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Scott Carter is the father of Gus Carter.


Scott's son, Gus, came into the ER after sixteen days having a cough and recurrent sinus infection. Due to his autism, he wouldn't let the doctors examine him, so Alex used his love of buildings and LEGOs to talk to him. Gus was able to use LEGOs to show Alex that he had significant pain in his chest. They ran a chest CT, which showed a thymoma, which Maggie noted is always malignant in children, but curable with surgery. However, before they could operate, he needed a blood transfusion as he was anemic. They got him blood, but he rejected it because it wasn't the right type. They re-typed his blood and showed AB, but with no Rh antigen, a very rare occurrence. Before he could have surgery, they needed to find blood donors who were an exact match to his blood so he wouldn't reject it. They identified only four potential donors, but Alex promised his parents they'd keep looking until they found the blood he needed. ("The Whole Package")

A blood donor was finally found for Gus, but she was located in London and had severe agoraphobia. She was flown to the United States with her therapist, but when there was an issue with his visa, they were separated. When Lori found out about this, she knocked over one of Gus's LEGO towers in frustration, scattering the bricks across the floor. Scott went to clean them up, but slipped and fell, breaking his coccyx. He was taken into surgery. While he was there, Gus had a heart attack because of the lack of blood in his body and his organs started to fail, so he was taken to the hyperbaric chamber in order to buy him enough time to wait for the transfusion. ("Drawn to the Blood")

In the hyperbaric chamber, Gus was able to get more oxygen to his organs. However, he still coded, so they started decompressing the chamber as Frances was still on her way to the hospital with Owen. Alex did chest compressions and refused to stop until the blood had been transfused, at which point, he went back into sinus rhythm and regained consciousness. He immediately started to get stronger and his mother and Frances both watched as he was able to play a video game in his bed. ("Jump Into the Fog")



He is married to Lori Carter.