Since our hospital is a teaching program, many of our patient allow their surgeries to be filmed. It's great as a teaching tool but if you screw up, it ends up online for the whole world to see. Your mistakes will be scrutinized, analyzed, studied, written about, argued over. Watched and rewatched. We all make mistakes. We all have moments where we weren't the best surgeon or even the best person. We all have moments we'd rather not relive. There are certain moments in my life that I wish I could relive. First day of internship. First solo surgery. First time I held my children in my arms. The last lucid conversation I had with my mother. But for every one of those, there's one I wish I could forget or do differently. Those are the moments that keep me up at night. And no matter what I do, they keep coming back to haunt me.

Sing It Again is the twentieth episode of the sixteenth season and the 362nd overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

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Owen and Link treat an older woman who wakes up from surgery and can't stop singing, while Teddy helps Koracick stay afloat after an estranged loved one from his past comes to the hospital looking for help. Meredith, Bailey and Maggie focus their efforts on a difficult patient with a tricky diagnosis.

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Maggie and Catherine are flying back to Seattle with Richard on Catherine's private plane. Maggie comes across a meme mocking Richard.

At the structure fire, Ben tells Jackson he should go to the hospital to be there for Catherine and Bailey. Jackson wants to finish dressing a burn first.

Amelia, Meredith, and Bailey are in the war room getting started on a diagnosis for Richard. Bailey is ordering several tests to rule out a stroke and UTI. The tox screen is negative. They leave to gather the troups.

Owen meets with Teddy, who tells him Richard is en route. She's taking over Maggie's cases so it's a busy day for her. Teddy forgot they were supposed to try out wedding cakes. He thinks she has Richard on her brain.

Amelia tells Link she has cleared her day to work on Richard's case. She gasps as the baby kicks. Link overhears Levi complaining about things his mom did when he lived at home, which Jo thinks don't sound so bad. Levi insists he can't move back in with her. As Levi walks off, Link jokes he's been replaced. With the due date getting closer, he's realizing the life he knows is about to be over.

Most of the attendings and Taryn and Levi have gathered in the war room to hear Bailey present the case. Richard is their number one patient. She goes over Richard's history while Levi brags to Taryn about living with an attending now. Bailey presents two lists of diagnoses that have been ruled out or need ruling out. Maggie tells the residents that Richard is not himself. They saw the video. Tom brings up dementia and asks for a PET scan. Meredith thinks it's not Alzheimer's.

Owen introduces Link to Vera and Herschel Kitano. Vera has a Lisfranc injury. Herschel dropped a book on her foot in their home office. Vera has a presentation to give at the University in two days and she'd like to make it.

Richard hates being fussed over as he gets settled in his room. Jackson comes in wearing the PRT uniform. Richard doesn't realize something's wrong. He insists Catherine was at the conference. She plays along but says he felt badly right after his speech, which is why they are running tests. He agrees to stay for her. Bailey tells Meredith to add hallucinations to the list of symptoms.

Teddy catches up with Tom, who casually suggests for her not to get married to Owen. He stops mid-sentence as a woman comes up with a boy in a wheelchair. Dana Hamilton, Tom's ex-wife, introduces him to Guthrie, her son, who bears a striking resemblance to David. Guthrie has a brain tumor with a met on his spine. She needs his help. Teddy takes Dana and Guthrie to get checked in.

Taryn presents Guthrie's case. Ed, Dana's husband, says he collapsed in his pastry class. Guthrie asks the doctors their favorite food. Tom says they need new scans. Teddy follows him and says she paged Amelia. While difficult for him, Tom understands Dana's decision to come here. She knew he couldn't let Guthrie die like David.

