When my mother left my father, she didn't tell him she was leaving and taking me with her until we'd landed on the other side of the country. In those days, it was called family troubles. Today it'd be called kidnapping. You think that true love is the only thing that can crush your heart. The thing that will take your life and light it up or destroy it. Then you become a mother.

She's Gone is the second episode of the eighth season and the 150th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

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News of Meredith and Derek's unsteady relationship raises a red flag for Zola's adoption counselor. Alex quickly realizes that he has become the outcast of the group after ratting out Meredith and Cristina makes a tough decision regarding her unexpected pregnancy. Also, Chief Webber brings Henry in for a last minute surgery, alarming Teddy.

Full SummaryEdit

Janet is asking nurse Ruth to page Dr. Shepherd one more time, saying it's really, very important that she speaks with him right away. Ruth replies that that's always the case with a neurosurgeon. She promises to let her know when he calls back.

Callie and Miranda approach Richard to talk about the Gunther, but Richard keeps on talking about how he wants Bailey to be on his trial. She explains the fifth years need it, as she almost operated on the wrong patient because of them. Richard really wants her to join him in the first surgery in which he implants the islet cell device. Bailey says Torres can supervise as it's her patient, and Richard agrees. She reminds Bailey to be in his OR by 4.

The fifth year residents are relaxing in the ER as they're waiting for Bailey. Teddy asks Cristina what's happening to the chest tube. An intern is doing it because it's intern's work, she loves the whole back-to-basics but she was paged 911. Henry comes in, and Cristina says they'll talk later as Teddy now has to go. Teddy tells Henry her good attitude is gone now, and he tells her Dr. Webber called. They're gonna put the thing in at 4 o'clock. Teddy asks herself why they'd do that, but Henry is not complaining. He wants this thing to be over with. He'll call her when he's in his room and kisses her goodbye.

Arizona and Derek are operating as Derek's pager keeps going off. A nurse comes in, telling him it's something about his baby.

Bailey tells them the patient's leg was amputated in a pit of dirt, her abdomen is pulp and her pelvis is probably crushed. The residents will work together to assess and repair her injuries in the OR. Callie will supervise and step in in case they're killing the patient. Miranda warns them not to screw this up like all other things they've touched lately. She calls everyone in the trauma room to step away from the patient and the residents rush to begin treating her.

Owen is trying to do neuro exams on Danny, but he keeps asking to go see his wife. Owen promises to go see how she's doing while they're taking him for a CT. He'll give him a full report when he gets back.

The residents are all working on different parts of the body, with conflicting plans of treatments. Alex tells a nurse to book an OR as Owen wants to come in. Miranda blocks him, and Callie informs her they're doing a Gunther, which is like a team building exercise. The hospital does it when the residents aren't working well together as it seems to help them. Owen doesn't agree with the plan to let the residents operate without an attending, not this patient. He wants to step in, but Bailey says the Chief said yes to this. April starts explaining what she wants to do, but Jackson snaps she's Chief Resident, not Chief of Surgery. They all keep discussing on what to do next as the patient crashes. They need to get to an OR. "They're still finding their groove," Bailey tells Owen.

Derek is in the hallway trying to contact Meredith. The residents wheel the patient to the OR. Derek asks Cristina if she knows where Meredith is, but Cristina doesn't. Even on their way to the OR, the residents can't agree on what they'll do when they get there. Derek asks if she really hasn't seen Meredith, but Cristina doesn't. He orders a nurse to page Dr. Grey again.

Teddy asks Richard why he called in Henry for the surgery so urgently. Richard tells her not to worry as it's a simple procedure, but Teddy's worried.

Bailey is waiting outside Richard's research lab. She wanted to supervise the Gunther, but an intern pulled her off for this. Richard opens the lab, revealing it's filled with mice in boxes. She needs to spend some time with them. She still tries to get permission to go to the Gunther, but he tells her to put on a mask and join him. He introduces her to mouse T. He's skinny, so putting in the device won't be easy. 

