The body is an infinitely complex mass of interacting systems. People like to think doctors see it all clearly. But it's not always obvious what's a hiccup in the system and what's full-on medical disaster. We figure that out in our first year of residency. We spend the rest of our careers lying about it. It's just a cold. Muscle through it. It'll pass. Nothing's really wrong. We're doctors. We'd know if something was wrong. We're all be fine. Nothing is wrong.

Somebody That I Used to Know is the tenth episode of the tenth season and the 206th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

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Ben worries that a casual conversation with Derek could potentially cause issues for Bailey. Cristina turns to Shane as tension grows with Meredith. And April’s upcoming wedding makes for an uncomfortable situation between Jackson and Stephanie. Meanwhile, Meredith plans a Thanksgiving dinner at her house.

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Bailey is counting her fingers again like we previously saw her do. Meanwhile, we see flashbacks of her infection storyline of last season.

Ben and Bailey are getting ready to leave for work, and Ben notices how Bailey keeps on unpacking some of the stuff in her purse, only to put the stuff back in directly after.

Arizona wakes up on the couch as Callie leaves her bedroom. She asks Arizona if she slept okay, and Arizona says she slept great. 

As Derek is packing Zola's bag, he's telling Meredith about the article he's writing. By brushing his teeth, he came up with a genius idea for his brain project. Meredith hands their son over to him as she goes to check on Zola.

Owen and Emma are in a conference room, and she puts down a plate of muffins. She has information on a specific type of teratomas, which she'll be reading today at the hospital to prepare a grant proposal. For that, she wants quiet, though she allows Owen to come and check on her every now and then. Owen sits down next to her.

Outside the room, Cristina joins Callie and April and welcomes back Callie, who's happy to be back after spending all the time in the courtroom. Callie and April inform her that Emma is here to do her homework on her day off and that she brought muffins. Cristina finds it odd and watches her and Owen for a while, and then walks off. April and Callie then agree that it's actually sweet.

Jo informs Meredith that Richard wants another treadmill test, even though he failed his last one "like two minutes ago." Meredith says she'll like into it when Stephanie approaches her with lab results of Donna Kaufman. "You're on my service again?" she asks Stephanie, clearly irritated. Meredith tells her that she wants to check on the computer model first before they start printing the vein, but Stephanie tells her she has to go check on Donna. She shows Meredith the labs.

Stephanie tells the patient that they won't be able to remove the tumor. She explains that the best option is to block the nervous in the area of the tumor, as it should help with the pain. Victor, Donna's husband, asks if they're not even going to try, but Donna interrupts him by saying that dealing with the pain is better than doing nothing.

Alex and Cristina are examining baby Nathan, and Alex says that despite his efforts, it's still not going good. Cristina assures him that he'll rally once they put in the graft and she says that they finished the test prints last night. She informs him that Shane is printing out the real one now. She also tells him that Emma is in the hospital with muffins, and Alex asks if she wants him to get rid of her. Cristina only says she's happy that Owen is getting laid, and she adds that she should be getting laid too, as her work suffers when she's not. "It's bad for humanity!" Cristina says, but Alex doesn't want to talk about sex with her. Cristina convinces him to do it anyway, and while Shane comes in without them noticing, Alex says she should find herself a human sex toy to get her ya-ya's out. Shane makes noise, and Cristina asks how long he's been there. "Somewhere around ya-ya's," he answers. "We have a problem," he says then.

In the research lab, he shows her that the conduit is contaminated. He says he can try to print another one using vacuum sealing, but it'll take longer. It would cause delay of the kid's procedure, and Cristina is not sure this kid can hold on another day. Shane convinces her that it's their best shot, and she goes to talk to Alex. Shane reminds her that according to the schedule they made up with Meredith, Meredith gets the printer at 10 AM today.

In a lounge, April asks Stephanie to write down her e-mail address so she can send her an invitation for her wedding. She says Stephanie can also bring a guest.

Alex tells Cristina that if the procedure is not ready, she has to come up with something else. Cristina says maybe he's the one who needs recreational energy release, but he says he's getting laid regularly, so all his anxiety is based on the fact that she brought him onto a case to keep the kid alive long enough so she can try a fancy procedure, that's - according to him - not going to work anyway.

