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The thirteenth season of Grey's Anatomy premiered September 22, 2016, and consisted of 24 episodes. It was broadcast on Thursday nights at 8 PM on ABC as part of the TGIT line-up.


Performing medical miracles on a daily basis makes the surgeons of Grey Sloan Memorial consider themselves a breed apart from mere mortals. However, what works in the O.R. doesn't always cut it in the "real world." And when the gloves and scrubs come off, they often find that fixing their own chaotic lives takes a lot more than neatly tied sutures.

After being on her own for some time, Meredith is beginning to explore the idea of a romance with Riggs. Unfortunately, Maggie desires him as well, which threatens to drive a bitter wedge between the sisters. At the same time, despite their differences, Jackson and April must come together when they are assigned a difficult case. Meanwhile, Alex faces the consequences of his vicious attack on DeLuca, Owen and Amelia's marriage implodes and a hospital-wide mutiny erupts when Bailey demotes Webber. Finally, Arizona may have found love again - but is she sleeping with the enemy?


  • Meredith slowly opens herself up to love again with Nathan while making sure Maggie doesn't get hurt.
  • The fall-out of Alex beating up Andrew and Alex finding about Jo's secret marriage.
  • Bailey's loyalties get tested when Alex faces felony charges and Catherine demands she hire an eduction consultant to overhaul the residency program when Leah Murphy returns to the hospital.
  • Richard feels betrayed by Bailey and Catherine when Eliza Minnick, the consultant, takes over his job, while the other attendings support him. The tension results in a civil war inside the hospital.
  • With Callie and Sofia in New York, Arizona is caught between Alex and Andrew and she develops a secret romantic relationship with Eliza Minnick.
  • Newlyweds Owen and Amelia have a fallout over having children.
  • Jackson and April move in together to co-parent Harriet despite not getting back together. April has to decide where her loyalties lie as she's presented with a job offer while Jackson seeks out his father and leans on April for support. He also bonds with Maggie while treating her mother.
  • Jo feels isolated after Alex's actions and the following trial and finds a friend in Andrew.
  • Stephanie buries herself in work to avoid grieving and happily welcomes the Minnick method, which gives residents a more prominent role in the OR.
  • Maggie deals with her crush on Nathan and her mother's disease while bonding with Jackson.
  • Ben feels caught between his attending friends and resident colleagues given their conflicting feelings about Minnick as he navigates through residency playing it safe.
  • Nathan pursues Meredith and tries to get to her to open herself up to love, drawing from his own experience.
  • Andrew bonds with Jo and develops feelings for her as he continues his internship.
  • A hospital fire and news about Megan throws everyone for a loop.


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The "Grey's Anatomy: Complete Thirteenth Season" boxset was released on August 29, 2017 in region 1. In region 2, the boxset was released in October 23, 2017.

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The boxset contains the 24 episodes of the season. The DVD box includes 6 discs. Other set details are:

  • English (Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround)
  • Runtime: approximately 1,008 minutes

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In addition to the episodes, the season 13 DVD set also contains a couple of special features:

  • Deleted Scenes – Back From the Dead, These Scenes Have a New Life on DVD
  • In Stitches – Check Out the Cast Cutting Up, Both In and Out of the OR


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