Sylvia Booker was a patient admitted to Seattle Grace along with her husband Kyle following an embarrassing accident.



Sylvia was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm which was deemed inoperable.


Following the original diagnosis that her aneurysm was inoperable, Sylvia and her husband, Kyle, took a trip to Seattle so they could visit the Space Needle. While having brunch, Sylvia slipped under the table to give Kyle "some special attention". A sudden twinge caused her to bite him and without thinking, he grabbed a fork and plunged it into her neck. After the fork was removed by Meredith, Sylvia disclosed that her aneurysm may have been the cause and Derek was brought in for a consult. Despite being told how good a surgeon Derek was, Sylvia was reluctant for him to see her, saying that so many surgeons had given hope and taken it away and that her terminal prognosis had brought her and Kyle closer together. Derek eventually convinced Sylvia to let in him operate, saying if he was successful, she could have years of decades of time with Kyle instead of just weeks.

Double Barrel Brain BypassEdit

As the aneurysm was too big to clip, Derek proposed a double barrel brain bypass, where arteries would be harvested from Sylvia's scalp and implanted into the brain to bypass the aneurysm. According to Derek, this procedure had been performed less than a dozen times. He had performed one and watched one. In spite of the risks, Sylvia went ahead with the surgery, which ultimately proved successful.



She is married to Kyle Booker. She says they became disconnected, but reconnected when she was diagnosed with the aneurysm. They traveled together. Before her surgery, they agreed that afterward, they were going to quit their jobs and move to Paris.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She'd always wanted to visit the Space Needle.
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