Shane is a paramedic who was injured in an ambulance crash when his partner had a seizure while driving.


Shane was riding in the back of an ambulance driven by Mary Daltrey when she had a seizure and crashed into another ambulance. He had abdominal injuries, but refused to let Bailey examine him. He walked himself into the ER and requested a male doctor. He refused to be examined by her, insisting that he could wait despite being in extreme pain. Richard Webber arrived and tried to examine him, but Shane also refused, leading the doctors to realize that he wanted a white doctor. Richard left Bailey to handle it.

Bailey brought Cristina onto the case because she's neither white nor black. Cristina examined him and found a large swastika tattoo on his stomach. Shane had a lacerated liver and needed an exploratory laparotomy. He wouldn't consent to surgery unless he got a guarantee that there'd be at least one white doctor in the OR. Bailey got George O'Malley to scrub in so he would sign consent. ("Crash Into Me, Part 1")

Bailey completed his surgery, but after she closed, his pressure dropped, so she had to open him back up. After several complications, Bailey was finally able to close. She articulated the skin in a way that obscured his tattoo.

When he woke up, he was upset about his ruined tattoo. George asked him about his beliefs and told him that he believed the world would be better if Shane had died. ("Crash Into Me, Part 2")



Despite being racist, he got along well with his partner, Mary Daltrey, who was black. He was concerned about her when she had to have surgery.


Shane is a paramedic in Seattle. Mary Daltrey was his partner.



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