When you become an intern, there's a ceremony where you get your white coat. Like magic, you're a doctor. My parents came to my white coat ceremony. I can still picture them. So happy, so proud. They say your life flashes before your eyes right before you die. The important moments. The moments that tested you. The moments that made you who you are. I don't know about my life flashing before me. I was thinking about my white coat and how I'm glad I have it on me right now. It's the moment my life started. Seems fitting it should be on me when it ends. A doctor puts on his white coat to save lives, defy death. But once he takes it off, he's vulnerable, just like anybody else. Human. We're all gonna die. We don't get much say over how or when, but we do decide how we're gonna live. So do it, decide. Is this the life you wanna live? Is this the person you wanna love? Is this the best you can be? Can you be stronger? Kinder? More compassionate? Decide. Breathe in, breathe out, and decide.

Seal Our Fate is the season ten premiere and the 197th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

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The Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital doctors are faced with the devastation left by the storm. A giant mudslide in Seattle injures a group of first responders and citizens, causing the already shorthanded ER to spring into action. Meanwhile, Meredith is faced with a tough decision that will affect the life of a loved one, Callie is rocked by the reality of Arizona’s infidelity, and Richard’s life is in extreme danger.

Full SummaryEdit

Owen is walking through the busy ER. He picks up an empty chips bag and throws it into a trash can.

Leah, Shane, and Heather are sitting in the intern locker room. They're exhausted.

Meredith, baby Bailey, Zola, and Derek are still together in Meredith's room. Owen comes in. He tells them that the board needs to come together and he congratulates them.

Arizona and Callie are still standing in front of each other. Callie picks up her white coat, walks past Arizona, and angrily slams the door. 

"April, you're getting married," Jackson says to April, who's standing in front of his bed. "Unless I'm not," April says. Stephanie comes in and she starts comforting Jackson. "I just heard," she says. Jackson looks at April, who leaves.

In the hall, which is filled with patients and their family members, Bailey asks a nurse to page Dr. Webber. 

In the hospital basement, the circuit box is still sparking and Richard is still lying motionlessly on the ground. The page plays over the intercom.

The board members have gathered in Meredith's room, where Bailey is holding Derek Bailey Shepherd. Owen wants her to go, but Bailey says she has "Bailey business" to discuss with the baby and sits down on a chair. Arizona asks what Zola thinks of the baby, and Meredith says that she wants to take him to daycare for show and tell.

Derek asks where Richard is, and Owen replies that paged all the board members. "Avery should be here too," Derek then says, and Owen tells him that Jackson dislocated a shoulder saving a kid from the bus crash. Meredith asks what bus crash. "She had a baby, she doesn't know things," Cristina says. Derek and Owen fill her in, and Arizona asks for the bad news. Owen says the blood bank is flooded and the ER looks like it was ransacked. Derek asks if they have to close the ER, which Owen advises them to do. They're dangerously low on meds and personnel can't make it. Meredith says that she may be able to coordinate with the hospital's suppliers. "I had a baby, I'm not dead," she defends herself. Owen tells them that they'll start with discharging all possible patients. "Like me!" Meredith says, but Derek wants her to stay in bed as she had major abdominal surgery. Jackson comes in to tell them that the airport reopened and that he just put Dr. Boswell on a cab. "Who's Dr. Boswell?" Cristina asks. "She's the woman Arizona slept with last night," Callie replies.

Heather, Shane, Stephanie, and April wait outside. Owen and Jackson approach from inside and wonder why people are still coming, as the hospital is closed to incoming trauma. April says there was a mudslide, so there are multiple casualties coming in. Jackson asks about Seattle Presbyterian Hospital, but Owen says that they're even worse off than GSM. Owen asks for as many supplies as they can get.

Leah, dressed in plain clothes, tells Owen she was going to go home because her shift is over. She's hungry and tired and her teeth have stuff growing on them. Owen just looks at her and she asks if he can forget she said anything. He agrees and she turns around to re-enter the hospital.

