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They found this guy in Maine who had been living completely alone in the woods for 30 years. They called him the last true hermit. 30 years without the warmth of human touch, without conversation. The hermit felt more lonely when he was out in the world, than he ever felt in the woods by himself. Surrounded by people, but drowning in solitude. That kind of loneliness can swallow you whole. The last true hermit was found and dragged out of hiding and into the world. Most might find his existence sad, but the hermit knew something we didn't. He knew that when it comes down to it, even when you're with someone, or in the noisy rush of people, it's just you. The one you can count on, and lean on, and depend on. It has to be you. And once you figure that out, that's when being alone becomes a choice.

The Bed's Too Big Without You is the tenth episode of the eleventh season and the 230th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[]

April stays optimistic as Arizona begins testing on her baby, Dr. Herman plans out a crash course in fetal surgery, and Owen and Callie encourage each other to get back into the dating scene. Meanwhile, Meredith, Maggie, and Bailey use the 3D printer to gain a better understanding of their patient’s tumor.

Full Summary[]

We get a replay of Meredith putting the post it back on the wall and then see Meredith struggling to sleep in her bed. Bailey is in a bassinet beside her and Zola's on Derek's side of the bed.

Alex and Jo are having sex when Alex gets a text from Meredith, which he ignores.

Arizona can hear Alex and Jo through the wall and covers her face with a pillow.

April settles in on an exam table and Jackson covers her belly with his hand.

Amelia gets Herman ready for a scan.

At the hospital, Meredith confronts Alex about not answering her text. She says Cristina would have responded, even if she were having sex. If the text is important, they would "pause" and answer the text. Alex says that Jo doesn't pause. Meredith asks Alex to scrub in on her IVC sarcoma so she can have some company, but he declines because the patient's not a kid. She says Cristina would have scrubbed in and he's no good at this. When she sees Bailey step off the elevator, she asks Bailey to scrub in instead. She entices her with pictures of the scans.

Jo presents the case of Adrian Nelson, who has leiomyosarcoma. They talk about her surgical plan. Meredith says it's a straight-forward surgery and she doesn't foresee any problems. Adrian is hesitant to ask, but her husband says she wants them to swear on "The Book," a copy of The Odyssey which Michael sold to Adrian the first time they met. He sells rare books. They were both too shy to ask for a date, so he wrote his number on a bookmark. She saw it when she got home, called, and they've been together ever since. Meredith and Jo both swear on the book. Jo thinks it's adorable while Meredith thinks it's weird.

Arizona is preparing to do a CVS on April and Jackson's baby to confirm which type of OI the baby has. April's confident that it'll be type III and they'll manage it. Arizona confirms that many type III babies have very happy lives. They ask why Herman isn't doing it. She says Herman is the big gun. They only bring out the big gun when they need the big gun. She's the small gun, so they need to let the small gun work.

Amelia thanks Herman got letting her take scans. Herman says it's adorable and asks if she really thinks she can pull off her plan. Amelia says she has all the past medical records. Once she figures out all the plans that led to failure, she can make one that won't. She'll soon know the tumor so well she'll be able to tell her where it grew up and lost its virginity. Herman says she's either confident or delusional. They look so similar.

Jackson wants to talk to April about what they'll do if the baby's type II. April's sure he won't be, but Jackson wants to have a plan just in case. April doesn't want to talk about it. When pressed, Jackson admits that he thinks they should terminate if it turns out the baby has type II. April disagrees. She doesn't care. She wants to keep him either way. April walks away, upset.

While operating, Meredith, Bailey, and Jo see that the tumor is much more complicated than they thought. It's grown quickly since her last scans, making their surgical plan useless. It had also grown around the heart. They stop and page cardio, but they have no idea how to proceed.

They've done a temporary abdominal closure and explain the situation to Michael. Maggie talks to him about the cardiac involvement and they say they need more scans. He's worried because Adrian now has three doctors. Bailey looks at The Book and reminds him that Odysseus didn't get back home by himself. He had help. They're the help. Meredith assures him that they'll figure it out.

