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Everything seems perfectly fine in the light. The world is bright and happy and delicious. But you don't know what's around every corner. You can't know what's coming next. The light may go out and leave you in the dark. Firefighters are taught to find our way in the dark. Keep one hand on the wall at all times, let it guide you. Don't let the dark taunt you. Stay calm. Move forward. There's always a way. So when you find your path through the darkness, when you step out into the light, take a breath, let your eyes adjust, and see what you see.

The Dark Night is the thirteenth episode of the second season and the 23rd overall episode of Station 19.

Short Summary[]

A blackout in Seattle creates dangerous situations throughout the city and the members of Station 19 head out on calls, including locating a missing girl and helping a man on life support where every second counts.

Full Summary[]

Pruitt has returned from Hawaii with sweets for the crew. Tuck is over for dinner. Travis has a hard time computing Pruitt relaxing. Pruitt says he does not regret his decision. Maya is all for spontaneous. Dean sighs as he sits down. His mother made an endless list of women who want to go on a date with him. It feels like torture. He explains they struck a deal so he has to hold up his end. Victoria and Tuck suggest he bring home a fake girlfriend. Maya volunteers. The lights flicker, meaning the blackout is coming. Tuck abruptly leaves the table. Ben goes after him.

Ben invites Tuck to stay longer. Tuck points out he's been trying to keep him out of the conversations they're having. Ben wants to hang but Tuck has to prep for debate tomorrow. He'd know about that if he weren't too busy to answer his phone. Ben stresses he's not too busy. He's just juggling a lot with shifts and Medic One. Tuck blames him for always finding a new job thing instead of spending time at home. Tuck's ride arrives and he leaves. Kathleen walks in and asks for Andy.

Ripley finds Sullivan in the conference room. He's looking for the generator's manual because it's flashing a fault alarm warning. Ripley came by to drop off the new guidelines for firefighter pension benefits and to thank him for their talk the other day. Pruitt walks in and gives Sullivan his sweets. Ripley can't remember the last time he went on a vacation. Pruitt has sweets for him, too. He figures Sullivan is looking for the manual. He has a copy stored in his mind. Sullivan asks him to stick around.

Ripley runs into Vic on his way out. Ripley suggests they go on a vacation, too. Vic points out it's not exactly easy with all the secrecy and work. She fantasizes about a beach vacation where he's shirtless all the time. As the lights die, they share a passionate kiss, stopping as soon as the generator kicks in.

Kathleen apologizes to Andy for dropping by announced. Andy asks about her training. Kathleen says her one female friend quit the Academy today. Andy remembers relying on Maya, as she still does today. Laura was Kathleen's rock and she's thinking about quitting, too. Andy doesn't like the sound of that. As the claxon goes off, Andy tells Kathleen to follow her.

Andy and Kathleen catch up with Sullivan on his way to the barn. Andy wants to bring Kathleen along on the call. Sullivan doesn't want to bring a civilian to a call involving a minor and a blackout. As they put on their gear, Andy argues she's not a civilian. Once she says she'll be responsible for Kathleen, Sullivan agrees, but to observe only.

En route, Maya tells Dean she speaks a little Nepalese, which she learnt while backpacking through Kathmandu. She lists some other qualities that make her a desired girlfriend. Dean says this scheme is doomed already because everyone knows Maya doesn't do relationships. None of them have ever known her to have relationships last beyond a few weeks. Maya goes silent. Ben breaks the tension by volunteering to be Dean's boyfriend.

As they arrive, they notice the electricity is out on the whole block. A police officer informs them they are looking for 6-year-old Penelope Hayes, who has been missing for 2 hours and suffers from asthma. Her brother Xander lost her while playing hide and seek. Penny doesn't have her inhaler, which she needs when she gets scared. They play hide and seek a lot so Penny knows a lot of hiding places. They basically have to search the entire building. Since there are five floors and a basement, the team will split up. He divides them up and warns Andy there can be no freelancing with Kathleen around.

The crew enters the building and starts looking around and banging on doors.

Ben hears someone calling out for help. He enters an apartment and finds a woman performing CPR on her father, whose life support system went out.