Meredith, Maggie, and Amelia gather in the booth for Richard's PET scan while Richard is going over the steps of a whipple to prove to them he's not lost his mind. Maggie is going over some articles about Richard's meltdown. Catherine's publicist is trying to handle it. Amelia finds another meme. Maggie thinks she should have recognized something was off when he called her Meredith. Meredith smiles as he correctly finishes the steps. The images come up and show no signs of Lewy Body dementia or Alzheimer's. Maggie points out they wouldn't see that on the scan in the early stages. Meredith insists it's not Alzheimer's.

Owen and Link are operating on Vera. Amelia was up all night watching that conference video looking for clues. He's worried the stress will induce labor. Owen says the baby will be fine it that happens since they're close to term. Link admits he's nervous. Owen tells him the truth, that parenthood is scary as hell so those worries won't stop.

Levi arrives in the busy ER to help out Jo. He wants to help with Richard but Jo says a resident won't solve that case and tells him to jump in.

Bailey discovers Andrew in Richard's room. She tells Richard they are waiting on blood cultures and asks Andrew for a word. She reminds him he's suspended but he says it's a social visit. She says he better be gone when visiting hours are over. Andrew has been in touch with Lauren Riley, who sent him a list with possible diagnoses. She has him forward her that list.

Teddy informs Amelia about Guthrie's case and the situation with Tom. Teddy hopes that Amelia can save Guthrie because Tom is not in the right state of mind to do so. They arrive outside the room where Tom shows the scans, which reveal the tumor is encroaching on the brain stem. Amelia tells him she's taking over and heads in to tell Dana and Ed the news.

Owen and Link tell Vera and Herschel that the surgery went well. Herschel tells Vera he'll take good care of her while she has to keep her weight off the foot. Singingly, Vera asks why all of them are singing. Herschel tells her she's the only one singing. Owen pages neuro.

The attendings are working on Richard's case. Bailey crosses out several possibilities. Catherine comes in to tell them to work harder.

Dana is worried she's losing Guthrie. Amelia plans on getting the tumor and the met in one surgery. Dana says she came here for Tom. Amelia says Tom taught her everything she knows. Dana stresses that she did not bring Guthrie here to hurt Tom. She just ran out of ideas and she won't survive losing another son. Tom uses his busy schedule as an excuse and leaves her with Amelia. Teddy follows Tom.

Owen is examining Vera. Besides the singing, she seems fine. Tom walks in as she sings that she sounds music in her head. Owen briefs Tom, who orders an MRI and EEG to rule out an intra-operative stroke. It seems like musicophilia to him, which is exceedingly rare and has no known cure.

As Jo finishes up an exam, Levi comes up and tells her that Nico posted a photo on Instagram. He seems fine. It's like Levi never existed. Jo points out they're in gridlock. With the attendings working on Webber, this is Levi's chance to step up and shine.

Teddy finds Tom as he's waiting for Vera's scans. Amelia has taken Guthrie to pre-op. Tom says he's always wondered if he could have saved David if he had gotten to the hospital in time. Now it's like David is here and he can't even be in the same room without feeling like he's drowning. That thought he's been holding onto is a lie.

Maggie and Meredith are doing some cognitive tests with Richard. He fails miserably. To keep him calm, they brush it off as his being tired.

Herschel tells Vera they are about to publish and this might make people question her state of mind. Tom returns with the results. There are no signs of a stroke or seizures, which means it's likely a complication from being under anesthesia. Herschel is not amused as it means Vera is like this now. He can take her home tomorrow. Owen asks Tom about Richard but Tom has no idea.

Jackson finds Catherine in a conference room. She tells him that everyone is letting him down. Richard gave his best years to this hospital and no one noticed that he was deteriorating. Jackson says they all thought he was depressed because of what Catherine pulled. She has been beating herself up enough already for not having put her pride aside. She's still his wife. That means she can't be on the medical team but Jackson can. He should go back and figure it out.

As Vera singingly asks for another pillow, Herschel talks with Owen and Link outside. Five years ago, he spilled iced tea over his dashboard, which caused his seatbelt alarm to constantly beep. He couldn't get it fixed because he had a book deadline so he learned to live with it. He's hoping this singing thing will fade to him like the alarm did. Herschel says he likes quiet. Suddenly, the singing stops. Herschel is grateful for a moment but then they realize Vera's crashing.