Jenna Lee, a representative of CyberSystems, pitches her company's transducers to Callie and Owen for use in their trial. She says there's a new model on the way that will weight less. She says their project is very impressive and they'd like to do business with them. She leaves the information and says she'll be in Seattle for one more day. Once she's gone, Owen asks Callie what she thinks. She thinks Owen should go for it. He says he thinks the transducers are crap, but Callie clarifies that she means he should go for it with Jenna. There were major vibes. She was actually uncomfortable.

Herman is setting up a bulletin board when Arizona walks in. Herman asks where she's been and she tells her about doing a CVS on April and Jackson's baby. They're waiting for the results and Arizona hates waiting. She says peds is much easier. The parents are right there and the kid is right there and when you talk to them, the kid is right there, so they can hold them close and hope for the best. With this, there's no kid to hold, so it's just parents who feel helpless. They'll have the results in 24 hours, so Herman says there's no more to do on that case for the day, which is good, because she's been looking for cases for the two of them to work on together, so Arizona can learn as much as possible in the time they have. She has them written out on cards. She gives Arizona case files to start reading.

Amelia is explaining her surgical plan to several residents and Richard. They're confused and disinterested. She tells them to step back and look at the big picture. Six surgeons have said it'll kill her, but Amelia says none of them have tried all the approaches at once. Richard tell her to start over.

Maggie and Meredith are looking at Adrian's scans and they can't tell anything. Bailey comes in and says Adrian's back in her room and stable so far. Bailey wants to know if The Cyclops has revealed itself. That's what she's calling the tumor. Meredith says she can't get a sense of the tumor. She wants to reach in and grab it. If she could hold it, she could visualize it. Suddenly, Meredith has an idea.

They're in Meredith's printing lab, where they're planning to print Adrian's tumor. She says she tried printing with the portal veins, but it didn't function, but they don't need the tumor to function. They just need to see it. They upload the file and it starts to print. It'll take 10 hours.

Jackson's talking to April about possible outcomes if their baby is type II. They aren't good. He doesn't want that kind of life for his son. April doesn't either, but she says they don't know what'll happen. Jackson asks what if he is type II. April says the time he has will be spent in their arms, knowing he's loved and wanted. April says they're doctors. They can handle it. Jackson's not asking if they can handle it. He's asking if they should. April says they were given that baby for a reason. April's mom approaches. April called her because she needs her mom in a crisis. They hug and her mom says everything's going to be okay. April's not working today, so they should get a change of scenery. Jackson suggests the beach, but April's mom says she'll find comfort at church and takes her there.

Meredith checks on Adrian's abdomen. It's looking fine. She suggests that Michael go home to get some rest because the chairs will kill his back, but he can't leave her. He thought he'd just sit and read, but he can't even read. He can't concentrate. He's never had that problem before. He thinks it's because he doesn't know where she is. He always knows where she is. Meredith says she's right there, just as if she were asleep in the bed next to him. Michael says it's not the same because she might not wake up. He doesn't know if she's coming back. Meredith assures him they're working very hard to solve the problem. He says he wants her to come back and Meredith says she does, too.

Arizona looks at a case of HLHS with a mother who has has two prior stillbirths. Herman says that one will be, too, with a 22q11 deletion and the woman should adopt. Herman shows Arizona another file with a better case and tells Arizona to write it on a card. Arizona asks how Herman can just do this, because the stories are awful. Herman says they're patients. The more they find, the more they learn, and the more they save. Herman tells her to divide the cases into possible, impossible, and maybe. Anything else is a waste of time.

Callie and Owen are having a drink at Joe's when Callie spots Jenna drinking at the car. She encourages Owen to go for it, saying it's fate, but he won't. So she goes up to the bar and tells Jenna that Owen likes her. Jenna says there's something about him that's not her type: he has a penis. Callie says she was flirty in the meeting and Jenna says she was flirting with Callie. Jenna says she's gorgeous. Callie's not so sure she is. Jenna asks if she's not into women. Callie says she is. Women. Men. People, really. But she's not shopping right now. She's divorced. It was recent and brutal. Jenna says if she wants to forget for a while, Jenna flies out tomorrow. It doesn't have to be anything more than a one-night thing. Callie says she'd love to love that, but she's not ready. She grabs her stuff and quickly leaves.