Jo and Alex enter an on-call room kissing. Alex stops them and says he can't have sex in an on-call room because he's a grown up with a house. Jo reminds him that there's a tree in his house. They remove their tops and kiss again. Jo interrupts to ask him if he slept with Leah and Heather in there. She thinks she can't do it, but decides she can. They start again, but Alex gets paged. She says no one will die if he doesn't answer a page for two minutes. They kiss again, but she pulls back and says that now she's thinking about dead people, so they give up.

A paramedic brings in a patient from the mudslide, a man named Lenny who was helping an older woman out of her house. He says he's got 12 guys out there helping. He appears to have aspirated mud, so he is moved to a trauma room.

Cristina is in Meredith's bed and she says that she and Owen ended it and she feels like she's going to die. Meredith says they always end things and they'll start it again. Cristina wants to nap, just for 20 minutes. She's about to rest, but she brings up Arizona cheating on Callie and they both agree that it was shocking. She asks Meredith about the having two Baileys thing, but Meredith assures her that it's fine, because if she says Bailey peed on her, she's clearly talking about her son. Cristina tells Meredith to wake her in 20 minutes, but before she can even fall asleep, she gets paged away.

Derek is performing a neuro exam on an older woman. Her name is Lydia Ashford and she's worried about her house. Owen concludes that it's the same house Lenny mentioned. She asks if it's gone, but Owen says he doesn't know. He asks Alex to tell Lenny that Lydia Ashford made it. He shouts it across the ER, but Owen says he could have done that and he wanted Alex to walk over there. He apologizes, but he needs a consult.

Ross found supplies in outpatient surgery. Derek tells him to stay there and page Brooks to get scans on the lady. Shane says he can take her, but Derek insists that Heather do it.

Bailey says the mayor is on the phone and wants information on the mudslide casualties. She says she informed him it was too soon to tell, but he wants to hear it from Owen.

Bailey looks around and doesn't see Webber, so she approaches Shane. Bailey wants him to go find Dr. Webber, but he has to deliver a message from Derek to Heather. Bailey asks if it's life threatening, as not having enough general surgeons in the ER is life threatening. "Go find Webber!" she says. As he leaves the ER, he bumps into Cristina. She tells him that last she saw Richard, he went to check on the generator. He asks where the generator is. "How the hell should I know?" she asks and walks away. Heather then comes over and gives him lidocaine. She wants to go to Derek, but then Shane says that Derek wants her to go find Dr. Webber. "You sure?" Heather asks, as Derek just paged her for a small emergency. Shane tells her that Derek wants her to go find Dr. Webber, and he says that Richard went to the generator. Heather then walks away.

Jackson is treating Sasha, a first responder. She is describing the scene and getting her leg caught under her car. She's asking if he can save her leg. He thinks he can, but he's more worried about her neck because there's a lot of debris in the wound.

A firefighter passes and Sasha calls out to him. He says everyone's accounted for except Lauenstein, Phil G., and Brian. Brian is Sasha's fiancé. Tilden says that Brian will be fine and jokes that he's giving himself a mud facial for the wedding.

Heather enters the basement, where the circuit box is sparking. She sees Richard's motionless body, and as she steps closer, she steps into an electrified puddle and gets electrocuted herself. She falls down and bumps her head. Her body lies motionlessly on the ground. Richard's eyes open and he watches her fall to the ground.

Owen and Alex approach Oscar Hallis who has a concussion. Owen is more worried about his leg. Alex is going to hang ampicillin, but Jo stops him because the patient is allergic to penicillin. She reveals sharpie with his vitals on his leg. Owen says it's a military trick. He suggests an alternate drug and tells them to keep an eye out for an allergic reaction. Jo says they don't have any of the cefazolin, but he just tells her to find some.

Owen makes an announcement for them to check for vitals written in sharpie and notes that whoever wrote it probably saved Oscar's life.

