after that, but he went through hell to get them all to this point. Dean knows he walked through fire but he is trying to put out that fire.

Shayne's leg has started burning, a sign of compromised circulation. They recall his slicing open his hand on a rock on their second date. Even at that point, they knew they were meant to be together. Maya explains to them that they are taking the truck apart to get better access. Shayne can't reach the pedal and the ignition is stuck, so he can't turn off the car or put it in gear.

Travis approaches Carina to ask her for tests for his parents. Carina hates that he is neglecting protocol but gives him the tests when Travis brings up his father's secret male lover. She asks him to tell her the details later.

Karissa starts freaking out about dying on her wedding day. To distract her, Andy asks how they met. They went on a hike as new co-workers and hit it off. Then when the pandemic hit, they decided to quarantine together for COVID-free sex, but then they realized there was more between them. Shayne becomes tachycardic. Andy explains they are waiting for USAR. In the meantime, she starts an IV on Shayne's shin to help with the pain. Karissa starts freaking out again. Robert's attempts to calm her down fail. He briefs Maya that the cribbing's secure.

Ben and Vic get the okay to start sawing open the truck.

Shayne is pretty calm while Karissa keeps screaming that she cannot die. She begs to be saved first. She states she has family while Shayne has no one but her.

While Marcus's drawing, Inara and Jack are on a group video chat with Levi and Marsha, Marsha's son, and legal counsel. Marsha's son is online shopping and suddenly logs off. Levi goes to explain that they have extubated Marsha, surprised to see that her son has left. Levi recognizes their names from Marsha's talks. Levi explains what might happen and tells them that they were Marsha's world. Inara then gestures at Marcus that it is okay to come watch, but he gets angry upon seeing Marsha's son has left and breaks down. Jack thinks Marcus would feel better if they get tested to know they are safe.

While Travis is testing his parents, Jack asks Carina for two test kits. She hates that everyone seems to be breaking protocol. She questions what he is doing in Maya's office. She says she is not threatened by him and begins crying. She states she is not crying because of him but rather the whole situation with her visa and the pandemic and her dead brother. She hates that she is now crying in front of the person she vowed would never see her cry. Jack says his girlfriend is crying, too, because her mother figure is being taken off the vent. His girlfriend's son is understandably pissed, but Jack thinks he can't be pissed himself in front of Marcus. Carina says Jack can be mad so Marcus can see him deal with his feelings in a healthy way.

Karissa apologizes to Shayne, who feels like he is going to pass out. The side of the truck comes off. Robert gets the spreader to pop open the front door. Andy grabs the spreader to free Shayne, who's becoming less and less responsive. Andy activates the spreader. As he's freed, Shayne has lost consciousness.

Shayne regains consciousness once they get him out of the car. Karissa is freed next. Once she's out, she says she really loves her husband. She apologizes for what she said. She can handle any complication but she cannot handle losing him. They put her on the aid car, which takes off to Grey Sloan. Battalion Chief Gregory then compliments Robert on his work today. It was a good reminder of why he was Battalion Chief. He says him and Robert approach situations similarly. They see the big picture, unlike this younger generation. Dean's lawsuit is bad for the entire FD. He asks Robert to help Dean and Vic see that. He hints that it will help him climb back up to Lieutenant soon.

On the rig with Shayne, Ben tries to make excuses for Karissa. It doesn't mean that she doesn't love him. Ben says fear is a powerful, blinding thing. Shayne was afraid for Karissa.

While cleaning up the scene, the 19 crew finds that PD has left them a parking ticket on their ladder. Gregory compliments the team on their work. Maya hands them PD's love note. Gregory will take care of it. He says PD wouldn't retaliate. Vic lists all of the things PD has done to them and asks if he's there to make PD feel safe or stand up for his people. Gregory says he's on their side. She wonders why there even are sides. Gregory takes off. Vic apologizes for interfering but Maya, Dean, and Andy are glad that she did.

Jack takes Marcus to the station's gym and tells him it's okay to be sad and angry. He instructs Marcus to work his feelings out on the punching bag. Marcus follows his lead. When Marcus done, Jack tells him he can cry as well. Marcus then hugs him and starts sobbing.

Travis walks his parents to their car. He recalls that he made soup the night he came out to them. Paul doesn't remember the soup. When the onions were under the broiler, he just spit it out. The smoke alarm went off twice that night. Nari chuckles uncomfortably and gets in the car. Travis then tells his father that for most of his life, he thought he had done something wrong to make his father hate him. Paul says he never hated Travis. Travis now understands that his father actually hated himself. He just wishes it hadn't taken his father this long to figure that out. That night with the soup, he could have used a supportive father. Instead, he walked away. Paul says he didn't know what to say. Travis says he should have told him that he was loved and supported, that the way he loved were valid, that he would always be there for him. Travis then walks away.