Ben and Bailey walk into the ER, and he says that it may be worth to have a conversation with someone in psych, as it's not going to hurt. He says he would like to sit down and talk things out with someone every now and then, and Bailey suggests that he go to psych himself then. She says she has a busy schedule, and Ben says that's his point: overloading her schedule can exacerbate the kind of behaviors she's having. "I'm not having behaviors, I'm having a life!" she snaps, as Jackson brings in a patient on a gurney and asks her to take a look at the surgical abdomen of his patient. "Absolutely," Bailey says, and she walks with him.

Arizona enters in a trauma room, where Leah is working on a patient with Owen, and Owen informs her on the patient, Ella Holmes. Her babysitter tells the doctors that she was driving her scooter. While Owen orders to book an OR, Leah shows Arizona the scans, and Arizona sees Ella has a fracture. Owen orders to page Callie and tells Leah to go to the OR with Callie and Arizona. Leah panics, but Arizona says she'll be fine. As Ella's condition deteriorates, they rush her to the OR, and Leah assures the babysitter that everything is going to be fine.

Arizona and Owen are operating on Ella. Leah asks if Dr. Torres is going to fix the femur, which Arizona confirms. She asks Leah to stick around, as Callie will need help. Leah isn't enthusiastic about that, and Arizona tells her it doesn't have to be awkward. Leah asks if they're definitely getting back together, and Arizona confirms again and adds that they're trying. She tells Leah not to be the person who waits around in case it doesn't work out. 

Lenore and Donna are talking with Stephanie in the room. Donna tells Lenore that she is looking for a wife for "him" for when she's passed away because he won't look for another wife on his own. "Certainly unusual, but I understand," Lenore says, complimenting her love for her husband. Donna then confesses the "him" is not her husband, but Stan, a very special friend. Stephanie overheard this, and she turns around with a strange look on her face. Donna notices this and stops talking. Stephanie then says she needs to get to Donna's left arm.

Ben and Derek are looking at the plans for the brain sensors, which are now more versatile, and Derek invites him to come take a look at the proposal after lunch. Ben passes, as he has back-to-back surgeries, and he confesses being back to the anesthesiology department is not ideal, but fine seeing he needs to compromise for his family. Derek gets this, as Meredith is supposed to be upshifting while he should be downshifting, but his research makes the situation go otherwise. Ben then says that if you squint really hard, Bailey has OCD-like behaviors. Ben keeps on talking, and Derek then reminds him that as a board member, he has to report it.

While waiting for the elevator, Cristina is planning how she should tell Meredith that they need the printer for more hours. "She'll be pissy, but she'll get over it," she says. Shane then says that he can have Stephanie tell Meredith, and Cristina says that's even better. Shane then says that if he's available in case she wants her ya-ya's out. "Are you offering to service me?" she asks, and he says it's just for the sake of the work. "That's even worse. You're supposed to play that you're in love with me," Cristina says. Shane confesses he definitely finds her attractive and keeps on talking, but Cristina tells him to stop.

In the conference room with Emma, Meredith asks Owen if the muffins are leftovers from the morning meeting, but Owen says that Emma baked them. She tastes one and says that if she's cooking his Thanksgiving dinner, she wants the leftovers. It turns out they don't have plans yet, and Meredith says that they can act like it's not happening like they do at their house. Owen and Emma want to do something, but the trailer isn't a good idea because they'd have to eat outside, and Emma's apartment is being painted next week. Meredith then proposes that Emma can cook at their house if she feeds her family too. Emma agrees, and Meredith is happy because she'll now look like a better mother as there'll be a Thanksgiving dinner for the kids. She leaves to go operate on Donna and takes another muffin with her.

At the nurses' station, she asks Stephanie if she has Donna's labs. In a mean voice, she asks Stephanie if it's okay for her if they start on the printer after she's done examining Webber. Stephanie says it is, and Leah asks what that was about. Stephanie says she got Meredith kicked off her own surgery a few days ago, and Jo says Alex told her about it. Stephanie asks them if Kepner invited them too, but they weren't invited, however, Jo thinks Alex will be invited, so she'll be his plus one. Shane comes over, and he tells Stephanie that Yang needs the printer today. "Tell her we're sorry," Shane says, and he leaves to get the printer going. Stephanie runs after him, yelling he can go tell Grey himself. 