Arizona is working on a patient with Leah. The sharpie on his chest indicates that he's getting worse fast. His BP was better in the field. She says they need to stabilize his pelvis. They have the sheet ready and she and Leah begin pulling. Arizona tells Leah to pull harder. Callie comes up for information. Leah says there is an open-book pelvic fracture and a liver lac. Arizona says harder again, but Leah is afraid of making it worse. Callie takes over and says she can't make it worse because this is as bad as it gets. She and Arizona finish stabilizing the pelvis and Callie tells Leah to book an OR and get her Bailey. Arizona questions why she needs Bailey. Callie says she needs a general surgeon for the liver lac. Arizona reminds her that she's a general surgeon, but Callie wants Bailey.

Stephanie is carrying supplies when Jo comes up behind her and asks for cefazolin. Stephanie says they were hoarding it in OB. Jo wants some of it, but Stephanie wants a chest tube and a granola bar for it. Jo denies having a granola bar, but Stephanie says she has granola bar breath. Jo agrees to the trade.

Meredith, who has witnessed the exchange, asks what's going on. Jo says there was a huge mudslide and she has to go. Stephanie says there are a lot of crush injuries, but takes a moment to say Meredith's baby is cute. Meredith still thought the ER was closed, so she is confused.

Downstairs, Shane gives Derek the CT results. Derek asks why Heather didn't do the scans and Shane tells him that she was busy, so he did it. Shane tells Derek what the scan showed. Derek tells Shane to have Heather continue to examine the patient, which upsets him.

Derek checks on Lydia, who is still worried about her house. Derek says he's more worried about her and says that her fingers are crushed. He calls for an ortho consult and does a neuro exam.

Owen enters the trauma room where April is working on Lenny Shulte. She reports on the patient's vitals and says it took a long time to find a chest tube. April tells the patient they're going to put in a chest tube to help him breathe and asks if there's anyone they can call. He says his wife. Owen dismisses the firefighters from the room. They insert the chest tube and Stephanie gets splashed with feces. Owen says the patient's colon has been pushed up into his chest. The risk of infection is high, so he needs surgery. Owen asks Stephanie to find Bailey to run the ER while he's in surgery with April.

Stephanie finds Bailey in the ER, but Bailey is disgusted by the smell of feces. Stephanie relays Owen's message, but Bailey says she's going to operate with Callie on a pelvis, so she can't. She asks where Richard is. Stephanie doesn't know, so Bailey says someone needs to find him.

Shane, in search of Heather, goes down to the basement, where he finds both of them unconscious.

They bring the two of them into the ER and Bailey gives report on their statuses. Brooks has head trauma and her pupils are unresponsive. As Bailey says this, Heather begins seizing. Derek steps in and rolls her on her side. He shouts at Ross, who is stunned, and they wheel her off.

Bailey continues to work on Webber with Cristina.

Jo and Stephanie are watching, but Alex says that they need to go work on other patients and sends them to cover Heather and Shane's patients. Jo talks about a patient's vitals, but she can't remember the specifics, so she begins shuffling through her papers. When Alex becomes frustrated, she says the electronic charts are down.

Cristina and Bailey are still trying to revive Webber.

Alex gets an idea and grabs some sharpies from the nurses' station and tells Jo and Stephanie to come with him.

They talk to Oscar Hallis. Alex says his head CT is clear, plastics is going to sew up his leg, and his BP is good. He says electronic charts are down, so he asks for the okay to write on the patient's skin.

Callie sends her patient into the OR and goes to scrub in. Leah is in there scrubbing. Callie notes that Heather is a friend and asks if Leah needs more time. But Leah says she's fine, so Callie sends her to help prep the patient. Arizona enters the scrub room. Arizona says she knows that Callie wanted Bailey, but Bailey is working on Webber, so she gets Arizona instead. Arizona suggests that they put their personal lives aside for the patient, but Callie just scoffs and enters the OR.