Owen explains to Danny that he has a little bit of blood in his brain, so one of his colleagues will take a look at his films. It's probably nothing, but he wants to be sure. Owen updates him on Susannah. Danny is worried about when they'll tell her about the leg. Owen reminds him that's not the problem now, she now needs to get through the surgery to repair her internal bleeds. She has an incredible, unbelievable team.

In the OR, the "incredible" team keeps on discussing. They realize they're wasting time arguing, but they're arguing anyway. In the gallery, Arizona and Mark are watching, and he tells her the ER quietened down. Callie is solving a sudoku. Arizona asks whom he thinks the Gunther is, the name given to the doctor that steps up as the leader while doing a Gunther surgery. The name came from the first doctor who stepped up, who was a quiet guy called Gunther who turned out to be the alpha dog.  

Mark says Jackson doesn't have the balls to do so. Arizona says Alex has the balls, but everybody hates him so that's not going to happen. Mark thinks it must be Yang, though Arizona says Kepner's kind of a dark horse these days. They bet 50 bucks on it. Bailey comes in. Arizona tells her they still haven't agreed on where to start. Bailey says she just put an islet cell device in a mouse, which has a really small omentum. 

In the OR, the patient starts bottoming out and they still can't agree on where to start. Callie asks Bailey if this is where she steps in, but Bailey gestures to wait. Without consulting, Cristina grabs a scalpel and opens the patient's chest. 

Henry's lab results will be back in a few minutes, Richard tells him, and after they give him a happy cocktail he'll be taken to the OR. Teddy still wants to check if there's no cause for doing the surgery right now, but Richard says there was just an opening. Henry says Teddy's nervous, which is cute. Before leaving, she sits down on his bed and starts telling him how happy he made her. For the first time in her life she's so happy. She starts crying a little, so Henry asks if she's saying goodbye. He thought it was a simple procedure. It is, but Henry says it sounded like a "If I never see you again, know that I love you". Richard agrees to that. Teddy thinks she should, and Richard says it's a good idea.

Owen and Derek look at Danny's scans. They should keep an eye on him for now. Derek tells him Meredith disappeared with Zola. Owen thinks she just went out for a walk after the rough day she had or a hundred other possible explanations. Derek shouldn't assume the worst. He does that because lately, the level of insanity in his wife's behavior defies imagination. Owen knows that, but just as with Cristina, they sometimes surprise them. 

Teddy comes into the gallery and watches Cristina taking the lead. She sits down and Bailey tells her she'll be watching Henry's surgery because the Chief loves an audience. Teddy thinks he wants her there in case anything goes wrong. Bailey doesn't think so, and Teddy explains she's worried because Richard had Henry racing in while he wasn't supposed to have the operation till two weeks later. "He's getting batty in his old age," Bailey says, which makes Teddy even more nervous about the surgery. Bailey assures her she'll be there in case the batty acts up. Teddy is sure something is not right. Bailey says she sounds like a wife.

In the OR, Cristina was right. There's a cardiac rupture. She asks for the others' assistance. 

In the gallery, Mark says it looks like Yang's the Gunther. No surprise, Bailey thinks. Teddy asks what that means. Mark explains that it means the others are just doing what Cristina says, like idiots. Arizona has to go and gives Mark 50 bucks, asking herself what she was thinking while betting on Kepner. Mark leaves too, while Teddy says Cristina is doing the exact opposite of what she should be doing. Teddy is trying to teach her some humility and now she's running the OR. Bailey says Cristina's just a race horse, nothing to do about it.

The patient goes into v-fib. Cristina asks for the paddles and shocks, but no change. She asks for epi while Alex takes over heart massage. In her hurry, she accidentally injects the epi into Alex's hand instead of the patient's heart. Alex takes his hand out of the patient, looks at a startled Cristina and falls to the floor. "Race horse?" Teddy asks in the gallery. "My bet," Bailey replies.

