Soyoung Oh is a woman who came to the United States to find her lost love.


Soyoung was walking around the hospital, calling out for "Bird" when she was found by Amelia and Link. They took her to the ER, where they determined she was dehydrated, but Amelia didn't want to put in an IV without being able to tell her what they were doing, so they were waiting for the translator. Nico was standing nearby and overheard them talking, so he stepped in and learned she was looking for her friend, the "Bird," and seemed confused. They admitted her and gave her fluids. While she was waiting, Bertram Hollister walked by her room and she called out to him. They had met and fallen in love in Korea years before, but were separated and lived separate lives. She found him on social media and when he posted about his surgery, she impulsively got on a plane to come find him. Reunited, they started to catch up, with Nico translating for them.



She met Bertram Hollister when he was stationed in Korea during the war. They communicated using a dictionary. On the day he was set to go home, they agreed to meet at the train station at 3:00. He was then re-assigned to an earlier train and had no way to tell her. Decades later, when they were reunited, he learned that she hadn't come anyway because she was scared to leave her country. However, she found him online and saw he was having surgery, so she came to Washington to find him and they were reunited.


She didn't tell any of her family that she was going to the US as she didn't want any of them to stop her.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She ran an odeng stand in Korea.
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