Derek is grateful that Shane found Heather and Webber and hopes Shane found them in time. They're getting the results of Heather's scans. She has a subdural bleed. Shane is horrified. They go to operate.

Bailey and Cristina are still working on Webber when Alex comes in with his labs. His lactate is only two, which Bailey says has to be wrong, so she sends Alex to redo the labs. He starts coding again, so Bailey moves to resuscitate.

Jackson is working on Sasha. Alex walks by and Jackson calls him into the room for information about Webber. Alex reports on his status and Jackson says to make sure they have enough blood if he's going up to surgery. Sasha tells Jackson that if he needs to go work on more critical patients, she's fine. He insists that she's NOT fine and says they need to debride her wounds to prevent infection. A firefighter comes in. Jackson asks if he's supposed to be up and walking, but he shrugs it off. Sasha notices the sharpie on his leg and asks if it was Brian because it looks like Brian's handwriting. He says his glasses got knocked off, but it could have been Brian. Jackson takes a tissue sample from her neck because it's discolored. Sasha is certain that it's Brian's handwriting.

Alex tells Meredith that they need blood and there's no time to screen, type, or match, so they need all the O- they can get. He also says they need more staff as soon as possible. He goes to leave, but Meredith stops him and tells him to pick up her baby. He says he doesn't have time, but she insists. He picks up the baby and goes to hand him to Meredith, but she says it's for him, so he can calm down. She says to relax and tell him what's wrong. He admits that Webber and Brooks are in surgery after being electrocuted. He says they need her to make those calls. He hands her the baby and says it's her turn not to freak out.

April and Owen are operating. Nurse Gloria has an update on Webber. She says Cristina's trying to place a balloon pump, but he keeps coding. Owen is concerned that she's placing one bedside without a fluoroscope. Gloria asks if he wants her to get Cristina on the phone, but he says she can't talk and do that at the same time.

Lenny's abdomen is fully contaminated, but Owen says to keep trying.

Cristina is trying to thread the balloon pump, but she says it's too quiet. She asks Bailey to talk. Bailey reassures her that she's doing well and she's not going to rupture the aorta because she's Cristina Yang, the star of her class. She says that she always told people that, that Cristina was the one to look out for. She continues her affirmations until the pump is placed and his heart rate stabilizes. Bailey is surprised and relieved. She continues to express her relief as Cristina sends Webber to the ICU. Bailey moves to hug Cristina, who tenses. Bailey says she knows Cristina is not a hugger, but Cristina needs to hug her back, so Cristina hugs Bailey.

Stephanie goes back to check on Lydia Ashford, who asks once again about her house. Stephanie says she hasn't had a chance to check and continues her exam. Mrs. Ashford tries to stop her, but Stephanie says a lot of people are injured and she needs to get this exam done.

Alex comes into the ICU and reports that Webber's lactate is six. Bailey feels his abdomen and says he has an acute abdomen. She requests a good surgical team so she can operate on him. Cristina doesn't want Bailey to operate, but Bailey says he has tissue damage which is progressing. Cristina insists that his heart can't handle it. Bailey says he'll die if she doesn't and she tries to pull rank, but then Cristina reminds her that she owns the hospital and Bailey works for her.

April and Owen are still operating. Lenny's having arrhythmias and he's in PEA.

Derek and Shane are scrubbing in. Derek tells Shane that there will be a lot of tough decisions to make in there that will affect Heather's future. He says he won't make the decisions lightly, but he'll make them quickly. He says Shane must do exactly as he says and asks if he can handle that. Shane says he thinks so, but Derek says that's not good enough, so Shane says he can do it.

Jo is getting the sample from Sasha. Alex approaches with Brian. Sasha requests a kiss, but Brian says he's all muddy. She doesn't care. Sasha says she knew it was Brian's handwriting, but he's confused. She asks him and he says it wasn't him. He says he was just stuck in an air pocket. He thinks he has some broken ribs and Alex suggests he get them checked. Brian knows Lenny is in surgery and asks if she knows how he is, but she doesn't.