Amelia comes into the room where Herman and Arizona are sorting cases. She needs Herman to clarify some information about her case history. Herman answers her question and Amelia asks about the cards on the bulletin board. Herman tells her each card is a fetus that Arizona's going to learn to fix. It's the number she estimates she has time to get to in the time she has left. Herman also has cards in her hand, which she says are fetuses she could save if she had more time. She says Amelia should think of them as babies who will die if it turns out she's full of crap and can't remove the tumor. Amelia jokes, "No pressure." But Herman says there is pressure. They're on a timeline and tells Amelia to try being her. Amelia just leaves.

Jackson arrives at home to find April and her mom finishing dinner. He asks how church was. Karen says that the choir was there practicing for a service the next night. She thinks they should go to it. Jackson's not sure what they'll be up for. Karen asks if he means because of the test results. She doesn't believe they should get the results. It won't change anything and the stress isn't good for the baby. They should focus on just loving their baby. She says God never gives them more than they can handle. They continue to debate for a few minutes before April snaps and tells them both to stop because they're not helping. She says she doesn't know anything except that she's scared, sad, and alone. They're standing there yelling at each other and the louder they get, the more terrified she gets, so she needs them to shut up.

Amelia finds Meredith, Maggie, and Bailey in the printing lab. They're solving a tumor, just like Amelia. Meredith says she should 3D print it. Amelia says visibility is not her problem. She can see the tumor in all it's problematic glory. She asks Meredith where the kids are. She says they're in daycare. Nightmare. Whatevercare. It's open 24 hours. Bailey points out that that's for surgeons on call. Meredith says Derek lives in DC, so Bailey shouldn't judge her. Bailey says she's saying that so that if they ask, she'll know to make something up about being on call. When she had her genome lab, she was on call twice a week. Amelia says their printing will take five more hours. They correct that it's more like seven and a half. She says they could go home, sleep, and come back. Meredith says someone has to stay in case the printer crashes. Also, she doesn't mind because she find the sound soothing. She says it feels weird to sleep alone. She's not used to it. She's not sure why because Derek used to go away all the time. But this time feels different because he's gone and she knows it. It's lonely. She doesn't know how to sleep alone. Amelia says she doesn't. Before three months ago, every time she called their house, Cristina was there. There's no way Meredith slept alone. She had Derek and when she didn't, she had Cristina. She imagines Meredith being the middle spoon in the middle of a weird spooning situation. Amelia's never met a less alone person than Meredith used to be. Meredith has to learn to sleep alone. Bailey says Ben snores and sometimes talks in his sleep. Also, he's hot like a furnace. He's lucky she loves him and that he's hardly home because he's a resident or he'd be dead. Amelia misses sleeping with a man in her bed. Just knowing that someone's there, that's she's not alone. Maggie says she can't sleep with someone lying next to her. Her one serious guy, Dean, loved to spoon and snuggle. She'd wait until he went to sleep and sneak out to sleep on the sofa. She'd then sneak back. She says people think that story's adorable, but it's not. That sofa was hard. He was a really sweet, kind guy. But when he proposed, she explained the sleeping thing to him. She suggested he sleep down the hall. He's now married to someone who loves to spoon and snuggle. And she sleeps like a baby every night. She may be too good at being alone. Meredith wonders if she could print a Derek, just for sleeping.

April is lying awake in bed. Jackson comes in behind her and wraps his arm around her belly.

Bailey brings coffees into the lab. The printing is all done and they start to develop their surgical plan. Alex interjects and makes a suggestion. Meredith realizes he's right, so they start all over. They spend hours going through step by step. Jo writes the plan out on a white board. They have to stop when Meredith gets a page that says that Adrian's bleeding, so they had to take her back into surgery right away. They'll have to figure out the rest as they go.

They're operating, following their surgical plan.