Richard says he's a waste of a bed, but Meredith says his stress test was a disaster. "You want me to dwell on all your past failures?" Richard says, and he insists he's a different man than he was last week, as he's been exercising. Meredith brings up a rehab facility, but Richard doesn't want to. Meredith points out he can't go home alone, but Richard says he'll get a home health aid. This convinces Meredith to allow another stress test. "You watch, flying colors!" Richard says, and Meredith then invites him for the Thanksgiving dinner at her house. He agrees when he finds out Meredith is not cooking.

Arizona meets Callie in an X-ray viewing room, and she tells Callie that they temporary packed up the girl, so Callie can fix the femur tomorrow. Arizona then tells her that she was with someone when they were apart, which she thinks was not out of bounds, as they were separated and Callie kicked her out. Callie asks if it's her fault, but Arizona claims there are no faults. She just wanted her to know as they're starting fresh. Callie thanks her for being so very honest, and Arizona asks if there's anything she wants to ask her. Arizona answers her questions, confessing it was more than 10 times and apologizes. She assures Callie that it's over. Arizona asks Callie if she didn't get involved with someone, but Callie replies she only got involved with herself, like dancing in her underwear. Arizona says she's really trying and begs Callie to tell her she's trying to, which Callie does. "Can I hug you?" Arizona asks, and they hug. They confess they really missed each other until Leah comes in. She tells them Ella's thigh is thick, and Callie says she needs to do the femur right now. Arizona says she'll help Callie, and she asks Leah to update the family as she walks out of the room. "They're on a plane, it's just the babysitter," Leah tells herself.

Stephanie meets Meredith, who starts bossing her. Stephanie interrupts her and tells that Cristina needs the printer. Meredith says they can't, but Stephanie tells her that they didn't even discuss it and are already running it. Meredith walks into a stairwell and closes the door in front of Stephanie, who wanted to follow her.

Derek and Ben approach Owen. Derek wants to talk, Ben tries to convince him not to. Owen has to be in the ER, so he asks to talk later, but he first answers a call. Meredith tells Owen that she invited Webber to the Thanksgiving dinner, and she tells Derek that Emma is cooking at their house. As Emma will have to prepare a whole turkey, they can invite some more people. Meredith asks a nurse to page Cristina, while Derek says Ben and Bailey can come, but they're going to Ben's family if she's still speaking to him by then. Derek wants to invite Callie, though he thinks this would mean they cannot invite Arizona. Owen informs them that they are back together, surprising them, and then Derek asks if they can invite Cristina (because Emma's cooking). Meredith says she probably has plans, though Owen says she hasn't. Alex walks by, and Meredith invites him. She figured he'd bring Jo, though he tells her not to sound that excited as she was an intern balling an attending once. "You kiss my kids with that mouth?" she asks. Ben has to go to pre-op, and he asks Derek not to start with Hunt until he gets back. Derek promises not to. The nurse informs Meredith that Cristina is not available, even though she knows it's Meredith who's asking for her.

Stephanie meets Leah in the stairwell, who's depressed because she has to update the babysitter and mostly because Arizona and Callie are getting back together, so Arizona doesn't need her anymore. She confirms she was really into Arizona, and Leah asks how she can do this, as she can't fall apart at work every time she gets dumped. Stephanie tells her to get up from the floor, go update the babysitter and get back to the OR like a surgeon would do. She takes Leah's hand and pulls her up.

Owen meets Cristina, who tells him her printed valve had a glitch. He asks her if she has Thanksgiving plans, and she says she'll probably pick up an extra shift and she asks about his plans. He's hesitating, and she says she won't melt when she hears Emma's name. She says that he has to watch out because if she's making a turkey for just the two of them, he'll be eating leftovers for the rest of his life.

Leah informs the babysitter that they're operating again on Ella. The babysitter's afraid of Ella's parents' reaction, thinking they'll fire her because they'll want to blame someone for what happened. "I guess it's probably my fault for getting so attached," the babysitter says.