Owen is doing chest compressions on Lenny, but Dr. Knox says his pH is down to 7.1. April notes he has been down for 20 minutes, but Owen doesn't want to give up. He asks if April said yes to Matthew's proposal. Owen says he helped with the proposal and stops chest compressions for a moment. April says that she did say yes and Owen resumes while saying that Matthew is a good guy, that all these first responders are good guys. He hates to give up. But then he stops chest compressions and calls time of death.

Gloria says Alex is on the phone and the firefighters want an update on Lenny.

The firefighters all look somber as they stand around Sasha's bed. Brian says that the chaplain is on the way to tell his wife and daughters. Oscar says she'll want to see him, which Owen says is fine. Brian suggests that they bring her in lights and sirens. Sasha says that Lauenstein is still missing and they need to bring him back for Lenny. She says if she could walk, she'd be out in that pile.

Arizona is operating. Callie says he's almost lost his entire blood volume and says they need to control the bleeding, but Arizona says it's already done. She used a Pringle maneuver. Leah is impressed, but Arizona says it's a standard procedure. Leah says she did it so well. Callie admits that she was wrong before when she implied that Dr. Robbins isn't a real general surgeon and says that she's actually an excellent general surgeon. Arizona says that we've all said things we shouldn't have.

Webber is still in the ICU. Owen enters and they go to make their bids to him. Bailey stops Cristina when she calls him Owen and says that there are no personal relationships here. It's professional and he is Dr. Hunt. Bailey rallies for the surgery, but Cristina maintains that it's too dangerous. Owen stops their bickering and asks what his medical directive says.

They go into a filing room. Cristina says she smells dead people. Bailey adds spiders and dead people killed by spiders. Owen says they need to find his personnel file. Cristina finds it. She is shocked by what she finds. Owen asks if he doesn't have a medical directive, but Cristina says that he does.

Meredith is surprised that she has been named Richard's medical proxy. Meredith says he can't do that without asking her first, but Bailey says that he did. Cristina says he revised it when Adele died. Owen says she needs to make a decision.

Cristina and Bailey both present their sides. Bailey says, "You trust me. You named your baby after me." But Cristina reminds her that there are no personal relationships. They debate some more and then tell Meredith to make her choice.

Derek and Shane are operating on Heather. Shane is optimistic. Derek says they'll do what they can and hope for the best.

Leah, Jo, and Stephanie are watching from the gallery. Leah says Shane's probably happy now that Heather's out of the competition. Stephanie says that's mean even for Leah. Leah says it's a joke.

Meredith says that before they came in, she was wishing that her mother were there to meet her kids and wondering if she'd have made a good grandmother, but she says that's crazy. She'd be a horrible grandmother because she was a horrible mother. She can't trust her delusional, post-baby thinking, so she has to trust the labs, so she asks for repeat labs. She says if his lactate is above six, they'll do the surgery. If it isn't, they wait.

Stephanie and Jo run into Alex in the OR. He asks where Brian is. Jo doesn't know who that is. Stephanie reminds her that he's the "dead fiancé" and Jo says he left because his friend is still missing. Alex announces that if they want to help, they can all go donate blood and tells them to line up behind Jo and Stephanie. He says that at least this way, they'll be strapped to the table and unable to leave.

A firefighter approaches and says he'll donate. Stephanie asks if he was out at the pile. He says he was. She asks if he knows if Lydia Ashford's house is still standing. He says, "Sharpie lady's here?" She's confused. He says he was evacuating her when the mudslide happened. She ran back into his house. He assumed she was going back for her wallet and he said that stuff could be replaced, but she came back with a sharpie and started digging people out and taking their vitals. Stephanie concludes that that's why her fingers are crushed. Jo comes back and asks Stephanie what's wrong. She says, "Crown molding's a badass."