In the gallery, Stephanie and Alex talk about it. Stephanie's not sure how the model helps anything, but Alex says it lets them see everything without adhesions and bleeding in the way. Gives them the big picture. Stephanie has an epiphany and races off.

Richard finds Amelia working on her surgical plan. She says it's going slowly and the residents all ditched her for another tumor. He offers her coffee. She asks if he's keeping tabs. She thinks he's worried about her, that she's taken on something bigger than she can handle to prove she's okay. He asks if he should be keeping tabs on her. She says the residents think she's certifiable. She asks why they shouldn't believe that. No one thinks it'll work. He says no one understands it. She thinks so fast it made his eyes spin. But she has a plan. Just because she's the only one who can see the endgame doesn't mean she's wrong. Just means it's lonely. She says it's scary. He says she'd be a fool if she weren't scared. He goes to leave, but she doesn't want to be left alone. Then Stephanie comes in saying she understands it now. She starts to explain it. Amelia's happy that she gets it and sends Richard on his way. Stephanie sits down in his place.

Meredith, Bailey, and Maggie have reached the end of their surgical plan. They can't agreed on where to go next. She becomes unstable and they're forced to act quickly. Meredith has Jo bring the model to show them. They start to figure out where to go next. Meredith finds a place to cut, but Maggie says that's her finger. Meredith adjusts and finds the proper place. She's not quite sure, but goes for it anyway.

They've cut the tumor away and are ready to pull it out. Jo says it's gross, but so cool. They start to fix the bleeders.

Callie comes into a room where Owen is working. She says Jenna was really pretty, but she's not ready. He says she has to start somewhere. She points out that the last woman she kissed in that bar, she ended up marrying. He suggests that she just take the next one home. She points out that he's not ready either. He says he can't imagine sharing his life with someone like he did with Cristina. He's had a few one night stands, but nothing real. Callie asks if they've used up their happy. They had a certain amount of happy they were supposed to have for their whole lives and it's all used up. He says he sure hopes not.

Jo and Alex are having sex again when she gets a text. She tells him to pause and answers it. It's Stephanie telling her about getting on Amelia's case. Alex questions who taught her pause. Jo says Meredith told her about it when they scrubbed out and it's a great rule. She then rolls over and unpauses.

Owen stands in The Vents, remembering Cristina.

Meredith is again alone in bed, this time with the tumor printing on the other pillow. She FaceTimes Maggie and asks what she's doing. She's doing nothing. Meredith tells Maggie about bringing the tumor home and Maggie asks to see it. Maggie says it's not a 3D husband, but they agree it will do for now.

April and Jackson wait for their test results. Arizona comes in and tells her it'll be a minute. Jackson deduces that that means it's a big guns conversation. Arizona says yes, it is. Herman comes in and tells them she has their test results.


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


Medical Notes[]

Adrian Nelson[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Leiomyosarcoma
  • Treatment:
    • Tumor resection

Adrian, 51, was diagnosed with a leiomyosarcoma. They did a laparotomy, but they determined that they couldn't remove the tumor as it had spread quickly and surrounded the heart, meaning their scans were useless. They did a temporary abdominal closing and got more scans. Because of the complicated anatomy, they used a 3D-printed rendering of the tumor to make a surgical plan. Alex consulted and helped them develop a portion of their plan. While they were still planning, she started bleeding, so they had to stop planning and start operating. They followed their plan until they got to the point where they hadn't planned anymore and they had to create a plan on the go. They successfully removed the tumor.

Baby Kepner/Avery[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Osteogenesis imperfecta
  • Treatment:

Arizona did chorionic villus sampling to determine if April and Jackson's baby had type II or type III osteogenesis imperfecta.

Nicole Herman[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Astrocytoma
  • Treatment:

Amelia got multiple scans and created a surgical plan to treat Herman's tumor. She presented her plan to several residents. Stephanie later came to Amelia and told her she understood, earning her a spot on the case.

