Speed is a patient who collapsed in a restaurant with an aortic dissection.


Talia's Food PoisoningEdit

Speed's wife, Talia, contracted food poisoning and went to the hospital with Speed. She was treated and on her way out, she and Speed wondered where billing was. Meredith and Derek informed them that it's in the basement.


Later, while dining at a restaurant, Speed collapsed to the floor and Talia desperately called out for a doctor. Burke and Cristina, who were dining at a nearby table, rushed over to help. Once they got to him, they noticed the signs of Marfan syndrome and suspected an aortic dissection, a common condition among people with Marfan syndrome. They called an ambulance and had him rushed over to the hospital, where they operated and were able to save his life. After his surgery, his wife was told he'd be okay.



He is married to Talia.


Episode StillsEdit