Callie is holding Derek Bailey Shepherd in Meredith's room. She says she's thinking about when Richard caught her living in the limb room when she was a resident. She says she was in there and he walked in on her dancing in her underwear and she was so embarrassed because he was the chief. She goes quiet and Meredith asks if she's okay. She says no, she's not, that she doesn't dance in her underwear anymore.

Owen comes in with a lab report and says his lactate is nine. Meredith tells Bailey to go operate.

Cristina catches up with Owen at the elevator and asks him if he agrees with Meredith's decision. He says it was a coin toss. She asks if he'll be in there with Bailey. He says he will. She says to give him Factor VII if he has abnormal bleeding because he responds well to it and to make sure his pulses are checked hourly. She asks if he wants to write that down. He insists that it's not necessary, but she grabs his phone and puts it in there. He says she's a challenging person, which she says she knows.

The firefighters are donating blood. Leah comes in and tells them that the swelling is bad and Derek has to open up a bigger part of her skull. There's no way she'll get out without major deficits.

Jo takes Alex into a supply closet and tells him about Heather. She's worried about Heather dying, but he tells her not to go there. She says that Heather is her age, in her class, her locker is right next to Jo's. Jo uses her deodorant without asking and she could die. Alex says he knows it sucks. Jo kisses him, but she again pulls back and says they shouldn't. She wants to, but then she asks if he's had sex with any of the other interns in there. He has, so she says she has to leave. She opens the door and Arizona is on the other side, surprised. Jo leaves.

Arizona says she was just there to get lidocaine, but asks if she's going to slip on a used condom. "Screw you," Alex says. She asks if he heard that the news of her infidelity got out. She says it's mortifying. As she looks around, she stutters out that she thinks they'll be okay, that this will make them stronger, like a bone. Sometimes you need to break the bone so it can heal correctly. She stops when she sees Alex's face and says that's what she was going to tell Callie, an ortho metaphor, and asks what he thinks. He thinks she should stick with, "I'm sorry I'm such a slut." She says that's a good call.

Stephanie checks on Mrs. Ashford again. She says she heard that she was a hero. Mrs. Ashford is having trouble breathing.

A paramedic brings in Douglas Lauenstein who has been found. Brian walks off and Alex asks him where he thinks he's going.

Brian goes to Sasha's room to tell her that Lauenstein was brought in. He wants to head back out to help stabilize the area so they don't lose more houses. Alex says he can't do that because he's bleeding. Brian says just to patch him up, but Alex reminds him that he already did that.

Jackson comes in and says the infection is necrotizing fasciitis, flesh-eating bacteria. She asks how she got it and he says the water and mud she was in are breeding grounds for things like this. Brian is worried, but Jackson says it's important that they get her prepped for surgery right away and he wheels her out.

As Webber talks about how the white coat makes you powerful and taking it off means you're vulnerable, Lenny's wife, Marla, is brought in. April greets her at the door, along with the other firefighters. April introduces herself and asks if Marla would like to see him. She takes her to see his body and gives her his wedding ring.

They wheel Webber into surgery as some of the other doctors watch.

Meredith tells Cristina to be a good friend and tell her she made the right decision, which Cristina does.

Derek says that there's blood in Heather's temporal lobe and he has to do a temporal lobectomy. Shane says she'll have motor and memory deficits, but Derek says it'll save her life. Shane says that it's his fault, but Derek insists that it's not. He says it just happened. He says Shane can't be in there if he can't hold it together. Shane decides to stay.

Meredith asks Cristina to tell her again and she does.

Owen and Bailey prepare to operate.