Herman's Patients[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Fetal surgery

Herman presented Arizona with a 19-week TTTS case, a 21-week TRAP sequence that needed an RFA, lateral pulmonary agenesis, and several other cases to use to teach Arizona as much as should could in the time they have. They also reviewed the case of a mother whose baby was diagnosed with HLHS who had had two previous babies stillborn, which was deemed impossible as well as the case of a 22q11 deletion. Herman got excited for the case of a tracheal balloon occlusion for congenital diaphragmatic hernia.


Song Performer Scene
"Never Been in Love" Elliphant
  • Meredith tries to sleep with both kids in the room
  • Alex and Jo are having sex when Alex gets a text
  • Arizona hears Alex and Jo through the wall and covers her face with a pillow
  • April is on an exam table and Jackson covers her belly with his hand
  • Amelia sends Herman in for a scan
"I Think I'm in Love" Kat Dahlia
  • Arizona starts writing out a patient card
  • Callie and Owen are drinking at the bar
  • They spot Jenna at the bar
  • Callie goes over and tells Jenna that Owen likes her
  • Jenna says she's actually interested in Callie
  • Callie is flattered, but not shopping
  • Callie leaves
"Let the Light Back In" Maggie Eckford
  • Meredith, Bailey, Maggie, and Amelia talk about the tumor printing and sleeping alone
"Feels Like Coming Home" Jetta
  • Maggie, Bailey, and Meredith remove the tumor
  • Callie and Owen talk about getting back in the dating scene
  • Alex and Jo are having sex and she pauses to answer a text from Stephanie
  • Owen visits The Vents and remembers being there with Cristina
  • Meredith lies in bed with the tumor on Derek's pillow
  • She FaceTimes Maggie

Notes and Trivia[]


Grey's Anatomy 11x10 Promo "The Bed's Too Big Without You" (HD)

  • This episode's title originated from the song The Bed's Too Big Without You, originally sung by The Police.
  • This episode scored 7.98 million viewers.
  • The table read for this episode took place on November 5, 2014.
  • Filming was scheduled from November 6 to November 15, 2014.
  • This episode features archive footage of Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang.
  • This is first episode of Grey's Anatomy not to feature Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd.
  • This episode featured a scene where Catherine Avery and Karen Kepner talk about being there for their children, but the scene got cut, so Catherine doesn't make her first appearance of the season until next episode.
  • Goof: When Jo and Meredith are swearing on the book, Meredith's left hand is on the book. In the next shot, it's her right hand on the book.


Episode Stills[]

Behind the Scenes[]


Meredith: Hey! I texted you.
Alex: Yeah, I saw that. I was busy.
Meredith: Well, Cristina would've responded. That's not how it works.
Alex: Not if she was doing what I was doing.
Meredith: You pause. That's the rule.
Alex: What?
Meredith: If the text is urgent, Cristina would say to Owen, "pause," and I would say to Derek, "pause," then we'd text each other back.
Alex: In the middle of sex?
Meredith: If the the text is urgent.
Alex: The fact you are checking a text while you're doing it is already sad.
Meredith: We had a special ringtone. Hey, you want a special ringtone?
Alex: No. Wait, this pause thing... Like, your legs are in the air and you're screaming and...
Meredith: Pause.
Alex: No, I don't pause. Jo doesn't pause. She fast-forwards and she rewinds, but she doesn't pause.
Meredith: Okay, that's gross.

Jackson: Shouldn't Dr. Herman be doing this?
Arizona: Mm, it's a very routine procedure. Dr. Herman is the big gun. We only fire the big gun when we need the big gun. I'm the little gun, so let the little gun work.

Nicole: Well, you certainly are confident.
Amelia: Thank you.
Nicole: Or delusional. One of the two. It's hard to tell. They look so similar.

Owen: So, what do you think?
Callie: I think you should definitely go for it.
Owen: Really? 'Cause I was not that impressed with these transducers.
Callie: What? No. No, those things are crap. I'm talking about her. Her vibes. You didn't feel her vibes Major vibeage for Major Hunt.

Callie: Come on! You gotta get back in the saddle. And she's got a nice saddle.

