Dave is a general surgery attending at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.


Organ ProcurementEdit

When George O'Malley died, Dave is one of the surgeons who procured his organs for donation. He took his lungs and heart to Portland Medical Center for Terry Class, a 22 year old with cystic fibrosis. ("Good Mourning")

Pacific College ShootingEdit

Dave was working when Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital received incoming GSW-traumas from a shooting at Pacific College. He scrubbed in with peds surgery head Robert Stark and surgical resident Alex Karev to treat Kelly Keck in O.R. 2. She had suffered gunshots to her leg and abdomen. During the operation, Stark opted to amputate Kelly's leg to help stabilize her condition, which caused an argument between Stark, Alex, and Arizona Robbins, who was watching from the gallery. When Alex was ordered by Robbins to physically prevent Stark from amputation, Dave held pressure to one of Kelly's organs.

When Robbins left to gain privileges and have orthopedic attending Callie Torres treat the leg, Dave stabilized the abdominal trauma and stopped the bleeding. When Torres arrived to assess the leg, she agreed with Alex, much to Stark's chagrin. Robbins shortly arrived to take over the patient, and Stark was forced to leave. Alex was reassigned to the pit, and Dave worked with Robbins and Torres. When the abdominal injuries were repaired, Dave scrubbed out. ("Disarm")


Dave is an attending general surgeon at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • In the second episode that Dave appears, he isn't wearing a personal scrub cap, but rather a disposable one, possibly due to the mass GSW traumas.[1]





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