  • Meredith Grey
  • Cristina Yang
  • Alex Karev
  • Miranda Bailey
  • Richard Webber
  • Callie Torres
  • Owen Hunt
  • Arizona Robbins
  • April Kepner
  • Jackson Avery
  • Jo Wilson
  • Shane Ross
  • Stephanie Edwards
  • Leah Murphy
  • Derek Shepherd
  • Lydia Ashford
  • Heather Brooks
  • Sasha
  • Brian
  • Lenny Shulte
  • Marla Shulte
  • Tilden
  • Oscar Hallis
  • Firefighter Johnny
  • Dr. Knox
  • Nurse Gloria
  • Paramedic Grace
  • Paramedic #2
  • Derek Bailey Shepherd

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Medical NotesEdit

Richard WebberEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Electrocution
    • Heart failure
  • Treatment:
    • Balloon pump

Richard was brought upstairs and resuscitated. Cristina had to thread a balloon bump without a fluoroscope. Upon finding out that his lactate was six, Bailey felt Richard's abdomen and made the decision to operate, saying he could have intra-abdominal tissue damage. Cristina disagreed, saying they needed to let his heart stabilize first. They brought Owen in to make the decision, but they had to consult his file to see what his health-care directive said about extraordinary measures. They found out that he listed Meredith Grey as his medical power of attorney. They both presented their plans to Meredith and asked her to decide. She decided that she couldn't rationally make the decision, so she had them run the lactate again and instructed them to operate if it was above six. His lactate was nine, so they took him into surgery.

Lenny ShulteEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Mud aspiration
    • Decreased breath sounds
    • Tachypnea
    • Diaphragmatic rupture
  • Treatment:
    • Chest tube

Lenny was brought into the ER with injuries from the mudslide. He was injured helping Lydia Ashford out of her house. He had aspirated mud at the scene. They put in a chest tube to help him breathe, which revealed that there was feces in his chest, indicating a diaphragmatic rupture, which allowed his colon to move up into his chest. They operated and he quickly became unstable as stool continued to leak into his chest. They attempted to resuscitate him, but their attempts were in vain and Lenny was pronounced dead in the OR.

Lydia AshfordEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Injuries to upper body
    • Subarachnoid hemorrhage
    • Crushed fingers
  • Treatment:
    • Hourly neuro checks

Lydia was brought into the ER after the mudslide. She was given a neuro exam by Derek Shepherd, who told Shane to tell Heather to get scans of her upper body. Scans showed a small subarachnoid hemorrhage, but her neuro exams were stable, so Derek wanted Heather to continue hourly exams. During one of those exams, Stephanie noticed that she was having trouble breathing, which Stephanie began to treat.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Broken leg
    • Neck laceration
    • Necrotizing fasciitis
  • Treatment:
    • Debridement

Sasha's leg was crushed under her squad car and she had a neck laceration with imbedded debris. Jackson debrided her neck wound. Jackson later came back to tell her that she had necrotizing fasciitis and he needed to operate immediately.

Oscar HallisEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Concussion
    • Laceration on leg
    • Penicillin allergy
  • Treatment:
    • Saline irrigation
    • Cefazolin

Oscar was triaged at the scene and had his vitals written on his body, including a note of his allergy to penicillin. His CT was clear, so they marked his new vitals on his leg.

Aaron GarciaEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Open-book pelvic fracture
    • Liver laceration with hemorrhage
  • Treatment:
    • Reduction
    • External fixation
    • Pringle maneuver

Aaron was triaged at the field and his vitals indicated that he was getting worse quickly, so Arizona told Leah that they needed to reduce the pelvic fracture as soon as possible. However, Leah was unable to pull hard enough to reduce it, so Callie stepped in and then noted that they needed to get him up to surgery to repair the liver laceration and put in an external fixator. Callie wanted Bailey to scrub in as a general surgeon to assist, but she was operating on Richard, so Arizona scrubbed in instead. He was losing blood quickly, but Arizona did a Pringle maneuver to control the bleeding.