Callie: Okay, so listen, I'm not, uh, really great at this kind of thing, so I'm just gonna blurt it out. I think that you were interested in more than just our program today.
Jenna: Oh, you picked up on that?
Callie: I was right! Ha ha ha! I knew it! Okay. So this should be easy. Owen is a little bit shy, but he's a great guy. And, uh... The feeling's mutual. So what do you say?
Jenna: I would say that there's something about him that doesn't quite... feel like he's my type.
Callie: What?! No! He's very attractive. He's nice. He's funny. People like funny, right? I mean, come on. Give him a chance. What about him isn't your type?
Jenna: He has a penis.
Callie: Oh! Ohh. Wait. No. You were... You were flirty.
Jenna: I was, but not with him.
Callie: Oh. Um... Wow. I am wildly saddened by my, uh, intense lack of game right now. I can't believe I didn't see that coming. I... there was a time when I would've been all, "that's right. I know it's me." But right now, I'm just like, uh, "uh... " 'Cause, uh, you looking at me like that...
Jenna: You are gorgeous, by the way. Do people just tell you that all the time? Because you are gorgeous.
Callie: I'm not. Am I? No. Am I? No. Wait. No, no. Wait, wait. Stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Jenna: Not into women?
Callie: No, no, no. I am, totally. Women. Men. People, really. I'm just... I'm just not really shopping right now. I'm divorced. And it's... was recent and painful and brutal. Brutal, actually.
Jenna: Well, if you wanna forget for just a little while, I fly out tomorrow. Doesn't have to be anything more than one night.
Callie: I would love... I would love to love that. I'm just not ready. I'm... I'm so sorry.

Amelia: What are all these?
Nicole: Cases. Fetuses. Each card represents a fetus that I'm gonna teach Robbins how to fix. That I estimate we can get to in the time I have.
Amelia: And those?
Nicole: Uh, these? No. These are the ones that I could save, uh, if I had time. You should just think of them as babies who will die if it turns out that you're full of crap and can't take out my tumor.
Amelia: Ah. No pressure.
Nicole: Oh, no. Pressure.

Karen: April told me about the test, and I told her there's really no point in even getting those results.
Jackson: Excuse me?
Karen: God gives what he wants to give. No test is going to change that. And April's already so upset, so stressed. It's not good for the baby. Just focus on loving that sweet little baby. That's all that matters.
Jackson: No, that's definitely not all that matters.
Karen: I know. It's hard to understand sometimes how His plan will unfold.
Jackson: Yeah, but I'm not worried about His plan, am I? I'm worried about our plan.
Karen: He never gives us more than we can handle.
Jackson: Getting the results, being informed about our baby's condition... that's how we handle it.
Karen: I called our pastor at home. April spoke to him at length. He was very helpful.
Jackson: April. Me. Let me help you.
Karen: Whatever happens, we will shoulder the burden when it is placed upon us.
Jackson: We will. You and I. We'll shoulder the burden.
April: She's just trying to help.
Jackson: Is she, though? Really? Is she helping?
Karen: Don't snap at her. Don't talk to her in that tone.
Jackson: What tone? I'm not talking using a tone. I'm trying to understand.
Karen: You're trying to talk my little girl into doing something she knows in her heart and soul she does not want to do.
Jackson: I'm not trying to talk her into anything. I'm supporting her in trying to make the best choice possible for our baby, for her, for our family.
Karen: This is between April and her God.
Jackson: Okay.
Karen: And if you think she is going to agree to abort her child...
Jackson: Our child!
Karen: You are...
Jackson: Get that straight. It's our child.
April: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! None of this is helping! You are not helping, neither of you. I am standing here, listening to you tell me that God only gives me one choice, and you telling me that I should forgo God's choice. And the truth is, I don't know anything expect that I am scared and sad and I'm alone. You're both just standing there, yelling at each other and talking at me, but I am alone, and it is terrifying! And the louder you get, the more terrified I become, so I just need you both to just shut up! Can you do that? Can you please... Can you please both just shut up?!