While Jackson asks for another epi, Cristina and Callie rush to Alex's side. She managed to stop a healthy person's heart. Jackson takes the lead on the patient and Teddy and Bailey rush in to help out, but he asks them to step back, as two more surgeons will only complicate the matter. Cristina asks for a crash cart and shocks him once, successfully restarting his heart. He wakes up. "You crazy bitch! You almost killed me!" he yells. Cristina is just relieved he's alive.

Derek tells Arizona how worried he is about Zola and Meredith. He had an intern call every ER in the city to make sure she wasn't run over by a bus. He can't come up with a simple explanation. They go inform the kid's father. Derek says he looks neurologically intact, and Arizona clarifies this is the wait and see part. The father asks to see his son, but since he's in recovery, they won't allow him to see his son. He can't believe this is happening, they were just walking on the street until he suddenly just slipped away. He asks himself how you get to the day where your child just disappears from one moment to the next. Derek leaves the room. Arizona apologizes, and says they'll go see his son. They'll work something out so he can see him.

Alex is being wheeled out of the OR. He yells at Cristina not to touch him, nor his gurney. Meanwhile, Jackson and April finish the operation with April following his lead. Teddy, Callie, and Bailey can't believe Avery's the Gunther. Mark comes in and congratulates Jackson when he found out he's the Gunther. Bailey leaves after she gets a page. Mark is delighted his guy won. "We're gonna be great together," he tells Jackson.

Bailey enters Richard's OR. She apologizes for being late, but he tells her to take her time. Lexie is standing there too, so Bailey says Lexie can observe instead of her, as she's already seen Dr. Webber opening an abdomen before. Webber says he doesn't want an observer, he wants an assist. Bailey asks if something's wrong, but Webber says this is a teaching hospital and she is not too old to learn. Bailey thinks it'd be a good experience for Dr. Grey, but Webber says he'd ask for a resident's help if he wanted it. Bailey takes her place next to Webber. "Whenever you're ready," she says.

Jackson gives April instructions for post-op care. Mark is standing at the nurses station and tells Cristina that April listens to Jackson because he's the Gunther. Cristina asks how it went, and he tells her how it went. As Teddy comes over and congratulates him too, he says he wishes the patient will pull through. Teddy asks how Alex is. Cristina says he should be fine. The epi revealed an underlying arrythmia. Teddy gives her look and Cristina admits she moved too fast and made a mistake. "You think?" Teddy asks. Cristina leaves as she gets a page and Mark compliments Teddy's mean streak.

Cristina is walking in the tunnels and checks her pager again. She walks into one of the rooms and Meredith is sitting there with Zola. "I think I stole a baby," Meredith says.

Cristina is trying to come up with a good explanation for all this to tell Janet. She didn't steal a baby, as it's her baby. She just took her for a nap in a very odd location and she failed to answer her phone or pager because she finds all the technology in her life intrusive. They just have to find a good reason why Meredith went awol for an hour. Four hours, Meredith corrects her. Meredith confesses she took off as Janet was going to take the baby. Cristina says people make mistakes. She herself almost killed Alex in the OR today with a cc of epi, but he'll be fine. They just have to figure things out. She tells Meredith to stay in the room. She's going to fix this.

Teddy enters the OR as Richard starts cutting. She wants to know why Bailey's not just observing. Richard says he wants her to be useful while she's there. Teddy blurts out that as a surgeon, she thinks something's wrong. He has an attending assisting her in a simple procedure and he rushed in Henry with an hour's notice. She thinks Henry didn't tell her something about her check-ups. She's sure something's wrong. Richard takes a breath and says he's fond of her, which is why he's going to count to 30 in her head before he'll call security. He yells at her to get out of the OR, now. She leaves.

Alex tells Arizona they're just keeping him in the hospital to make sure he doesn't pass out again. Not a bad idea, Arizona says. She tells the kid is out of the woods and that he needs to make up with his friends, as one of them almost killed him today. He says it was an accident, but she says nobody has his back. There's no one looking out for him, and that's when accidents happen. This is not just personal, it's professional. It makes him a bad hire and it means she has to worry about him because no one else is. She rather be kicking his ass on her peds ward. She leaves and Alex starts thinking about what she just said.

