Sunder Atluri is a man who had had polio as a child who walked again after several surgeries performed by Callie Torres.


As a child, Sunder had polio, which caused his legs to become misshapen. He came to Seattle Grace to have his clubfoot fixed, but after Callie Torres examined him, she had another idea. She told him she could help him walk again.

She took him into surgery, but he had pericarditis and lung disease and became unstable not long into his surgery, forcing her to close early. After surgery, she told him she wasn't able to finish the surgery. He asked when they'd go again and she said she didn't think they could, but he showed her that he was able to move his foot for the first time since he was seven. He wanted to walk and asked her to make it happen.

She took him in for another surgery, but he developed pericardial tamponade and needed a pericardotomy, which Alex performed.

Realizing that she needed to operate for less time, Callie made a plan to fix his legs, spreading it out over several shorter surgeries. After his surgeries, his legs were much straighter and he was able to stand up and walk with crutches.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was 28 at the time of his surgeries.
  • Callie Torres lectured on his case at Lecture Day.
  • He was a graduate student.