Amelia: I can see my tumor in all its problematic glory, and it's giving me the middle finger in front of Richard Webber and a bunch of residents. Where are the kids?
Meredith: Upstairs. Daycare. Nightcare. Whatever care. It's open 24 hours.

Meredith: He's gone, and I know he's gone. And the bed feels lonely. It's like I don't know how to sleep alone.
Amelia: You don't. I mean, before three months ago, any time I called your house or came over or skyped or whatever, Cristina was there. There's no way you ever slept alone. I mean, you had Derek. And if you didn't have Derek, you had Cristina. I'm guessing if it came down to it, you were, like, the middle spoon in the middle of a very weird spooning situation. I've never met a less alone person than you u...
Meredith: Used to be. I have to learn to sleep alone.
Miranda: Ben snores. And he sometimes talks in his sleep. And he's hot. Like a furnace. Like flames shootin' out of him. He's lucky I love him. And he's a resident and hardly home at night. Or he'd be dead.
Amelia: I miss sleeping with a man in my bed. You know, facing away from each other, barely touching expect for just the arm thrown over your waist. When I'd wake up at night, terrified of... me, I liked knowing he was there and I wasn't by myself.
Maggie: I cannot sleep with someone lying next to me. Literally cannot. My one serious guy? Dean. Dean just loved to spoon and snuggle, and I would just lie there, staring up silently, counting the seconds until he would fall asleep and I could sneak off to sleep on the sofa. And then I'd sneak back into bed before he woke up in the morning. Yeah, people think that's a cute story. It's not a cute story. That sofa was hard as a rock. I was exhausted. Dean is a really sweet guy. He's tall and kind. Civil rights lawyer. He's funny. So when he proposed, I explained to him about the sleeping. I said, "you know, maybe you could sleep in a room down the hall." I wanted to sleep alone.
Amelia: And what happened?
Maggie: Well, he is now married to someone who loves to spoon and snuggle. And I sleep like a baby every night. I might be too good at being alone.
Meredith: Maybe I could print a Derek. Just for sleeping.

Stephanie: You're their board bitch.
Jo: You're jealous, aren't you?
Stephanie: No. A little.

Amelia: I mean, you saw the look on those residents' faces yesterday.
Richard: They think that I am certifiable. And why shouldn't they? Why should I think that I can do this? Why shouldn't I think that I'm gonna kill this woman and all those little babies with her?
Richard: You are not doing that.
Amelia: Nobody thinks that this can work.
Richard: No one understands it. You were talking way over those residents' heads. And you think so fast it made my eyes spin. But you have a plan. And just because you're the only one that can see the endgame doesn't mean that you're wrong. It just means it's lonely.
Amelia: It's scary.
Richard: You'd be a fool if you weren't scared.

Callie: She was really pretty. The woman. At the bar. With the nice transducers. I'm not ready.
Owen: You gotta start sometime.
Callie: Owen, the last woman that I kissed in that bar, I ended up marrying.
Owen: Well, maybe just take the next one home then.
Callie: Uh...
Owen: Right?
Callie: Shut up. Hey, you're not ready either.
Owen: You know, I can't even imagine it. It's sex. Sure, you know, I've gone out and had one-night stands before. But... I don't know. I can't... Something real? I pulled that icicle out of her chest. Hell, I bathed her when she couldn't bathe herself. I can't imagine belonging to anyone like that again.
Callie: Have we used up all our happy? You ever afraid of that, that this is all there is now? It's like I had a certain amount of happy that was supposed to last my whole life, and I've used it all up. Do you think that's true?
Owen: God, I hope not.

Jo: Pause!
Alex: No!
Jo: Oh! Steph's rocking neuro with girl Shepherd. She got assigned her crazy tumor! Yeah!
Alex: Who taught you "pause"?
Jo: Oh, um, Grey told me about it when we were scrubbing out. Great rule. Now... Unpause.

Meredith: I'm just lying in bed with my tumor.

Arizona: Um, it'll be a minute.
Jackson: Okay.
April: What?
Jackson: This is a big guns conversation, isn't it?
Arizona: Yes.
(Nicole comes in.)
Nicole: April, Jackson, we have your test results.

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