Stu Vargas survived a five-story fall outside the hospital with only a broken leg.


Stu was washing windows when he fell five stories right outside the hospital. He was taken into the hospital, where his only injury was an open tibia/fibula fracture. George was excited about him surviving the fall, but Stu seemed upset to have survived. Since he'd fallen on a bird, he had bird pieces embedded in his back. They carefully removed each piece of the bird.

An x-ray revealed that his lower leg was shattered, so he needed surgery to repair it. His lack of enthusiasm for having lived led George to figure out that he hadn't fallen off the scaffolding. He had jumped. He told George that the only thing he could think about while he fell was his ex-girlfriend Daisy. When George said he got a second chance, he asked George to go find Daisy and tell her she's the reason he's alive.

George found Daisy, but she said he should have come looking 10 years ago. George lied and told Stu that Daisy was on vacation. They started to anesthetize him for surgery, but he coded and was unable to be resuscitated.



He dated Daisy more than ten years before his suicide attempt. When he was falling, she was all he could think about, so he asked George to find her. George did, but she wanted nothing to do with him, so George lied and said Daisy was on vacation.


Stu is a window washer.


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