Steve Murphy was one of Meredith's one-night stands who came into the hospital with priapism.


One-Night StandEdit

Steve met Meredith at Emerald City Bar and she took him home. They had sex, after which he asked her if she'd had an orgasm. The next morning, Meredith left to take a shower and said he needed to leave before she was finished. He got dressed and left in a hurry.


Steve later came into the hospital still erect. He was shocked to see Meredith there and she was shocked to see him. Cristina did an enema, but it didn't work. They next went to needle aspiration, which worked for a while, but he soon became erect again, so they started looking for other causes. They called for a neuro consult and Derek diagnosed a tumor in his spine which was pushing on a nerve and causing the erection. Derek planned surgery to remove the tumor. The surgery was successful and Steve was happily flaccid afterward.



He had a one-night stand with Meredith.


He asked Meredith to call his mother when he had to have surgery.

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