Ben takes over from Mila. She has been going for about 20 minutes. Ben has her switch on his radio. He asks for help and supplies. Mila uses the Ambu bag and explains that her father Elliot has terminal stage IV lung cancer. He doesn't want to die in a hospital so they set up a home hospice for him. The tumor paralyzed his chest, hence the ventilator. Travis and Vic arrive with the supplies.

Andy, Jack, and Kathleen are calling out for Penny while checking out the lower floors. Andy instructs Kathleen to keep an eye on the time. They run into Trevor, who complains about them focusing on finding the kid rather than getting the power back on. Jenna and Ryan come up and Jenna reminds him that the power is not their job. Andy didn't know they were on this call, too. Ryan offers to take this floor but Jack prefers for the firefighters to do it since the kid might need medical assistance. Jenna says they can handle themselves. Kathleen suggests they pair up a cop and a firefighter, which she just learned about in training. Jack agrees and picks Ryan.

Ben, Vic, and Travis get a ventilator going. Elliot has a weak pulse but it's there. Travis checks out Mila. Mila is worried their generators won't suffice but Travis assures her it'll last for a while. Elliot has a saturation of 92%. It's hard to say what the outcome will be, which might include brain damage. Travis notices a star map on the wall. Elliot is an astronomer. When she was a kid, they would lie in the backyard and look up at the stars. She put the maps up when he got too sick to go outside. Vic finds that Elliot's heart rate is not improving. Ben has a bad feeling but Elliot regains consciousness seconds later. Ben explains to him what happened. Elliot asks Mila why they didn't let him die.

Mila says this is not the way for him to die. They have this game where Elliot comes up with ways of dying that are so much worse than how it's actually happening. Travis asks Mila about Elliot's medications. She'll show him.

Jack and Ryan have cleared a stairwell. Ryan is worried it might get tense since he left Andy to start something with Jenna. Jack picked him before he could say anything.

Andy asks Kathleen what they'll do first when they find Penny. They'll do a head-to-toe medical exam to make sure she's alert and reactive. They have been searching for 28 minutes. Andy explains to Jenna who Kathleen is and that's trying to give Kat a leg up on all the bros at the Academy. Jenna remembers all the bros at her Academy. They hear girls screaming but turns out it's just a bunch of teenage girls watching a scary movie. One girl says Penny likes to hide in the basement.

Ben fixes a kink in Elliot's IV line. Elliot tells him he really wants to die. It'd kill Mila if he were to tell her. Ben admits it can be hard to talk to your kids about stuff. He talks about Tuck being upset over this new thing he's doing. He can't bring himself to be honest about why he's doing it. Elliot knows his good days are behind him. He has no clue how to tell Mila that he's ready to go. Ben asks if he's taken any legal steps. Elliot says he has a DNR but Mila says he doesn't.

Pruitt and Ripley are checking out the circuit box. One of the circuits is overloaded. Ripley brings up Pruitt's travel companion. Pruitt says Reggie is really something. She just goes for what she wants without considering what others might think. Pruitt asks Ripley for a recommendation for a new job. His trip inspired him not to sit around and wait for things to happen to him. Ripley reads the letter and says he's overqualified for the job. Pruitt likes to be the big fish in the little pond. He fixes the electricity, which convinces Ripley to sign.

Mila says her dad actually avoids the subject of dying. He asked her, as his power of attorney, to draw one up but he never asked her to sign it. Vic pushes fluids because Elliot is dehydrated. Ben tells him that without a DNR, they are required to take extraordinary measures, which means interventions and hospitals with machines. That is what you get without a signed DNR. Travis asks Ben why he's pushing the DNR. Ben is just stating the facts. Ben argues that this is not what Elliot wants but Travis insists that's not on them. Firefighters do not get to have an opinion on this. They have to do everything they can to prevent death.

Dean, Maya, and Sullivan are banging on doors. They have hit the 40-minute mark. A guy has been eating ice cream for two hours since his freezer's out. He also has a headache and he's dizzy. Dean thinks this is more than a brain freeze.

