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Sheryll Jeffries is a woman who came into Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital hoping to be part of Cristina's HLHS trial.



Sheryll was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Surgery to correct it failed, leading her doctors to recommend that she be put on a transplant list.


Sheryll became pregnant after running away, thinking she was going to die. She had dropped out of school and hitchhiked. However, becoming pregnant made her want to live, so she sought out Cristina's trial.

Cristina's Trial[]

When Sheryll heard about Cristina’s trial, she thought she was an ideal candidate. When Shane informed her that she was too old for the trial, she asked him to bend the rules. He unsuccessfully tried to get Cristina to agree.


While talking to Shane, Sheryll's water broke and she was taken to Labor and Delivery. She continued to try to make her case while laboring, even having Shane bring Cristina in to speak to her personally. Cristina examined her and offered her best wishes, but still declined her request to join the trial.




Sheryll stated that her parents don't talk to her since she got pregnant. While giving birth, she called out for her mother.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She was 17 years old when her daughter was born.
  • Her daughter was born 6 weeks premature.
  • She doesn't know who the father of her daughter is.