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The building that contains Seaside Health and Wellness

Seaside Health and Wellness is a private medical practice located in Los Angeles, California, run by Addison Montgomery.



Following the problems caused by Katie Kent suing Violet Turner for writing about her in her book, the practice either had to dissolve and each doctor go his or her own way, or be thoroughly investigated. Addison, who bought out Naomi Bennett after her departure, decided to dissolve the existing private practice, but immediately start a new one at the same location with the same staff. 

At first, Addison thought of putting her name in the new private practice's name, but eventually let the idea go and named the new practice Seaside Health and Wellness.


Current Staff[]

Former Staff[]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Seaside Health and Wellness is located on the 5th floor of the 4000 Ocean Park building.
  • Unlike the merged Oceanside Wellness/Pacific Wellcare practice, Seaside Health and Wellness does not extend onto the 4th floor, as the 4th floor is available for lease.
  • The practice is located at 4000 Ocean Park.
  • A couple of deleted scenes show that about a year after Pete's death, his empty office was turned into a daycare for all the doctors' kids, per Violet's idea.