Amelia and Taryn are operating on Guthrie when she suddenly groans in pain. She tells Taryn to go get Tom. She's in labor. She has a nurse page Link.

Tom comes in and tells Amelia she has time to finish the surgery. He begs her not to make him do this. Amelia assures him he can do it. Guthrie deserves him. She orders him to get scrubbed.

Maggie tells Bailey that Richard has a rapidly-progressing type of dementia yet none of their tests can point to a cause. She thinks it could be Alzheimer's. They enter Richard's room and find him gone. They spread out to find him.

Amelia quickly briefs Tom on her work on the tumor before she's wheeled out. Tom calmly continues the dissection but he freezes when Guthrie crashes. Teddy gets through to him from the gallery and calms him, assuring him that he can save Guthrie. Tom suspects an air embolism and starts ordering people around to fix it. They put Guthrie in Trendelenburg and Knox aspirates through the central line. They get the embolism out. Afterward, they move Guthrie back into position.

Owen diagnoses a tension pneumothorax. He and Link fix it. She instantly feels better. Herschel rushes in. He thought he was losing her. He then sings that he loves her more than words can say. Link is then paged about Amelia.

He rushes into her room. Amelia has realized that birth is not the finish line. There is no finish line. Literally anything could happen to their boy. Link doesn't know what to do make her feel better so he screams with her as another contraction hits.

Meredith walks into the OR, where Richard is hallucinating that he's about to make an incision for an ex-lap. In fact, he's in an empty OR and about to slice open his own abdomen. Meredith cautiously approaches him as he insists he's the only one who can fix this. Meredith assures him she can fix him. She knows she can because Richard is the one who taught her everything she knows. She wants her children to grow up and know who he is. She still has things to learn. She can't let him go yet. Other people can't either. He hands over the scalpel. "Ellis, something's wrong with me," he tells her. She guides him out of the OR.

Tom tells Dana and Ed that the surgery went well. Guthrie is on the road to recovery. Dana and Ed are relieved and very grateful to Tom. Ed enters Guthrie's room. Dana apologizes to Tom for making him do this. He says it's okay and walks away.

An OB fellow is checking on Amelia, who tells Link this is worse than being kicked in the nuts. The fellow tells Amelia it looks like it's Braxton-Hicks. The baby is not coming today. Amelia and Link laugh as they both thought it was serious.

Teddy finds Tom in his office. He thanks her for everything. She apologizes for causing him pain. He tells her she's taken away more than she's caused. They hold hands briefly until she pulls away and leaves.

Levi comes home. Jo is watching TV. He's going back to the hospital to sleep. He thinks he's overstayed his welcome because Jo told him he had it great at his mom's and then yelled at him all day. Jo says he wasn't doing a good job. She's an attending so that means she'll snap at him when he gets things wrong. Also, he's probably the main reason she's at all sane right now. So, he's staying.

Teddy tells Owen she's going to pick up the kids. He takes her into a supply closet, where they start making out. She tells him she wants to get married this weekend. They get undressed.

Richard is taken back to his room. He thinks he's at Seattle Grace. He asks to get the interns so they can start rounding. Adele will kill him if he's late for dinner again. Catherine leaves the room. Jackson goes after her and assures her they can do this together. She breaks down in his arms.

Meredith finds Andrew working on Richard's case in the hospital library. She asks what he has thought of that they haven't. They agree it doesn't make sense. She says they are not leaving until they figure it out. He shows her what he has so far.


