Steven Tanner is the father of Jessica Tanner.


When Steven's wife, Bethany, found out their daughter, Jessica, was dating another girl, she planned to send Jessica away to a gay conversion camp. This led to Jessica and her girlfriend attempting suicide by train, which landed both of them in the hospital.

After Jessica was out of surgery, Alex explained her condition to Steven, but their conversation was interrupted by Meredith telling Dakhir about Aliyah. After hearing that Dakhir had no idea how to raise a teenage girl in America. Steven said that all he knows is that it's hard. They re-introduced themselves and shared pictures of their girls, including one Dakhir had of the two girls together. They both agreed that the girls looked really happy together.

After his wife was punched by Maggie Pierce, she stated her intent to sue, but Steven stood up to her, saying no one would be suing and that she needed to accept their daughter. He said he doesn't care if she's gay. He only cares if she's happy and cared for. He threatened to take her and leave Bethany if she didn't get on board.



He is married to Bethany Tanner. They disagreed about the decision to send their daughter to a gay conversion camp, but Steven didn't speak up and try to stop Bethany until after Jessica attempted suicide and nearly died. He threatened to leave her if she tried to send Jessica away.


He has a daughter named Jessica. When his wife found out their daughter was dating another girl, she tried to send her away. However, after Jessica attempted suicide, Steven stood up to her, saying if she didn't stop, he'd take Jessica and leave her.


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