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The third season of Grey's Anatomy premiered September 21, 2006 and ended May 17, 2007. Unlike the previous seasons, it was broadcast on Thursday nights on 9 PM on ABC. The season consists of 25 episodes.


They are doctors, lovers, and friends. Join the staff of Seattle Grace Hospital as they learn there are no easy cures for life's challenges and that each choice comes in shades of gray. More secrets, more personal stories, and many more McSteamy moments. Seriously.


  • Izzie mourns over Denny, and is surprised when she discovers that he left her 8 million dollars.
  • Cristina helps Burke cover up for the fact that his hand tremors from the gunshot wound he recieved in 17 Seconds.
  • Meredith drowns and visits the "afterlife", where she meets Denny, DylanBonnie, and Liz.
  • Ellis Grey dies.
  • George's father dies.
  • George marries Callie in Vegas, and they deal with the resulting reactions from people in the hospital.
  • George cheats on Callie with Izzie.
  • Addison leaves Grey's Anatomy to start the spin-off series Private Practice.
  • Burke leaves Cristina at the altar.


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Notes and Trivia

  • ABC announced on July 18, 2006 that the third season would premiere on September 21, 2006.
  • On May 16, 2006, ABC announced plans for a third season of Grey's Anatomy to anchor the network's Thursday evening programming set to air at 9 PM ET. This time slot was tested before with encores of It's the End of the World and As We Know It at 9:30 PM, positioning the show against CBS' CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Without a Trace, Fox Network's The OC and NBC's long-running medical drama, ER. The solid performance of the repeat airings, maintaining a second-place finish, may have been influential in the fall scheduling decision.
  • The move to Thursdays was viewed as a vote of confidence in the series from ABC, as well as a bid to attract more advertising dollars, since movie studios heavily advertise movies on Thursday evenings for that weekend's box office. The move was cited as one factor for competing network NBC's decision to move its own Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, originally intended to air Thursdays at 9 P.M. ET.
  • The series assumed its new Thursday slot on July 6, 2006, as part of a two-hour event featuring a repeat of the pilot episode, "A Hard Day's Night." Throughout July and August, the series aired twice weekly — once in the new Thursday time period, and once in its previous Sunday time period. Grey’s Anatomy performed strongly in the show's new timeslot in its season premiere.
  • Meredith Grey narrates the voice overs for all episodes, except for:



Nielsen Ranking (2006-07 U.S. TV season; based on average total viewers per episode): #4 (22.3 million viewers).

It was able to snatch away the No. 1 position from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation during the 9 p.m. hour, bringing in an impressive 25.14 million viewers throughout the hour and a strong 10.9 rating in the vital 18-49 demographic. In comparison, CSI's season premiere earned a competitive 22.04 million total viewership and a 7.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

DVD Release


The "Grey's Anatomy: Season Three – Seriously Extended" boxset was released in region 1 on September 11, 2007. On September 15, 2008 and October 31, 2007, the DVD was released in regions 2 and 4 respectively.

Set Details

The boxset contains the 25 episodes of the season, with four extended. The DVD box contains 7 discs. Other set details are:

Special Features

Additional to the episodes, the season 3 DVD set also contains a couple of special features:


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