Scott Robinson came into the ER after being mauled by a bear.


Scott was camping in the woods with his brother and sister-in-law when they were mauled by a bear that had been provoked by his brother. His brother then drove them to the ER. Scott's bowel had been eviscerated and his intestines were falling out of his abdomen.

They took him into surgery to deal with the blood loss, but said they'd have to wait until he was stable to do more. In surgery, they did what they could before closing and then took him to the ICU. They watched his status and waited for the right time to take him back into surgery. While they were waiting, he coded and was unable to be resuscitated.



He went camping with his brother and sister-in-law. After he was mauled by a bear, he questioned why his brother had provoked the bear because he knew better.


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