Stephanie meets Jackson in the scrub room and asks if she can have his OR at 4 o'clock because Meredith is going to kill her if she knows she can only have an OR at 7. Jackson concludes this would mean he'd have to work late, but Stephanie says he would have anyway. He agrees, and they kiss. Stephanie says that Kepner invited her to the wedding, plus one. She thinks Jackson will be invited too, plus one, and asks if April expects them to bring other people. Jackson brushes it off by saying that brides are weird.

Jo asks if Nathan is going to make it, and Alex says that he will if Yang can get her valve printed correctly. Alex says that they're invited to Thanksgiving dinner at Meredith's, but Jo doesn't want to go because the attendings are going to be weird when she's there. He doesn't really want to go without her, so he proposes to get chicken and eat it in the car like they were raised to do.

Stephanie is charting in Donna's room, where Victor tells Donna that two more women responded to the add. He adds that he told Stan because he couldn't let it go. Donna hates it because it was supposed to look natural. Victor says he wants to be honest, but Donna says it's not a lie, but a kindness to which he agreed. "Well, that was before...," he says, and Donna knows he's talking about her dying. "Matters more now, not less," she says.

Owen found out about Bailey, and he says he'll have to pull her off the floor. Derek apologizes for having told Owen, but he had to. Ben asks him to let him talk to Bailey himself, and Owen agrees to let him.

Donna is talking to one of the women who responded, and outside the room, Victor tells Stephanie the woman looks nice. Stephanie says it's a little strange, and Victor agrees that he and his wife looking for a companion for his wife's lover is indeed strange. Victor says the fire went away out of their marriage, and they found other people. They remained friends and hated the idea of a divorce. Victor explains they're looking for a wife for Stan because he has never loved anyone like he loves Donna, which is why she's afraid he'll stay alone forever. Victor doesn't want to see him alone either.

Bailey is mad at Ben for having told the Chief that she a psychiatric condition. He wants her to take a break, and bench herself to work things out before the Chief makes her. He tries to hold her, but she shakes him off and walks away.

Meredith is mad at Cristina for having her lackey tell Meredith's lackey that they were going to destroy Meredith's research. Cristina says that's not what they're doing. Meredith says she'll lose her funding if she doesn't finish this phase by the end of the week. "Come with me," Cristina asks, and Meredith does after a little hesitation. They go to see baby Nathan, and Cristina says that it's about baby Nathan, not her. He's a real baby, not a study. Meredith is not impressed by Cristina's attempt to convince her. "You wanted to do something flashy with the equipment. It didn't work, now you want me to shut down my entire study so that you can run a Hell Marry that might very well kill this very cute child," Meredith says, and adds that Nathan can get an artificial graft. Cristina objects, but Meredith says she can't make it work.

Owen tells Emma that they might be up to 16 people, some of them are kids. Emma is a little irritated because it got out of hand like that, but Owen says he'll do everything she orders him to. "It's starting to sound better," she says, and they kiss. Owen then brings up that Cristina doesn't have Thanksgiving plans, and Emma says it's okay. If he says he's over her, she believes him. He wants her to make sure she's comfortable, but as she might be cooking for 30 people by the end of the day, there'll be no time for her to feel uncomfortable. Ben comes in, and he shakes his head to indicate that Bailey didn't take it well.

While Jo is preparing Richard for the treadmill test, he is thinking about the Thanksgiving turkey. Stephanie comes in, and she tells them what their patient and her husband are doing. "Is that like a threesome thing?" Richard asks, which makes them laugh. "You hiding from Grey again?" he then asks Stephanie, who immediately stops laughing. "On your way, Edwards," he says, and Stephanie leaves. 

Owen tells Meredith that he needs her to take over Bailey's surgical cases. Meredith says she has her study to worry about, but Owen makes it clear it's serious.

In surgery, Callie allows Leah to do the ex fix. She explains how to do it, but Leah drills through the patient's leg into the table. Leah starts panicking and is unable to put the drill in reverse. Callie tries to get through to her, but Leah turns to Arizona and asks her to do something. Arizona asks Callie to do it herself and give Leah a few minutes to calm down. Callie suddenly realizes what's going on. "It was her? 10+ times, that was her?!" Callie asks. Arizona confirms, and Callie angrily takes over the drill from Leah, who's afraid to look at her. 