Cristina is waiting for the elevator. Owen comes over and wants to sit and talk for a minute. She does, very much, but she has to go do something right now. She begs him to believe that she's not blowing him off, she cares about him, but this has to happen now. She gets on the elevator.

April is watching Susannah. Jackson comes in and asks if everything's okay. Nothing changed, but she doesn't want to mess this up like everything else. He tells her she was great in the OR, but she wasn't the Gunther. She believes she'll be fired as Chief Resident. Jackson doesn't think so.

Richard wants Bailey to place the device. Bailey wants to know what is going on. A surgeon never hands the human trials of his experimental procedure over to someone else, unless something's wrong. She's thinking Altman was right about something and asks if he's drinking again. He wishes it was that simple and tells her to pick up the forceps and put in the device. He asks Lexie for more retraction. He guides Bailey on how to place the device. She is amazed by the procedure. He tells her to close Henry up now and he leaves the OR. Bailey can't believe he just left.

Cristina gets into Alex's room and tells him to get up. He refuses and tells her he's under 24 hour observation because she almost killed him. She points out he had an arrythmia he didn't know about, so she'll have to run an EKG later. He says she's supposed to have his back. He was drunk, messed up, made a mistake. They are all he has, they have to forgive him. "Fine!" Cristina yells, but he needs to get out of the bed now. He listens.

Derek was paged to an on-call room where Richard and Larry Jennings are waiting for him. They're also waiting for his wife, but her whereabouts are the question of the hour. Larry says they'll fill her in later and tells Derek that Richard confessed that he's the one that messed with the trial. Apparently, Meredith was covering for him, trying to protect him. Richard apologizes and says he destroyed his trial.

Larry leaves the room. Derek knows Meredith wasn't covering for Richard and asks him what he's doing. "I'm protecting your wife," Richard says. Derek thinks this is wrong. Richard asks what Derek is doing. All Meredith did was save Adele and save Richard in the process. He asks when Derek will stop punishing her for that and walks away.

Teddy is examining Henry's abdomen. He's not in pain. Teddy says she lost it today, Webber kicked her out. She lays down with him. She tells him that even though she said she would be calm during as the surgery, that may not be the case. She's just a mess like any ordinary wife would be. He thinks it's adorable. Seeing his chronic tumor problem, he'll be in the OR frequently. She says she'll be a basket case every time. They kiss.

Bailey is outside the room with his chart, watching them. A shocked Callie comes over. Bailey advises her to wait outside in case she wanted to go in, as they're acting like he just came back from the war. Callie ignores this and tells Bailey something just happened to the Chief.

Derek and Janet are following Cristina, who walks them to Meredith. She's standing outside an exam room, in which Alex is examining her. Cristina smiles at Meredith.

Owen tells Danny that Susannah just got out surgery. It went as well as it could go. As Owen starts doing neuro exams, Danny tells him about the fight they had. He brought up her mother, which is one of the red buttons. Owen thinks she'll forgive him because he saved her life. For a while, Danny says, but later she'll remember why she got out of the car in the first place. Or they could just both forget about it and move, Owen says. Danny asks if that works. Can't hurt to try, Owen thinks. Danny asks Owen if he's married. Owen hesitates, then says he is.

Bailey storms into the Chief's office and asks him what he did. He wants her to sit down. She doesn't understand he's just throwing away his career for Meredith. He says it's not the end of his career, but she insists the FDA won't come near him again. This means the end of his trial, she says. "Sit down!" he yells. He gives her a file and asks her to read the first page. It's about the trial. She continues her rant after reading the first sentence half way. He urges her to read the next line. It's her trial now, so he has no more pending trials with the FDA.

