Strange Bedfellows is the fifth episode of the third season and the 36th overall episode of Private Practice.

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Addison must deal with the return of Naomi's former patients, Zoe and Amelia, whose embryos were accidentally switched, and a serious complication that may end up jeopardizing both fetuses. Meanwhile the time has come for Katie's trial, as Violet struggles with whether or not she can face her attacker in court, and Charlotte is determined to convince Addison, Sam and Cooper to let her join Oceanside Wellness Group.

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Cooper's getting ready while Charlotte's still in bed. She's figured out that Sam's the one who's blocking her from joining the practice. She reaches for Cooper's crotch and asks him to work his magic as an inside man. He stands up, but she pulls him down by his tie and tells him she really wants to join the practice. They share a kiss and he rushes out.

Naomi is coaching Violet at the courthouse, telling her to only look at the prosecutor. They stand up and Violet watches Pete get off the stand inside the courtroom. She's called in and Naomi and Cooper, who's late, follow her inside. Cooper and Naomi sit down while Violet goes to the stand. The prosecutor asks if she swears to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, but Violet's looking at Katie. The judge tells her to say "I do." Violet lowers her hand. She says she can't do this and leaves.

Back at the practice, Sam asks Addison if she's heard anything about the trial. She hasn't, but she has heard back from Stan Parsons. He's happy where he is. Sam says he would've fit in. Addison suggests they go with Charlotte. Sam doesn't think she'd fit in. Addison says she's skilled in a specialty they don't have, and she has connections. She's surprised to see Violet, Cooper, and Naomi walk in. She asks why they're back. Violet leaves and Naomi says she couldn't testify. Cooper tried to be supportive, but she wouldn't talk to him, nor to Pete or Naomi. Naomi thinks it's Addison's turn, but Addison doubts Violet would want to talk to her.

Naomi's on her way to the elevator when someone in the waiting room starts yelling at her. They were promised Naomi no longer worked here. Addison and Sam come over. Naomi says she no longer works here. Zoe yells that she screwed up their implantations and then forced them to carry the babies to term. Amelia calms her down and sits back down since she has high blood pressure. They're here because they think there's something wrong with the baby that Zoe's carrying, Amelia's son. They need a surgical consult and their doctor recommended Addison. Addison takes her to an exam room.

While Addison's doing an ultrasound, Zoe apologizes for exploding. She thought she was okay with it, but it's been really hard. Zoe derives from Addison's face that there's something wrong. Addison shows her the ultrasound and tells her the baby has a huge teratoma that's taken over the blood supply. She'd like to operate to separate the tumor from the foetus, but it's risky. However, without the surgery, the baby will die. Zoe says this was Amelia's last embryo. Addison says a risk of the surgery is that the uterus gets perforated, which can affect Zoe's ability to carry another child. Addison understands she needs to talk to her husband about this, but Zoe says he left because he couldn't understand her decision and her bond with Amelia. It's like both babies belong to the two of them. Zoe says she can't do this, because Martin will come back and they've always dreamed about a big family. Addison would then recommend termination, but Zoe wonders what that'll do to Amelia. Zoe then decides to let the baby die in her uterus, because she can't have Amelia thinking that she just gave up. It's better that Amelia thinks it's an active God. Zoe invokes doctor-patient confidentiality to forbid Addison from telling Amelia.

At the other practice, Naomi meets with Pete, who's setting up his office. He's decided he's done with Violet. He hates that she just wants to let Katie off the hook, because the defense will find some way to declare her insane so she can walk. Pete told everyone about the wound and the blood, but the jury needs to hear it from Violet. If Violet's too traumatized to talk about it, she'll be stuck forever and his son will always have a mother who doesn't care about him. She's missing everything about his son. Naomi says it's gonna take time. Pete says she can have as much as she wants, because he's done.

Sam pays Violet a visit in her office. She wonders why she has to sit down and relive it all. Sam wonders if she's not reliving it all the time anyway. He thought shrinks always say it's good to talk about stuff. He knows facing Katie's hard. A nurse comes in and tells her that there's a Mr. Kent to see her. He's Katie's father. Violet gets tense. Sam tells her he'll be sitting right outside, and when she blinks at him, he'll come in to rescue her. She thinks she can do that.

Mr. Kent and Violet are meeting. He can't apologize enough to her. She slides a box of tissues in his direction. He says Violet helped Katie. Violet says if that were true, they wouldn't be sitting here. Mr. Kent says Katie couldn't shut up about her, because she understood how much Katie wanted her baby. If that jury sends her to prison, Katie's illness will eat her alive. Violet asks why he's here. Mr. Kent says Katie wants to talk to Violet, because she's the only one who understands. Violet looks at Sam and blinks.

