Sean is a kid who was stuck in a building after it caught fire.


Sean was asleep when the building he was squatting in caught on fire. By the time he was awakened, the building was engulfed in flames and he was having trouble breathing. He was found by Jack and then evacuated. Jack tried to treat his burns, but he resisted and said he didn't need any help. Jack then talked him through how to treat his own burns and gave him supplies. He was preparing to show him how to wrap his own bandages when he was called back into the building. He told Sean he'd be right back, but when he returned, Sean was gone and an EMT said he'd left right after Jack did despite their attempts to help him.



Sean, Brian, Tori, and Zoe became close as they all squatted in a building together while experiencing homelessness. Zoe was upset to know that the police would separate them after the fire.

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