Shannon was one of the four girls who were believed to have left an newborn infant in a bathroom trashcan.


Shannon, Sara, Karen, and Lisa were the last people in the bathroom before an abandoned baby was found, so they were all brought down to the hospital by their parents to figure out which of them it was. All four of them refused to speak. Addison said she could do vaginal exams to see which of them had recently given birth, but she needed the girls' consent first and none of them gave it.

Desperate to find the baby's mother, Addison checked the girls' blood types against the baby's and was able to eliminate Karen and Lisa as possibilities. She then took Shannon and Sara to see the baby, pleading with them to tell her which of them it was, so she could save the baby's life. Shannon then admitted that she's the one who'd had the baby. Addison hugged her and thanked her for telling the truth then began treatment on the baby.



Shannon was found to be the mother of the baby that had been abandoned.

Her mom came with her to the hospital when she was suspected of having abandoned an infant in the trash can of a high school bathroom.


Shanon, Karen, Sara, and Lisa are all close friends. When Shannon had a baby and abandoned him, the others refused to tell which of them it was.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 14 years old when she gave birth to her son.
  • She stole a lipstick when she was nine.
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