Sam tells Cooper that Violet won't testify because she can't face Katie. He also tells Cooper about Katie's father, but he has no idea what he came to talk about since Violet's been hiding in the ladies room. Charlotte enters the office. She wants to talk to Sam. Sam follows her outside. Charlotte lists why she's a good hire and asks why he's stalling. He says he doesn't think she's the right fit. They're all friends here and they respect each other. Charlotte reminds him that Pete and Naomi left. Sam doesn't want to be mean, but he really doesn't like her. Charlotte doesn't understand what that has to do with anything. Sam asks to excuse him since Addison wants to talk to him. Charlotte leaves. Addison says she needs to talk about Zoe and Amelia.

Charlotte bursts into the ladies room while ranting about people caring about their delicate feelings when they could just grab what's good for them. She asks Violet if she agrees with her. Violet says sure. Charlotte says you need to do what needs to be done, or else what good are you? Violet lets that sink in.

Addison's briefed Sam about the situation. She can't breach the confidentiality and she hates the situation. She wants to try to fix the baby. Sam says the settlement goes out the window if the baby dies, because the deal was that the babies would be switched after birth. They might even be facing a malpractice suit. Addison suggests they get Naomi, but Sam says they'll go after Naomi first if litigation starts again.

Cooper and Pete are out drinking. Cooper's talking about Violet meeting Katie's father, but Pete wants to talk about anything but Violet. Cooper says Charlotte emasculated him, so he also doesn't want to talk about Charlotte.

Sam and Addison are sharing a bottle of wine and Chinese food on the deck. Sam talks about how Charlotte cornered him and forced him to tell her that he doesn't like her. Addison still thinks they should hire her. Addison likes her check, Cooper would be happy, and her specialty could be good for business. At least they would move forward in one area. Charlotte's the solution to their problem. Sam then agrees to hiring her. Naomi arrives. Amelia came to see her. She thinks there's something wrong with the baby and that Addison and Zoe are lying to her. Naomi needs to know if Amelia's right. Sam says they can't tell her about the problem. Addison decides to tell her since they're all in it together. Addison tells her about the situation. Naomi thinks it could help if she could talk to Zoe. She knows her, she was her patient. They have to let her try.

Violet's visiting Katie in jail. Katie thanks her for coming. She says she's on her meds, so she's herself again. Violet heard. Katie asks her how she is. She's sorry for what she did. She needs Violet to know that it wasn't her who did that. Katie is not a monster. She wants Violet to testify. The jury looked at her like she's a monster after Pete's testimony. She thinks Violet's testimony will prove that she was crazy that night, keeping her out of prison. She won't get help in prison and her disease will win. She's scared of the person who did that to Violet. It's not about avoiding punishment. She needs someone on her side. Violet says she gutted her like a pig and ripped her baby out of her, so she can't be on Katie's side or care about her. Katie made her life a living hell, so she won't give Katie a free pass. Violet completely loses her calm and leaves while Katie keeps begging her.

Zoe enters Addison's office. Naomi thanks her for coming. She wants to know what Naomi has to say. Naomi says Amelia came to see her. She knows there's something wrong with the baby. Zoe asks if Naomi wants to atone her into something she doesn't want to do. Naomi says she only wanted her to see this from another perspective. This is about her feeling as okay as she possible could, given what Naomi did to her. Amelia was the one who changed her mind, not Naomi. Addison thinks Zoe would want to know if the situation were reversed. Zoe says this is her baby as well. If she tells Amelia now, her high blood pressure may cause her to develop eclampsia, and then they could lose both babies. Addison reminds her there's also the surgery. Naomi tells her that if she decides against the surgery, she should let Addison end the pregnancy because it's the safest option if she wants to get pregnant again. That means telling Amelia. Zoe then agrees to tell her, but only if they explain to her why the surgery can't happen.

Cooper confronts Sam about what he told Charlotte. He wants Sam to make a decision. Sam says they called Charlotte this morning. She's moving into Pete's office right now.

Cooper finds Charlotte in the office and congratulates her. She wanted to surprise him. A man brings more boxes into the office. Cooper opens one and he's astonished to find sex toys inside. Charlotte explains she thought it was time for a new specialty: sexual dysfunction. She even hired a web designer to make her a website. Cooper figures she'd been planning this for a while, and he wonders why she didn't tell him. She says it was a work in progress. Cooper finds sexology a weird specialty, but she assures him it's legitimate. Some people have trouble with sex and they need a doctor's help. Cooper says Violet arriving and leaves the office.

