Shane Herman is a man who was admitted to psych because he believed he was pregnant.


While his wife, Tina, was pregnant, Shane jokingly took a pregnancy test. They were both shocked when it came back positive. Then Shane's abdomen started to grow right along with Tina's. Shane was admitted to the hospital's psych ward after he freaked out about being pregnant because they believed it was all in his head, but a few of the surgical interns stole him and began investigating the actual cause of his large abdomen. They could feel a solid mass in his abdomen, indicating that it wasn't a hysterical male pregnancy. After running tests, the doctors diagnosed a mesenteric teratoma, a potentially malignant mass. The case drew extensive attention, with doctors paying money for spots in the room. The attention made the Hermans nervous. Meredith eventually stepped in and forced everyone to leave the room and give the Hermans their privacy. Shane was taken into surgery to remove the mass. After it was removed, Meredith took the mass to dispose of it, as she had promise the Hermans she would so it wouldn't be put on display in a jar.



He is married to Tina Herman.


He and his wife are expecting their first child.


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