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Seattle Grace Hospital.

Seattle Grace Hospital was the central location where Grey's Anatomy was set until it was merged with Mercy West Medical Center to form Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.


The hospital was established in 1947. There have been patients that travel across the country to receive the best medical treatment from the leading surgeons in their field and the hospital is reportedly the best in Washington State.[source?]

Losing its Glory[]

After being ranked 12th in top teaching hospitals for a surgical residency program, previously ranked 1st, and being demoted to a Level II Trauma Center, the Chief was determined to do everything in his power to restore the hospital's former glory. Surgical protocol was changed, more impressive and news grabbing, but risky, surgeries were actively encouraged and as such, was delighted when Derek and Meredith's clinical trial was featured in a medical journal following its success, being hailed as the Shepherd method. Although there was much success, some people felt he had changed slightly and was acting recklessly.[source?]

Hospital Flooding[]

Main article: Hospital Flood

Following the changes, the building suffered severe flooding due to a plumbing leak and at the insistence of the Chief, the surgical floor would remain as normal, until a ceiling collapsed on a patient mid-surgery (although this later helped them discover a tumor) and all trauma was rerouted to Mercy West and Seattle Presbyterian Hospital.[1]

Regaining its Glory[]

Following the appointment of Owen Hunt as head of trauma, the hospital regained its Level I Trauma Center rating.[source?]

Hospital Merger[]

Main article: Hospital Merger

Following financial difficulties, Seattle Grace Hospital merged with Mercy West Medical Center in 2009, forming the new Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, based at the current site of Seattle Grace Hospital.[source?]

Notable Staff[]


SGH logo.

Board of Directors[]



Nursing Staff[]

Support Staff[]

Notable Former Staff[]





Hospital Privileges[]

There are medical personnel who have privileges at Seattle Grace Hospital, despite not being on staff, which allows them access everything that medical staff at Seattle Grace Hospital would be normally entitled to, such as use of ORs and surgical privileges, access to patient files, administration of medications and use the pharmacy and clinical labs, access to treatment equipment, including treatment in the ER bays.

Privileges are usually extended to attending-level physicians and surgeons.




Notable Rooms[]

Other Hospitals Referenced[]

Notes and Trivia[]


The Bridge.

  • Seattle Grace Hospital is based on Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA. Most of the filming actually occurs in Los Angeles (Hollywood), as that is where the set is located. However most of the outside shots of Seattle are very real with the exception of "Seattle Grace." The outside shots from the building are taken from Fisher Plaza, home to ABC's Seattle affiliate KOMO. Contrary to popular belief or rumor, no shots of SeaTac Airport were used.[source?]
  • On the hospital lab coats on the right it says SGH and on the left it says their name and M.D, followed by any affiliations such as F.A.C.S.[source?]
    • One version of the lab coat is unisex that is mostly worn by men. It has an adjustable back and a front breast pocket.[source?]
    • Another version of the lab coat is orientated more for women. It has a fitted back with no front breast pocket.[source?]
    • Addison wore the unisex lab coat instead of the women's one while she was on staff. However when she resigned and then later returned as a consulting surgeon, she wore the women's lab coat.[source?]
  • Psychiatry is on the fifth floor.[source?]
  • The hospital was once so understaffed which forced nurses to work overtime, leading them to strike.[source?]
  • Derek Shepherd proposed to Meredith Grey in one of the elevators.[2]
  • Oncology is on the sixth floor.[source?]
  • Because Addison was on staff, Seattle Grace Hospital had the reputation of being one of the foremost neonatal hospitals west of Manhattan.[source?]
  • Seattle Grace Hospital has a long tradition for all new incoming interns called the Intern Appy.[source?]
  • Attending psychiatrists are the only doctors shown to have their lab coats embroidered with their department on the second line.[source?]
  • In the fourth season of Fox's The O.C., Summer Roberts' dad, Dr. Neil Roberts, had an opportunity to leave Orange Country and take a new job in Seattle. He claims, "The hospital is famous for being wonderfully quirky. It's called Seattle Grace."[source?]
  • The address of the hospital is 314 Barrington Ave., Seattle, Washington, 98103.[source?]
  • The phone number for the hospital is (206) 555-6000.[source?]
  • As of the 2003-2004 residency year, Nicole Baylow was a third-year surgical resident.[source?]

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