He walks into Violet's office. He asks why she doesn't want to talk to him while she's talked to Sam. She thinks Cooper would pressure her to do something she doesn't want to do. Cooper asks why Katie's father came to see her. Violet tells him that she went to see Katie, who wants her to testify. Violet says she wants Katie dead, but the doctor in her thinks Katie needs help. From experience, Cooper tells her it's normal to have conflicting emotions about people. Violet says only one can testify. She asks what she should do. Cooper thinks Dr. Turner is the best he knows, but he wants whatever's best for Violet.

Addison, Naomi, and Zoe are telling Amelia about the baby's condition. Amelia understands Zoe's decision, but she's a little lightheaded. Addison takes her blood pressure. Amelia says she was afraid that Zoe wouldn't try to make it work when they found out about their situation. She thanks Zoe for trying. She asks what they do now. Addison recommends termination. Amelia wants to be there when it happens, which Zoe understands. Amelia begins having trouble speaking. Her pulse is racing so Naomi puts an oxygen mask on her face.

Amelia's okay now that her heart rate's slowed down again. The baby's okay as well. Amelia says she's such a mess. Addison tells her to rest. She'll call her regular OB to discuss adjusting her meds. Amelia wanted to be stronger for Zoe. Addison leaves to get her.

Outside the room, Addison tells Zoe they'll both be fine. Zoe has changed her mind. She wants to have the surgery. Amelia's putting her health at risk for her baby, so she has to do the same.

Sam and Cooper are at a bar. Cooper tells Sam Violet's going to testify, but he has no idea what she's going to say. Pete joins them and Sam fills him in. Pete can't believe Violet's actually considering testifying to give Katie what she wants. To change the topic, Cooper brings up that Charlotte's become a sexologist. Sam already knew. Cooper hates that Charlotte didn't tell him. Pete thinks she'd be good at it. That's exactly the reason Cooper minds it. Cooper asks the bartender if he'd be okay with his girlfriend becoming a sexologist.

Cooper comes home and falls down onto the bed, waking up Charlotte. She notices he's drunk. He says it's good that she's a sexologist because then it'll be like a peepshow at work for him. She says he gets nasty mean when he's drunk. He says he's not drunk. He's not sure how to introduce her from now on. She pushes him out of bed. He reminds her it's his bed. From the floor, he tells her she can have it all, leaving him with nothing but shame and mortification.

Addison's scrubbing in. She feels like she's saving two babies. Naomi reminds her that even if she fails, she did everything she could. Addison says it won't be good for Naomi if this doesn't work, but Naomi tells her not to think about that. Addison enters the OR. Naomi tells herself it's not Addison's mistake that got them here.

In the courtroom, the hearing's about to start. Pete comes in just in time. He sits down with Sam and Cooper. Violet is happy to see him.

Naomi is waiting with Amelia, who really hates waiting. She recalls waiting for the pregnancy test result after the implantation. Naomi apologizes again for what she put them through. Amelia admits it was hard at first, but she and Zoe are really close now, closer than she's been to anybody before. Naomi did that, as well. Addison comes over. Zoe is fine, but she was unable to save the baby. Naomi comforts Zoe.

"I do," Violet says on the stand. She lowers her right hand and sits down. The prosecutor asks Violet to tell them what happened. Violet says Katie came to her house and jabbed her with a syringe, leaving her conscious but unable to move. Katie told her she was going to cut the baby out of her body, and she did. Violet looks at Katie.

Amelia and Naomi are with Zoe, who feels like she failed Amelia. Amelia says it's not her fault. She tells Zoe her husband is still here, and her baby is still alive. They can do this together, as a family. Martin comes in. Amelia hates that he only comes back now that the baby's gone. Zoe says she called him as she wanted to see him. Amelia has to make room for him as he apologizes to Zoe for the fact that she had to go through this all by herself. Feeling left out, Amelia leaves the room without Zoe noticing.

Naomi follows Amelia, who now feels like just a surrogate. Amelia says Zoe and Martin can have lots of other kids. Naomi reminds her the baby boy inside her is not her son. She can't keep him. Amelia says she can. He's all she has left. She leaves the hospital.

Violet says the last thing she remembers was Katie walking out of the door with the baby. She also remembers the blood spreading out all around her. It's Katie's lawyers turn. She asks Violet if she and Pete were treating the defendant. Violet affirms this. The lawyer asks about the meds. Violet replies that Katie stopped taking them because she felt they were harming the baby, even though Violet knew she could benefit from the meds. The judge will allow these questions since Violet's also on expert on mental aberrations. The lawyer asks if, in Violet's professional opinion, Katie was delusional on that night. Violet takes a moment and then says yes. Katie is relieved, but an angry Pete leaves the courtroom.