In the scrub room, Leah is mad at Arizona for having told Callie about it. Arizona says it's her marriage they're talking about, but Leah thinks it's bad for her career, as Callie will hate and blame her. She angrily leaves the room.

Jackson asks if April knows she and Stephanie are serious, and April says he does. He asks her why Stephanie is invited plus one, while he's going to be invited too. April then says he's not going to get an invitation, because as he'd be the first name on the guest list and she didn't want to rub it in Matthew's face. He can come as Stephanie's plus one though, but Jackson asks why he should come to the wedding when Matthew already has a problem with his name on a piece of paper. "Because of my, because you're my friend and I want you to be there," April says, and Jackson says he wants to be there. She says she can only go through with it when she has his blessing, which he gives her. He adds that he's not sure he should be at the wedding.

Stephanie tells Victor that Donna's surgery has been pushed back to tomorrow. Stan comes over, and Stephanie leaves them alone. Stan says he doesn't want to date any woman, but Victor says that that's exactly why she's doing it. Victor says he should tell her himself, but Stand says she doesn't listen to him. "I'm not a child she has to arrange daycare for!" Stan blurts out. Victor says it's only taking Donna's mind off of what's actually happening, but Stan says it doesn't matter because Donna is irreplaceable to him. Stan breaks down, and he and Victor hug.

Alex says they need to operate on baby Nathan now, but Cristina says she won't have a conduit to put in for another 6 hours. Cristina proposes to put him on an oscillator, which will stabilize his stats for easily a day. They do so, and Cristina says that thanks to Alex, Shane offered to service her. He asks if she's going to do it, but she says it'd be like having sex with a baby seal. Nathan's stats improve, and Cristina asks him to talk to Meredith, but he kind of agrees with Meredith. "You wanna fight another battle, that's your problem," he says, and Cristina says that baby Nathan's case is indeed her problem.

Richard is doing the treadmill test, but Jo wants to step because his heart rate is pretty high. He wants her to take up the treadmill, but she's resistant to that. He then does so himself, but soon falls down. She calls for help, and Derek runs into the room and she informs him of what happened.

Bailey is getting ready to start operating on her patient. Owen and Meredith come in, and Owen asks her to speak. Bailey says they can talk after she's finished. He says they should talk now, and that Meredith can take over. Bailey wants to start, but Owen asks Meredith to move the Bovie one inch to the left, which Meredith does. Bailey moves it right back to where it was. Owen then instructs Meredith to move the suction, which Meredith does. "Get away from my table!" Bailey yells. Bailey then steps back from the table and leaves. 

Jo and Derek are examining Richard, who says his ribs are broken. Callie comes in and agrees with his diagnosis.

Leah watches how Arizona informs Ella's parents on what happened. The babysitter leaves the room, and she says she should probably go. Leah thinks the parents are glad to have her here. The babysitter says it's stupid she got so attached because it's not even her kid. She then says she could hang around a little to see if they need anything, and Leah suggests she can wait with her.

Stephanie asks what happened with Bailey, but Jackson can't talk to her about it. Jackson changes the subject and says that they don't have to go to Kepner's wedding because it's simpler. Stephanie then explains her patient's situation. "That's what it looks like when people are over each other," she says and asks him why they aren't going to the wedding. Jackson says it is because April is neurotic, and he and Matthew aren't hugging and it'd be uncomfortable and awkward for all of them. He assures her he and April are over and it's important to him that she believes that. They kiss.

Meredith enters her lab and says she needs the printer. Cristina says they need more time, but Meredith says they already got more time and that she needs to start printing her portal vein by tonight. Cristina says they need to print out another conduit, again. They started a new one, and it should be ready by 3 a.m. Meredith starts ranting that Cristina has failed to revolutionize modern medicine and save a baby all in one fell swoop. "And you are endangering a child's life!" she continues, until Shane, who noticed how much Meredith's words are hurting Cristina, tells her to stop. "Excuse me?" Meredith asks, and Shane repeats that it's enough. He says that he forced Cristina into trying the procedure because she didn't want to do it at first because she cares about Meredith. "Oh, somebody's got the hero-worship down!" Meredith says. Shane says Meredith is the one who made this about their friendship because if it were about the work, she would've gone to the Chief. "You'll get the printer tomorrow, doctor Grey!" he says. Meredith looks at Cristina, who turns her head. Meredith leaves, and Cristina looks at Shane, who starts apologizing. Cristina suddenly kisses him.

