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Stan Giamatti was a paramedic in Seattle until he was killed in an ambulance crash.


After dropping off Jacob Nolston, Stan and his partner, Ray Sutera, started to leave, but they were unable to when another ambulance crashed into theirs, flipping them over and trapping them.

While they were waiting for the firefighters to get them out, Stan asked if his legs were broken. He couldn't feel that his legs were trapped in the door. He asked for his wife, Sara, who worked at the hospital. The doctors knew that as soon as they started to move him, he'd bleed out and die, so they rushed to bring his wife to him so she could say goodbye.

While waiting for Sara to arrive, Stan asked Ray to help him hold on until Sara arrived. They shared a memory of when Stan met Sara and started singing "I Can See Clearly Now."

When Sara arrived, they talked for a few minutes and said goodbye. Sara then had to be pulled away by a firefighter so that they could get into the rig to get Ray out. When they started to open the rig, Stan had them stop because he saw an oxygen regulator imbedded in Ray's back. He knew Ray would bleed out if they moved him. They tried to tell Stan he'd saved Ray's life, but he'd bled to death. ("Crash Into Me, Part 1")

After he died, Ray asked Meredith if she could close Stan's eyes. ("Crash Into Me, Part 2")



He was married to Sara Giamatti until his death. They met at Joe's and he used a line from "I Can See Clearly Now" to pick her up.


He and Ray Sutera were partners and best friends until his death.


He was a paramedic in Seattle. Ray Sutera was his partner.