Alex tells Janet and Derek that ever since the surgery, Zola's had weekly blood tests. Today's results were a little weird, so he wanted to examine her. Meredith said she was so worried when she called him and that she rushed Zola out of daycare. She must have left her phone there. And her pager she had to turn in because she was fired. Derek asks what's wrong with Zola. Alex tells her her white count was elevated so he wanted to make sure it wasn't a post-operative infection, a C.F.S. leak or something, but she looks fine on his exam. He reran her C.B.C., and her white count was 8, perfectly normal. The elevation must have been a stress reactant or just a fluke in the labs. Derek watches Cristina, Meredith, and Alex look at him and decides to support the explanation. He says it's great Alex caught that. 

Janet is outside the room, making calls. Alex tells Meredith he didn't mean for any of this to happen. She knows. He and Cristina walk out, and Derek says he still doesn't get what she could've been thinking. Meredith said that Janet basically told her they were going to take away Zola or possibly send her back to Malawi. Add the problems between them to that, and she just needed some time to spend with Zola and think about how everything got so screwed up. She tells him he should take Zola, as Janet only has a problem with her. They need to do everything they can to make sure they won't take her away, even if it means that he gets custody of her. Derek tells her she's not fired as Richard took the fall for her. She doesn't want to let him do that, but Derek says she will let Richard protect her if she wants to keep the baby.

Owen wheels Danny to Susannah's room. She recognizes him and starts crying, telling him she was scared because she didn't know where he was. He comforts her. Owen watches how Danny promises her to stay with her. He loves her so much.

Cristina is running a EKG on Alex. The results are good.

Jackson and Bailey enter the mice lab. He briefs her on how Richard handled them. He has been off the project for a couple of weeks, but he can walk her through the process. Bailey doesn't like that it had to be mice, but she lets him walk her through it.

Jerry returns the animal bracelets to his son. Arizona watches them from the doorway until she walks off.

Mark and Callie are watching Meredith, who's holding Zola, and Janet, who's still on the phone. Arizona joins them and asks them how it's looking. They can't tell. Mark thinks they can't just take the baby away, but they're not sure. As Cristina leaves the room, she notices Owen at the end of the hallway. They look at each other and he nods. They walk off together.

They enter the staircase. Owen tells her he knows she didn't do the abortion yet. She didn't change her mind, which he knows. "You'd cut off my leg for me, wouldn't you?" he asks. Cristina would, but she wouldn't botch it like his patient did. She'd leave him with a good stump, so he could get a prosthesis. He takes a deep breath and asks her when the appointment is. It's now. "Let's go," he says. She breaks down crying because he finally gets her.

Janet enters the on-call room. Callie thinks they're not gonna find a better family than two doctors. Arizona asks if someone wants to go check on Sofia. Callie asks why, but Mark replies that it's what people do when people are talking about taking someone's baby away. Callie says she's fine, but Arizona and Mark walk off anyway, only to be followed by Callie. Now April and Jackson are alone at the nurses station. Maybe they should leave too to give them some privacy, but Jackson says they should stick around to make sure they're okay. This is why he's the Gunther. She lacks the leader instincts.

Janet tells Meredith and Derek that a lot of questions came up today, about their relationship, their employment. Derek says Meredith got her job back as it was mistake. She disappeared, Janet reminds him. That was a miscommunication, he says. She brings up them living in separate houses. Miscommunication too? She gets it, bringing a child into a relationship isn't easy, they're allowed to have some bumps in the road. This afternoon, during the chaos, Meredith lied to her about it and left with the baby. She set off some alarms. She's trying to dial them back, but it's not that easy. The agency believes there are questions about Meredith. Derek defends her, saying she's the best mother a child could have. She loves Zola, she loves him and if there's a flaw about her, it's that she would do anything for the people she loves. Janet hears him, but no matter what she says, social services still has to reevaluate the placement because of the protocol. While that happens, Zola can't be in their home. She'll give them a minute to say goodbye and leaves the room.

