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Thanksgiving Dinner is a Thanksgiving meal planned by Izzie Stevens for her friends.


Izzie, wanting to give everyone a chance the celebrate the holiday, planned a Thanksgiving dinner for her friends. She invited her fellow interns, plus Joe, who brought his boyfriend, Walter. George left early in the day to hunt a turkey with his dad and brothers, Meredith went to the hospital, and Alex wasn't answering her calls. Cristina arrived for the dinner with Burke, which shocked Izzie, who wasn't expecting him to come. Despite this, he helped her prepare the meal when he learned that she was a baker, not a cook.

Cristina left under the guise of getting more alcohol, but really went to the hospital. Joe and Walter stayed for as long as they could, but eventually had to leave so Joe could open the bar. Eventually, the other interns all came to the dinner, though seriously late. Izzie, despite her anger, thanked them all for coming and they sat down to eat.

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