Shirley Gregory is a woman who had liver cancer.



Shirley was diagnosed with liver cancer. Meredith told her that she would need an ALPPS procedure, but she was hesitant to have an experimental surgery, so Meredith told her to do something on her bucket list and come back in six weeks for the surgery. When Shirley returned, she was upset to learn that Meredith had been fired and refused to have the surgery with anyone else. Desperate for a solution, Jo asked Bailey for permission to video conference Meredith in for the surgery and Bailey reluctantly agreed. Despite a complication, Shirley's surgery was successful. ("Reunited")

Meredith's HearingEdit

On the day of Meredith's hearing to determine if she would lose her medical license, Shirley was among those who testified on her behalf. Shirley talked about how Meredith gave her her diagnosis, so she quit her job and then came back. Because of a surgery Meredith pioneered, Shirley was broke and had to beg for her job back because she lived when she hadn't expected to. ("My Shot")

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She went to Machu Picchu on a trip before having her surgery.



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