Callie tells Arizona that she wants to go check on her patient, but she hopes Leah won't be in the room because she doesn't want to make her cry. Callie says that next time Arizona wants to exercise her right to play around, she'd like her to do it with someone from outside the hospital to avoid all the drama in the OR. Arizona says she knows Callie is hurt, but she can't keep apologizing, and Callie can't keep playing a victim. "I'm back, but I'm not here to be your whipping boy," Arizona says and adds she wants to sleep in the bed when she's back. Callie wants a night to digest this all, and then she can sleep back in the bed. "That's enthusiastic," Arizona says, but Callie warns her not to go further.

Ben and Bailey come home arguing. She yells he has to stay out of her career, while he yells back that he should've gone to Owen himself days ago. In her anger, Bailey throws down a chair. She walks off but returns to put the chair back in its place.

Jo feels guilty for what happened to Richard, as she shouldn't have allowed the stress test. Alex says it's hard to say no to Richard and says it's all his fault. Jo says Alex should go to Meredith's at Thanksgiving, as she and the other residents are going to hang out with Richard in the hospital. They agree to meet after.

Jo enters Richard's room, where Richard, Stephanie, and Leah are discussing what they're going to eat. Jo proposes to get fried chicken. Richard says it lacks dignity, but the residents think it's family-style. Leah is going to make a list, and Richard wants her to put biscuits on it.

At the nurses' station, Meredith says that it sucks when her mean best friend is mean to her. Owen comes over and tells her that Emma is fine with it if they invite Cristina to the Thanksgiving dinner. "Well, I'm glad she's fine with it," Meredith says. Derek rolls his eyes, as Cristina comes over. Owen notices the tension and walks away, and Derek leaves too to pick up the kids. Not long after, Meredith leaves too, leaving Cristina all alone at the nurses' station.


  • Meredith Grey
  • Cristina Yang
  • Alex Karev
  • Miranda Bailey
  • Richard Webber
  • Callie Torres
  • Owen Hunt
  • Arizona Robbins
  • April Kepner
  • Jackson Avery
  • Jo Wilson
  • Shane Ross
  • Stephanie Edwards
  • Leah Murphy
  • Derek Shepherd
  • Ben Warren
  • Donna Kaufman
  • Victor Kaufman
  • Emma Marling
  • Katie
  • Stan
  • Lenore
  • Ashley Glazier
  • Nurse Liv
  • Mrs. and Mr. Holmes (right side of the bed)
  • Ella Holmes

Main CastEdit

Guest StarsEdit



  • Mark Cirillo as Mr. Holmes
  • Danielle Lebens as Mrs. Holmes
  • Natalie Weissman as Ella Holmes

Medical NotesEdit

Richard WebberEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Broken Rib
    • Contusions
  • Treatment:

Despite failing several times, Richard requested a stress test. While doing the stress test, he increased his own speed beyond what he could handle and fell off the treadmill, breaking a rib.

Donna KaufmanEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pancreatic Tumor
  • Treatment:
    • Palliative Surgery
    • Palliative Care

Scans revealed that the tumor, which they originally thought could be removed, couldn't be removed. Meredith operated to relieve the obstruction and block the nerves in the area to reduce her pain.

Nathan GlazierEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
    • Edema
  • Treatment:
    • Diuretics
    • Beta blockers

While waiting for his printed conduit to be ready to use, Nathan had severe edema, which they treated. They discovered that his conduit was contaminated, so his surgery was postponed while they printed another conduit. Alex was worried about the delay because Nathan's blood pressure was low.

Ella HolmesEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Supracondylar Femur Fracture
    • Abdominal bleeding
  • Treatment:
    • External fixation
    • Surgery

Ella was hit by a car while riding a scooter down a hill. Arizona took her into surgery for the bleeding, but she was too edematous, so she had to do a temporary closure. The plan was to go back in the next day, but they had to go back in sooner when her leg swelled up, to finish the surgery and fix her leg. When they took her back into surgery, Callie let Leah do the drilling for the external fixation, but Leah accidentally drilled through into the table, so Callie took over and fixed it.

