Simon Jaffee is a man who needed a kidney transplant and had an osteosarcoma on his skull.


Simon came into the ER after being paged to let him know they'd found a matching kidney donor. He had end-stage renal disease and had spent 18 months on dialysis waiting for a donor. The wait was long because he needed a six-antigen match. During his pre-op exam, they discovered a large bump on the top of his head. They hoped it was minor and wouldn't affect the transplant, but it turned out to be osteosarcoma. The tumor had good margins, but removing it would leave a large gap in his skull and skin and that would disqualify him for a transplant. Jo then had the idea to use the kidney donor as a skull and scalp donor. They did the skull and scalp transplant first and then the kidney transplant. Both transplants went well and Simon was awake and had visitors afterward.



He was married until his wife died.


He and his wife had six kids that he raised on his own after she died. Those kids had seven grandkids. They all visited him in the hospital after his transplant.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • His late wife gave him his hat. He caught 22 prize-winning blue gills wearing it.
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