Heather BrooksEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Massive head trauma
    • Electrocution
    • Subdural bleed
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery
    • Evacuation
    • Temporal lobectomy

Heather was brought upstairs after being electrocuted with massive head trauma. Derek and Shane took her into the OR to operate. There was severe bleeding, which required him to open more of her skull and ultimately, he had to perform a temporal lobectomy.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Broken ribs
  • Treatment:

While attempting to help evacuate people, Brian got caught in an air pocket and broke a few ribs. Before he could be treated, he left the hospital to continue the rescue efforts.

Douglas LauensteinEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Crush injuries
  • Treatment:


Song Performer Scene
"Tradition" The Belle Game
  • April and the firefighters wait for Lenny's wife to arrive.
  • Richard is rushed into surgery.
  • Cristina tells Meredith she made the right decision.
  • Shane says he's to blame for Brooks' condition.

Notes and TriviaEdit

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Premiere - Promo

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Premiere - Promo

  • This episode's title originated from the song Seal Our Fate, originally sung by Gloria Estefan.
  • This episode scored 9.27 million viewers.
  • The table read for this episode took place on Monday, July 15, 2013.
  • This episode and the next one form a two-hour premiere.
  • Season 10 starts exactly where season nine left off.
  • The episode introduces four new series regulars, the highest number of new regulars to be added at a time: Camilla LuddingtonGaius CharlesJerrika Hinton, and Tessa Ferrer.
  • Goof: Webber mentioned that his parents attended his white coat ceremony. However, his mother died at when he was a child. It's possible that his father remarried and his stepmother attended instead.


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Jackson: Okay, airport just reopened, just put Dr. Boswell in a cab.
Cristina: Who's Dr. Boswell?
Callie: She's the woman Arizona slept with last night.

Cristina: Owen and I... You know, I don't even know what to call it. Ended it, broke up. I feel like I'm gonna die.
Meredith: You always end it, and then you start it again.
Cristina: Yeah, but this is different.
Meredith: Okay.

Cristina: Bailey is a good name. But two Baileys, you don't think it's going to be confusing.
Meredith: No, because if I say Bailey peed on me, I think it's safe to assume I'm talking about my son.
Cristina: Very good.

Miranda: Uhm, you smell like feces!
Stephanie: I know.
Miranda: Then why are you standing next to me when you smell like feces?

(Cristina is placing a balloon pump into Richard's heart.)
Cristina: It's too quiet. Talk.
Miranda: You're doing good. You are not going to rupture the aorta, because you are Cristina Yang. You are the star of your class, I always knew it, I said it to anyone who'd ask. Look out for Cristina Yang. I said it to Webber. Cristina Yang is good! Cristina Yang would not rupture an aorta. Cristina Yang... (Richard's stabilizes) Oh dear Lord, he has a steady heart beat! Oh, praise Jesus, you didn't rupture his aorta!
Cristina: (to another doctor) Secure this device and bring him up to the ICU. We just bought him some time.
(Bailey hugs her.)
Miranda: Hug me back, Cristina Yang, I know you're not a hugger but right now I need you to hug me back.
(Cristina hugs her back.)

Callie: I was just thinking about when Richard caught me living in the limb room. I was a resident, before George anyway. I was in there one night and he, Richard, walked in on me dancing in my underwear. I was so embarrassed. I mean, he was the Chief.
Meredith: You okay?
Callie: No, I'm... No, I don't dance in my underwear anymore.

Arizona: Oh, hey! (enters the supply closet)
Jo: Hey! (walks out of the supply and leaves)
Arizona: I was gonna get some lidocane, but I'm not gonna slip on a used condom, am I?
Alex: Screw you.
Arizona: Did you hear the news about me being a big slut got out?
Alex: Yeah.
Arizona: Oh, it's mortifying. But, you know, I mean, I think that we're gonna be okay. I think that it's going to make us stronger. You know, like a bone. You know, sometimes you have to break it in order for it to heal correctly and I think that maybe Callie and I... (sighs) That's what I was going to tell Callie. Like an ortho metaphor. What do you think?
Alex: I you should stick to "I'm sorry I'm such a slut".
Arizona: Yeah, good call.

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