As they arrive back at the station, Maya tells Andy she cannot go to Italy because of the pandemic and the war with PD. Andy says she won't be gone forever. She can just help Carina get settled and help out for a little while. Maya then walks up to Carina and talks about the call. The crew agrees to drinks after shift. Robert liked being useful. Carina tells Maya that she has to go back to Italy because her country needs her. She wants to help out and she wants to spread Andrew's ashes at the beach where their mother used to take them as kids. She will return once immigration opens back up and her visa stuff can get sorted out. She then tells Maya that Jack needs them in the lounge.

In the turnout room, Robert apologizes for overstepping. Andy said he did great today, at the call and also with his family. Robert then tells her he is applying for Lieutenant, adding what Gregory implied with the Miller situation. Andy hates that he is actually considering it after what PD did to him. Robert says a lawsuit won't help. He wants to promote and make the necessary changes from the top down. Robert thinks Andy is ashamed of him now that is a probie. Andy denies this and says it's about his own career for him. He yells that it's called triage. Their marriage is the only good thing in his life so he begs her not to make that another problem. She kisses him and then says she does not support his plan.

Vic, Carina, and Maya arrive in the beanery. Vic immediately recognizes the smell of Nari's spicy beef soup. Travis fills Vic in on the golfing situation. He tells Carina it wasn't terrible but not great either. She then tells him baby steps. She cheers for getting her first idiom right. Vic tells Travis she wants to hear everything but he might want to go talk to Emmett first, whom she saw getting into the shower just now. He leaves her to stir.

Travis enters the locker room as Emmett exits the bathroom dressed in nothing but a towel. He asks about Travis's father. Travis says that went as expected. Travis says he's glad they are friends again. Emmett says it wasn't easy getting over him but he's glad that he did because he now has a friend to get him through all this. Emmett heads into a bunk to get dressed.

Carina and Maya are surprised when Jack starts chuckling as he watches Marsha. He recalls a time last year, before Inara and Marcus moved in, when she bought a bird. The bird escaped when she was cleaning out its cage and it flew after her as she ran around the apartment. Marsha suddenly laughs. Everyone is exhilarated that Marsha is awake, against all odds. As everyone gathers to celebrate, Maya tells Carina she is coming with her. They share a kiss.


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COVID Testing Patients[]

Carina helped station 19 set up a community testing center, sponsored by the Catherine Fox Foundation. Among those getting tests were Nari and Paul Montgomery; Sandra, Michelle, and Johnny Alvarez; and Inara and Marcus.

Karissa and Shayne[]

Station 19 got called out to a crash in which a car containing Karissa Skolaski and Shayne Riley had driven up a ramp on the back of a truck and into the truck. The driver of the truck was stable, so he was transported to the hospital. Andy then climbed in through the back of the car to check on them. Shayne was stuck in the driver's seat, but both were responsive and able to answer questions. Andy put a c-collar on Shayne and tilted his seat back so they could get access to him. Outside the car, Dean put foam on spilled fuel while the others worked to take the truck apart to get access to them. While they waited for that, Andy put a second IV in Shayne's leg to get saline directly on his shin to reduce the burning. As they cut into the truck from the outside, Karissa started to panic and begged them to save her first as she had family and he didn't have anyone but her. She immediately regretted it and apologized, but he refused to acknowledge her. They were able to get the side of the truck open and open the driver's side door of the car. Then they got Shayne's leg free and pulled him from the car onto a stretcher after he passed out. Once he was out and in the aid car, they got Karissa out and sent her to the hospital as well.


Song Performer Scene
"C'mon Right Now" Lònis & Jon Mero
  • Carina directs traffic as they set up for community COVID-19 testing.
  • Travis and Vic talk about groceries.
"A Prayer" JNR Williams
  • The firefighters get Shayne out of the car.
  • He wakes up and they get him into the aid car while they get Karissa out.
  • Karissa apologizes, saying she loves her husband.
"Tightrope" Aron Wright
  • Marcus hits the bag and starts crying.
  • He hugs Jack.
  • Travis leads his parents out to their car.
  • After his mom gets in the car, Travis talks to his dad about being gay.
"Supercharged" Collard
  • Marasha wakes up to the others' delight.
  • The whole team comes to see and celebrate.
  • They wake Marcus to see her.
  • Maya tells Carina she's going to Italy with her and they kiss.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode scored 4.87 million viewers.
  • This is the first episode of the series to show the rear of the station building. It was all CGI.
  • The episode was filmed around Jason George's birthday, February 9. On his birthday, they shot the scenes on location under the overpass.


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