Outside daycare, Callie, Mark, and Arizona are watching Sofia sleeping. They shouldn't wake her, as nobody will be taking her away. They'll take her home for dinner when she wakes up, Callie says, though she seems to want to wake the baby. "Nah, we should wake her up," Mark says, and they all agree. They go inside and greet her. Mark picks up his daughter.

Richard leaves the hospital. He's on the phone with Adele and tells her he's on her way home. He tells her he's having dinner with her. He's not working late and this time, he means it. He hangs up and walks to his car.

Cristina is about to have the abortion. The doctor offers to give her something to calm her down, but she refuses. He's asking her one more time. Is she absolutely sure this is what she wants to do? Owen looks at her. She closes her eyes and nods. "Then let's get started," the doctor says. Cristina looks at Owen and he takes her hand.

Derek is holding Zola. Janet comes back in. It's time to go. Meredith takes Zola and tells her Janet is a very nice lady. She's gonna find her a very nice family to stay with for a while, and then she'll come back right back to them. Meredith gives Zola and the diaper bag to Janet and tells her how Zola likes her bottle. She says Zola can't sleep without the giraffe that's in the front pocket of the diaper bag. There are also extra pacifiers in there, which she'll need when she puts Zola in the car. Janet nods and leaves with Zola. 

Meredith watches them go from the doorway. April, Jackson, and Alex are watching them too from the nurses station. Derek gives Meredith a look and walks past her without saying anything as he leaves the room. Alex walks up to Meredith and lays his arm around her shoulders. He supports her as they walk down the hallway.


  • Meredith Grey
  • Cristina Yang
  • Alex Karev
  • Miranda Bailey
  • Richard Webber
  • Callie Torres
  • Mark Sloan
  • Lexie Grey
  • Owen Hunt
  • Arizona Robbins
  • Teddy Altman
  • April Kepner
  • Jackson Avery
  • Derek Shepherd
  • Henry Burton
  • Larry Jennings
  • Danny Wilson
  • Susannah Wilson
  • Janet Meyers
  • Jerry Hoffman
  • Nurse Gloria
  • Nurse
  • Doctor

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Medical NotesEdit

Henry BurtonEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Diabetes
  • Treatment:
    • Islet cell device

Henry came into the hospital to have his islet cell device implanted to treat the diabetes he'd developed as a result of his pancreas being removed. The device was implanted successfully and he was doing well post-op.

Nicky HoffmanEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Crush injuries
    • Spinal fracture
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Arizona and Derek were still operating on Nicky Hoffman. After surgery, he was neurologically intact and they had to wait to see how things would go.

Susannah WilsonEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Crush injuries
    • Open book pelvic fracture
    • Comminuted femur fracture
    • Pneumopericardium with enlarged cardiac shadow
    • Free fluid in her abdomen
    • Cardiogenic shock
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Susannah was taken into surgery. The residents worked together under Callie's supervision to treat her injuries. In the trauma room, the residents argued about how to treat her until she became unstable. They then took her to an OR, where they continued to argue about where to start. While they were arguing, Cristina grabbed a scalpel and opened her chest. When Cristina accidentally injected Alex with epinephrine instead of Susannah, April and Jackson were left to finish the surgery on their own. They did the major repairs and cleaned out her leg, but would have to go back in for more surgery after she was more stable.

Danny WilsonEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Rim subdural bleed
  • Treatment:

Danny was brought back to the hospital, where Owen ordered a CT. The CT revealed blood in his brain, so a neuro consult was called. Derek looked at his scan and diagnosed a rim subdural bleed, which would reabsorb on its own.

Alex KarevEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Arrhythmia
  • Treatment:

While attempting to inject epinephrine into Susannah Wilson's heart, Cristina accidentally injected it into Alex's hand, causing him to collapse in the OR after suffering cardiac arrest. He was defibrillated in the OR and then taken to a room to be monitored. Cristina then ran an EKG on him.

Cristina YangEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Unwanted Pregnancy
  • Doctors:
    • Unnamed doctor
  • Treatment:
    • Abortion

Cristina terminated her pregnancy.


