Susannah Wilson is a patient whose leg had to be amputated after she fell into a sinkhole.



While arguing with her husband on the way to work, Susannah told him to pull over the car. He told her that if she left the car, they were done. She left the car, but immediately fell into a sinkhole, followed by her husband and their car, which then pinned her by the leg. Her husband was talked through amputating her leg. However, he was unable to continue once he got down to the bone and Owen had to come down to finish the amputation. ("Free Falling")

One she was extracted, she was taken into the OR where the residents worked together to operate on her. After some initial disagreement about where to start, Cristina jumped in and cracked her chest. However, in a rush to operate, Cristina accidentally inject Alex with epinephrine meant for Susannah. After Cristina and Alex were out of the OR, Jackson stepped in to lead April through repairing Susannah's injuries.

She woke up after her surgery. When Danny was brought to see her, she said that she was worried about him and asked him not to go anywhere. He assured her that he wasn't going anywhere. ("She's Gone")



She is married to Danny Wilson.


She became upset when her husband told her that she and her mother wanted the big wedding, not him. Comparing her to her mother is a red button for her and Danny previously promised he'd never do it.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Her surgery was used to teach the residents to work together and find a Gunther.




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