Burn PatientEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Severe Burns
    • Abdominal Bleeding
  • Treatment:
    • Burn care
    • Exploratory laparotomy

Jackson brought a burn patient with a surgical abdomen into the ER and asked Bailey to do an exploratory laparotomy, which she agreed to do.


Song Performer Scene
"Differentology" Bunji Garlin
  • Bailey is counting her fingers while we see flashbacks of her infection storyline of past season.
  • Ben watches how Bailey keeps unpacking and packing her bag all over again while getting ready to leave for work.
  • Arizona wakes up on the couch, while Callie leaves the bedroom.
  • Derek and Meredith talk about his brain mapping research, and prepare to leave with their kids.
"Moon" Sleeping at Last
  • April tells Jackson that she won't invite him to her wedding because of Matthew's problems with Jackson, but she wants him come as Stephanie's plus one.
  • He gives her blessing, but doubts if he should be there.
  • Stan and Victor talk about Donna and her idea.
"Romeo" Until the Ribbon Breaks
  • Cristina kisses Shane for defending her against Meredith.
  • Arizona tells Callie that she can't keep playing a victim, but Callie needs a night to digest the recent discovery.
  • Ben and Bailey argue over Bailey's OCD. She throws down a chair in her anger, but returns to put it back in place.
  • Alex and Jo agree to meet up after their Thanksgiving dinners.
  • Richard and the interns plan a Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Meredith confesses it sucks when Cristina is mean at her, and tells Owen she won't invite Cristina to the Thanksgiving dinner at her house.
  • Cristina comes over, and everyone walks away, leaving her all alone.

Notes and TriviaEdit

Grey's Anatomy 10x10 Promo "Somebody That I Used To Know" (HD)

Grey's Anatomy 10x10 Promo "Somebody That I Used To Know" (HD)

  • This episode's title originated from the song Somebody That I Used to Know, originally sung by Gotye.
  • This episode scored 8.61 million viewers.
  • This is the last episode to be written by Debora Cahn, who has been part of the writers since season three.


Episode StillsEdit


Stephanie: You guys! My patient has a husband, and a lover, and she and the husband are interviewing women for the lover to date when she's dead.
Jo: When the patient's dead?!
Stephanie: It's weird.
Richard: Is that like a threesome thing?
Stephanie: Dr. Webber! (starts laughing)
Richard: You hiding from Grey again? (Stephanie stops laughings) On your way, Edwards!

Meredith: I mean, no, Cristina, it's not working! You are not Christ child in carnate! You don't walk on water. You have failed to revolutionize modern medicine and save a baby all in one fell swoop. And you are endangering a child's life while you do this!
Shane: Stop!
Meredith: Excuse me?
Shane: That's enough.
Meredith: Ross, take a walk!
Shane: She wasn't going to do this because of you! I practically had to force her into it!
Cristina: Ross, just...
Shane: Because she cares about you!
Meredith: Oh, somebody's got the hero worship down!
Shane: No, you've made this emotional! You made it about your friendship! If it was about the work, you would've gone to the Chief of Surgery but you know what he would've said. You'll get the printer tomorrow, Dr. Grey!

Owen: Oh, Meredith, you can invite Cristina if you want, you know, Thanksgiving. I checked with Emma, she's fine with it.
Meredith: Well, I'm glad she's fine with it.

Jackson: Hey, so you realize that Stephanie and I are serious, right? You get that?
April: Yeah, yeah, I think it's nice that you guys are, you know, whatever you are.
Jackson: Right.

Shane: If you ever need any yaya extraction, you know, getting the yaya's out... I'm available.
Cristina: Are you offering to service me?
Shane: Sorry, it was inappropriate. It's just, you know, for the sake of work.
Cristina: That's even worse. You're supposed to play that you're in love with me.
Shane: Well, I certainly find you attractive, there's no question. I mean, I wouldn't be se presumptuous if...
Cristina: Stop talking.

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