Song Performer Scene
"Bite Your Lip" New Cassettes
  • The episode opens with a voice over about family troubles.
  • Janet is urging nurse Ruth to page Derek.
  • Bailey and Torres try to talk to Richard about doing a Gunther, but he keeps on talking about his trial.
  • Cristina has left Teddy's service to answer Bailey's 911 page.
  • Henry tells Teddy Richard will put in the device today, making her wonder why.
"Jungle" Emma Louise
  • Owen tells Danny that Susannah has an incredible team working on her.
  • The residents keep fighting each other in the OR.
  • The attendings are in the gallery, placing bets on who will turn out to be the Gunther. 
  • Cristina takes the lead in the OR.
"Atlas Hands" Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  • Owen watches Danny and Susannah in the ICU.
  • Cristina sits with Alex to run an EKG.
  • Jackson informs Bailey about the mouse lab.
  • Arizona joins Callie and Mark , who are looking at Janet on the phone. They wonder what will happen.
  • Owen and Cristina talk about the abortion. He decides to support her decision.
  • Janet walks into the room where Derek and Meredith are waiting for her.
"Thinking About You" Big Scary
  • Mark, Callie, and Arizona wake up Sofia and cuddle their daughter.
  • Richard tells Adele he's coming home early for her.
  • Cristina has the abortion with Owen by her side.
  • Derek and Meredith say goodbye to Zola, who's taken away by Janet.
  • Derek continues to ignore Meredith, so Alex steps in to comfort her.

Notes and TriviaEdit

Grey's Anatomy 8x01 & 8x02 Promo

Grey's Anatomy 8x01 & 8x02 Promo

  • This episode's title originated from the song She's Gone, originally sung by Hall & Oates.
  • This episode scored 10.39 million viewers.
  • Chyler Leigh has no lines in this episode.
  • Goof Curiously, Arizona knows what a Gunther is, whereas Mark doesn't. Mark has worked at the hospital longer than her, so it'd be more logical if he knew about a Gunther and she didn't. Incorrect Goof Arizona was only introduced after Mark, it is unknown how long she had been working at the hospital at the time of her appearance. This can explain why she knows what a Gunther is and Mark doesn't.
Grey's Anatomy 8x01

Grey's Anatomy 8x01


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Derek: Yang, where's Meredith?
Cristina: I don't know, they fired her. Maybe she's putting anthrax in Karev's locker.

Alex: You're supposed to have my back, I made a mistake. You have to forgive me. You guys are all I have.

Owen: You'd cut off my leg for me, wouldn't you?
Cristina: Well, I wouldn't botch it like that guy did. I'd leave you with a good stump so you could get prosthesis.

Janet: A lot of questions came up today, about your relationship, your employment…
Derek: Well, she got her job back. That was a misunderstanding.
Janet: She disappeared.
Derek: Well, that was a miscommunication.
Janet: And the part about you two living in separate houses, that's miscommunication, too? Look, I get it. It's not easy bringing a child into a relationship, you're allowed to have some bumps in the road. But, this afternoon when it looked like you two had split up, your wife got fired, she lied to me and left with the baby. It set off some alarms. Now, I'm trying to dial them all back but it's not that easy to do. Once a system has been set in motion, there's protocol that needs to be followed once the agency believes there's questions about Meredith...
Derek: Janet, Meredith is the best mother a child could have. She loves Zola and she loves me, and if she has any flaws, it's that she loves people so much she will do anything for them.
Janet: Derek, please. I hear you. But no matter what I say social services still needs to re-evaulate the placement and when that happens, Zola can't be in your home. I'll give you a minute to say good-bye.

Derek: (to Meredith) I still don't understand what you possibly could've been thinking.
Meredith: They fired me. Janet basically told me that they were gonna take Zola away. I mean, possibly send her back to Malawi. You and me... I just needed some time. I just needed to hold her and look at her and just think about how everything, everything got so screwed up. You should take Zola. Janet has a problem with me, not with you and we need to do everything that we can to make sure they don't take her away and if that means that you have custody of her and I don't... then that's what we need to do.
Derek: You're not fired. Richard's gonna take the fall for you.
Meredith: What? He can't do that. I'm not gonna let him do that.
Derek: Yes, you will. If you wanna keep this baby, you will let him protect you.