  • Meredith Grey
  • Miranda Bailey
  • Richard Webber
  • Owen Hunt
  • Jackson Avery
  • Amelia Shepherd
  • Jo Karev
  • Maggie Pierce
  • Andrew DeLuca
  • Teddy Altman
  • Tom Koracick
  • Levi Schmitt
  • Atticus Lincoln
  • Catherine Fox
  • Ben Warren
  • Dana Hamilton
  • Herschel Kitano
  • Taryn Helm
  • Vera Kitano
  • Dr. Knox
  • Ed Hamilton
  • OB Fellow
  • Guthrie Hamilton

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Medical NotesEdit

Jackson's PatientEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Burn
  • Treatment:
    • Burn cream

Jackson applied burn cream to a patient in the PRT.

Richard WebberEdit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

Richard, 65, returned to Seattle, where they ran multiple tests in an attempt to diagnose his problem. They put all his symptoms and tests on a board and assigned the residents to work on his case except when they were on emergent cases. He had a PET scan to check for Alzheimer's. It was inconclusive. He was unable to repeat a pattern, draw a cube, or draw a clock. He later hallucinated preparing for a surgery and was actually preparing to cut into his own abdomen. Meredith was able to get him to hand over the scalpel and got him back to his room, where he believed he was still married to Adele and the hospital was still Seattle Grace.

Vera KitanoEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Lisfranc injury
    • Tension pneumothorax
  • Treatment:
    • Surgical repair
    • Needle decompression

Vera came into the hospital when her first and second metatarsals were broken when her husband dropped a textbook on her foot. She had surgery to repair the fractures and cast her foot. She woke up alert, but singing. She believed she was talking and everyone around her was singing. They did an MRI, which showed not signs of stroke or bleeding. They believed it may be a complication of her anesthesia, so they kept her overnight to monitor her. Later that night, she coded due to a tension pneumothorax. Owen was able to relieve the pressure and she stabilized. She was still singing, but her husband said he was okay with it.

Guthrie HamiltonEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Primary medulloblastoma
    • Drop met
  • Treatment:
    • Surgical resection

Guthrie, 10, had a brain tumor that had spread to his spine at C3. He had motor weakness in his extremities and sensory deficits. Amelia took him into surgery, where she planned to remove his tumor and the met in a single surgery. When she started having contractions while operating, Amelia was forced to step back and allow Tom to finish the surgery. When Guthrie crashed, Tom had a moment of panic, but Teddy was able to calm him down and he was able to finish the resection. His mother was told he'd be okay with some radiation.

ER PatientsEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Burns
  • Treatment:
    • Burn care

Jo and Levi treated several burn patients in the ER.

Amelia ShepherdEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
    • Braxton-Hicks
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:

Amelia believed she was in labor, but an ultrasound showed it was actually Braxton-Hicks.


Song Performer Scene
"All Else" Hayden Everett
  • Richard flies home with Catherine and Maggie.
  • Jackson treats burns in the PRT.
  • Ben tells him it's okay to go home.
  • Bailey, Meredith, and Amelia go over the tests Richard has already had.
  • Owen goes to Teddy.
"Fortunate Son" Mr. Racer, Daniel Saint Black
  • Tom takes over the surgery.
  • Guthrie crashes and Tom panics and Tommy gets him to focus.
  • Guthrie stabilizes as Vera continues to code.
  • Vera is stabilized.
"Meant to Be" Regina Price
  • Amelia continues to have contractions.
  • The OB says it's Braxton-Hicks.
  • Teddy goes to see Tom.
"Pray" Coco Bans
  • Jo and Levi settle in to watch a movie.
  • Owen talks to Teddy then takes her to a supply closet.
  • She asks him to get married that weekend.
  • Richard thinks he's still married to Adele.
  • Meredith finds Andrew in a conference room and asks what he's thought of.

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Grey's Anatomy 16x20 Promo "Sing It Again" (HD) Season 16 Episode 20 Promo

Grey's Anatomy 16x20 Promo "Sing It Again" (HD) Season 16 Episode 20 Promo

  • This episode's title originated from the song Sing It Again, originally sung by Planetshakers.
  • This episode scored 7.18 million viewers.
  • It is revealed that Richard is 65 years old.


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