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The third season of Station 19 was ordered by ABC on May 10, 2019. It will premiere on January 23, 2020 at 8|7c.


The unpredictable lifestyle and life cycle of our team of first responders will significantly affect relationships inside and outside the firehouse. We'll see Andy continue to grapple with her father, former Captain Pruitt, as he fights his own secret battle; and Ben will develop a new emergency response tactic that will combine his skills as a surgeon and firefighter. Meanwhile, Jack faces moral challenges that will test his character; Vic continues to seek happiness after losing Ripley and will come to the aid of a good friend who is in desperate need of help; and Travis is forced to confront difficult events from his past. Dean will be tested in ways he never imagined; and Maya, always the go-getter, will make sacrifices in her personal life to achieve her career goals. And while Sullivan's feelings for Andy still linger, so does the debilitating pain from his recent leg injury.


  • The season will include flashbacks about why the firefighters chose to pursue that job and, for Ben, also shine a light in his upbringing and becoming an anesthesiologist.[1]


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Station 19 Season 3 "Bringing the Heat" Teaser Promo (HD)

Station 19 Season 3 "Bringing the Heat" Teaser Promo (HD)

  • ABC officially renewed Station 19 for a third season on May 10, 2019.
  • This is the first season without Stacy McKee as showrunner as she departed after the second season. She was replaced by Krista Vernoff, who now serves as showrunner on both Grey's Anatomy and Station 19.
  • This season was moved to mid-season.
  • The show will see the development of a romance between a character from Grey's and one from Station 19. Additionally, with Krista Vernoff now helming both shows, the worlds will blend more together. While ABC's entertainment president Karey Burke had previously stated that there would be "weekly cross-overs", she later re-iterated that statement and said that there will likely be only 3 to 4 real cross-over events peppered throughout the season. The goal of the blending together of the world is to mainly bring more of Grey's' DNA to Station 19 than the other way around.[2]
  • Krista also elaborated on the show's timeline to make crossovers happen despite Station 19's mid-season premiere. She stated that Grey's Anatomy's timeline will be used to mark the passing of time for both shows. When Station 19 premieres, it will take place at the same time as the Grey's Anatomy episodes airing then and flashbacks will be used to fill in the time gap between the season two finale and the start of season 3.[3]
  • In October 2019, the crew flew out to Seattle to shoot scenes on location.
  • The season premiere will be the first part of a two-hour cross-over event that continues on the Grey's Anatomy mid-season premiere.


No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date
28 1 "I Know This Bar" Paris Barclay Krista Vernoff January 23, 2020
After a car crashes into Joe's Bar, Andy and Sullivan lead the team of firefighters as they work to rescue people before the building comes crumbling down.

First part of a cross-over that continues on Grey's Anatomy's Help Me Through the Night.

29 2 "Indoor Fireworks" Paris Barclay Kiley Donovan January 30, 2020
The new Seattle fire chief is introduced to Station 19 and leaves the crew skeptical after his visit. Later, the firefighters are called to a department store fire caused by exploding fireworks, which triggers painful memories from Ben's past and inspires him to pursue a new endeavor. Maya advocates for herself and her career, while Jack becomes more intertwined with an acquaintance and Andy and Ryan have a heart-to-heart.
30 3 "Eulogy" Eric Laneuville Anupam Nigam February 6, 2020
While Pruitt grieves a monumental loss, Andy refuses to do the same and, instead, throws herself into work. Meanwhile, the crew responds to a widespread carbon monoxide leak, and Sullivan makes a controversial choice for captain.
31 4 "House Where Nobody Lives" Oliver Bokelberg February 13, 2020
32 5 "3.05" February 20, 2020
33 6 "Ice Ice Baby" Tessa Blake February 27, 2020
34 7 "3.07" 2020
35 8 "3.08" David Greenspan 2020
36 9 "3.09" 2020
37 10 "3.10" 2020
38 11 "3.11" 2020
39 12 "3.12" 2020
40 13 "Dream a Little Dream of Me" Stacey K. Black 2020


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  • There will be four big crossover events with Grey's Anatomy throughout the season.
  • The season will feature flashbacks for most of the main characters. Some of them have dedicated episodes while others have flashbacks sprinkled throughout the season.


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