Violet's back in jail to visit Katie. Violet tells her that she hates what Katie did to her. Katie does as well. Violet says Katie was right. It wasn't her that night. Saying Katie's just evil would deny everything that Violet does. More than anyone, Violet understands that Katie wasn't herself that night, because Violet is not herself either. She hopes Katie will get better. Katie hopes the same for her.

Naomi just told Martin and Zoe that Amelia's walked away with their baby. Martin is frustrated, but Zoe is sure that Amelia won't hurt the baby. She just lost a child, the one that was growing inside her. When a child's growing inside you, you feel like it's yours. Zoe understands Amelia. Martin makes sure that Naomi knows that the settlement is out the window now. Zoe is sure that they'll get the baby back. Amelia will know that it's the right thing to do to come back. She knows her well, because unlike Martin, she stuck with Zoe through the hardest thing she's ever had to do. She tried to make Zoe feel better when her own baby died. She's sure Amelia will come back.

Cooper drops by Charlotte's office and tells her Violet did great in court. She told the jury that Katie was not mentally responsible. Cooper's not sure he could have done that. He's sorry for what he told her. He loves her. Charlotte's still mad. She tells him she's too much woman for him. She has more money and picked a specialty that makes him nervous. She's strong. She likes being strong and she won't make herself smaller for him. She's a big woman and he has to get used to it or he has to get out. He promises he'll get used to it. Strong women are hot. He kisses her.

Violet finds Pete waiting for her in her office. He says he's given her space and time. He's been raising their son by himself. He quit his job to make things easier. She had a chance to make a huge step forward and make Katie pay. Katie will always be dangerous and now there's a chance she can do this to someone else. Violet says she didn't do this for Katie. She did this for herself. Pete still thinks that Katie needs to be punished. Violet now realizes that what Katie did to her also happened to Pete. She's not the only victim here. She apologizes for not realizing that sooner. Katie also took Violet away from Pete. Pete backs away from Violet and tells her not to be sorry. All she has to do is come back to him. He leaves.

Naomi and Addison are sitting on Addison's deck. Neither of them thinks they could be as forgiving as Violet was. They both hope Violet will get back to normal. It won't be the old normal, but nothing's like that anymore lately. Naomi asks about Charlotte King. Addison says Naomi is hard to replace. Besides, she has some interesting sex toys. They laugh.

Sam walks into Charlotte's office and apologizes for what he said. Charlotte says she doesn't need everybody to like her. All she needs is for him to be on board with her being here. He smiles and welcomes her to the practice.


  • Addison Montgomery
  • Pete Wilder
  • Naomi Bennett
  • Cooper Freedman
  • Charlotte King
  • Sam Bennett
  • Violet Turner
  • Katie Kent
  • Zoe Salter
  • Amelia Sawyer
  • Mr. Kent
  • Katie's Lawyer
  • Martin Salter
  • Judge
  • Prosecutor
  • Court Clerk
  • Deputy/Bailiff
  • Nurse

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Zoe SalterEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
    • Fetal teratoma
  • Treatment:
    • Fetal surgery

Zoe came into the practice because she was told at an appointment with her OB that there might be something wrong with the baby she was carrying, Amelia's son. He recommended a surgical consult, which Addison provided. She did an ultrasound and found a teratoma, a large one that was taking over the baby's blood supply. Addison recommended surgery, but advised that it could affect her future fertility. She decided she couldn't go through with the surgery. She later changed her mind and decided to have the surgery. Addison operated, but she was unable to save the baby.

Amelia SawyerEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
    • High blood pressure
  • Treatment:
    • Supplemental oxygen

Amelia had high blood pressure during her pregnancy. When she had a sudden rise in her blood pressure, she was given supplemental oxygen to help her.


Song Performer Scene
"Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothing'" Mayer Hawthorne
  • Charlotte thinks Sam is preventing her from joining the practice. Cooper insists he isn't and leaves for work.
"Sticks & Stones" Farryl Purkiss
  • Cooper, Pete, and Sam talk about Violet's role in Katie's trial.
  • Cooper's surprised they knew about Charlotte's change in specialty.
  • Cooper comes home drunk and rants to Charlotte. She tells him he's a mean drunk and shoves him off the bed.
"Choking On the Concrete" Greg Holden
  • Cooper kisses Charlotte.
  • Pete is upset with Violet because she said Katie was ill.
  • Violet realizes what Katie did affected Pete as well.
  • Naomi and Addison talk about Violet's testimony.
  • Sam apologizes to Charlotte, but she says she doesn't need everyone to like her.

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Private Practice - Episode 3

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  • This episode scored 9.16 million viewers.


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