Owen: (to Derek) Everything all right?
Derek: Uh, Meredith disappeared with Zola.
Owen: What do you mean she disappeared? (Derek sighs) She had a rough day, she probably just went out for a walk. Derek, there are a hundred possible explanations, don't assume the worst.
Derek: Do you know why I do that? Because lately the level of insanity in my wife's behavior defies imagination.
Owen: I know, but sometimes even with Cristina, sometimes they surprise us

Alex: (to Cristina after she stabbed him with an epi needle): You crazy bitch, you almost killed me!

Meredith: I think I stole a baby.
Cristina: Okay, first of all, you didn't steal the baby, she's your baby. What you did is... You took her for a nap... in a very odd location and you failed to answer your phone. But y'know, many people find all the technology in our lives to be intrusive, so you're not the first person who didn't answer your phone or your pager. You know, all we have to do is- is find a reason why you were AWOL for an hour.
Meredith: Four... hours. (Cristina glares) Janet was gonna take the baby so I took off.
Cristina: Okay, okay. You know, people make mistakes. I mean, I almost killed Alex in the OR today, so we'll just figure it out.
Meredith: How?
Cristina: I don't know.
Meredith: No, how'd you almost kill Alex?
Cristina: With a cc of epi. (Meredith looks shocked) Ah, y'know, whatever. He'll be fine. Just uh... stay here. I'll fix this.
Meredith: What are you gonna do?
Cristina: I'm gonna fix it.

Richard: (to Bailey) It's time to place the device.
Bailey: What do you want me to do?
Richard: Place the device.
Bailey: Sir, is there anything that you want to tell me?
Richard: Don't screw it up.
Bailey: A surgeon during the early stages of human tries on his experimental procedure never hands over the reins to someone else, ever. Unless something is wrong. Altman said this was weird, I just thought she was being a wife.
Richard: Bailey.
Bailey: Are you drinkin' again? Ah. That would explain a lot!
Richard: Yes, it would. God, I wish it was that simple. Pick up those forceps, Dr. Bailey.

Cristina: (to Alex) Get up.
Alex: No. I'm under 24-hour observation because you almost killed me.
Cristina: I revealed an arrythmia that you didn't even know you had. I probably saved your life. I'll run an EKG on you later, just get up.
Alex: You're supposed to have my back. I made a mistake, all right? I was drunk, I was pissed off.
Cristina: Oh, for the love of....
Alex: I screwed up. You screw up all the time. I don't have anybody. You guys are all I have. You have to forgive me.
Cristina: Fine. Whatever, forgiven! Now just get up outta the damn bed.

Derek: (to Richard): She wasn't covering for you. What the hell are you doing?
Richard: I'm protecting your wife. What are you doing?
Derek: This is wrong and you know that.
Richard: What are you trying to do her? She was trying to save Adele. She was trying to save me. At what point are you going to stop punishing her for that?

Bailey: (to Richard) What did you do?!
Richard: I want you to shut the door and then I want you to sit down.
Bailey: You're throwing your whole career away for that damn girl.
Richard: This is not the end of my career.
Bailey: The FDA will never come anywhere near you again. That is the end of your ilet cell trial, not to mention anything else you might be cookin' up with--
Richard: Sit down! (Bailey sits down and crosses her arms over her chest; Richard hands her a folder) Open it and read the first page.
Bailey: (grabs it from him and starts reading): 'The artifical pancreas the cure for diabetes...' How about 'the artifical pancreas, a huge missed opportunity that you blew because you...
Richard: Read the next line.
Bailey: Principle investigator, Miranda Bail...
Richard: It's yours now. I have no pending trials with the FDA.

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