A solo surgery is the first surgery a second-year resident gets to do on their own. The first one is usually awarded to the best resident and chosen by the surgical attendings.

Grey's Anatomy[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to the second year resident's class of 2009, the first solo surgery was an appendectomy.
  • Bailey was the winner of the first solo surgery of her class during her second year of residency, in which she performed an appendectomy.
  • Cristina was the first solo surgery winner of her class, but she was ineligible because of the recents events, so she was forced to choose the winner instead. The Chief said that for the first time the voting process was unanimous in choosing Cristina. ("All By Myself")
  • Alex was chosen by Cristina to perform her surgery, a below the knee amputation. ("All By Myself")
  • Cristina finally received her solo surgery, a hernia repair. Unfortunately, she was very busy arranging treatment plans for Izzie's, much to the distress of her patient. ("Stand By Me")
  • Cristina was given her first cardiac solo surgery by Teddy, who believed Cristina was ready for it. ("Blink")
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