Suzie Wilson is the class mom for Zola's class.


Suzie was driving when she saw Meredith on the side of the road. She stopped and reminded Meredith that she's class mom for Zola's class and asked if she was doing some kind of volunteer work. Meredith said it was something like that and Suzie said that was wonderful. She'd wondered why Meredith never volunteered for school things. Meredith said that when working moms don't volunteer at school, it's because they're working during the day and parenting at night. Suzie was then horrified when Robin told Meredith to get back to work or she'd tell the court Meredith was in contempt. She went to Zola's teacher and told her Meredith was a criminal, which Zola overheard.



She has at least one child, who is in the same class as Zola Grey Shepherd.

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