Andy, Jenna, and Kat have been searching the basement. They didn't find her, which means it's possible Penny has left the building. They then hear knocking. They follow the sound and find Penny stuck in a washing machine. They can't get the door to open. It locked when the power went it. If she's been trapped since the power went out, she must almost be out of air.

Dean, Maya, and Sullivan enter the guy's apartment to put him down on his couch. He was making pasta when the fire went out. Maya checks out the stove, which is fine. However, the detector indicates that the whole place is filled with gas. Andy radios that they need extraction tools and extra hands in the basement.

Jack and Ryan have trouble understanding her because the signal is weak due to her location. Jack tells her he'll get the tools from the truck.

The reading is still the same. Maya checked the entire apartment. It's not a fluke. There is a big gas leak somewhere. Sullivan hears on the radio that Andy is planning on using power tools. He tries to warn her that one spark could set the whole building on fire but the signal is too weak. Maya says they need to turn off the main gas valve and call the gas company. Sullivan signals the gas leak to all units and orders evacuation.

Ryan and Jack arrive with the tools. Jack informs them of Sullivan's warning. Andy says Penny is suffocating. She thinks it's worth the risk. Sullivan enters and says no. They don't know how big the leak is and there are too many lives at stake. Sullivan sends everyone but Andy out to help with the evac. Kathleen wants to stay but Andy yells that observation time is over. She and Sullivan then get to work with a crowbar.

The rest of the crew, including Ryan, has started the evac. Ryan warns everybody to extinguish any open flame.

There are a lot of burning candles in the sleepover apartment.

Maya knocks on Trevor's door. He ignores her warning about the gas leak and goes to light his cigarette.

Andy and Sullivan are close to forcing the door open.

Ben, Vic, and Travis prepare to move Elliot outside. They need to put Elliot on a portable ventilator and on a gurney to get him to a hospital. Elliot shakes his head. Ben again reminds him what his no DNR situation means. He and Travis start arguing again. Vic tells them to quit it and help her. It's going to be tricky to get down all those stairs with the portable ventilator. Elliot says he's not going anywhere. Suddenly, there's an explosion.

Andy has heard the explosion, too. She asks what it was.

Maya informs it was a flare up on the third floor. She extinguishes some flames. She thinks there's a big chance of the fire jumping floors.

Andy and Sullivan finally manages to break open the lock. Andy takes Penny out. She has an irregular pulse.

Once outside, they put her on oxygen. Xander brings over her inhaler. They push epi. Andy yells for a gurney.

Travis tells Elliot that they have no choice but to move him now that there's a fire. Mila has packed a bag. Mila is forgetting something. Ben urges Elliot to tell Mila about what he really wants. Mila then remembers he needs socks. Elliot tells her he wants her to sign the DNR. It's past time. Mila thinks he can't mean it. She's not ready yet. Elliot is. He wants to die outside in the dark underneath the stars, picking out the constellations with her. He begs her not to let him die in the hospital. Vic notices smoke coming in through the vent. They have to go now. Mila checks what signing the DNR means. She asks what happens if the generators go out and he stops breathing. Ben says the DNR means they won't intervene. Mila takes out the DNR and signs it. The firefighters get Elliot onto a gurney.

They move outside and put him down on the grass in the dark. He's de-satting. Elliot urges the firefighters to get down on the ground with him and Mila. They have a few minutes since the entire building's been cleared.

Andy and Sullivan work to resuscitate Penny. They push another round of epi. After a second shock, her sinus rhythm returns. They get her into an ambulance.

Mila is pointing out constellations. Ben has never done this. Vic says it's peaceful. Mila can see Mars. She then sees a shooting star. She turns to Elliot, who has passed away. Mila starts sobbing. She then lies down again and starts at the starts while holding onto her father's arm.

Penny is feeling better though she's afraid her parents will never let Xander babysit again. Andy says she'll be checked out at Grey Sloan but she should be fine. She closes the door on the ambulance. She then turns to Kathleen and apologizes for yelling earlier. She had hoped this call would have gone differently. She didn't want to put Kathleen in danger. Kathleen says it was incredible. They saved Penny. Andy asks Kathleen to have Dean check her out for good measure.

Maya comes up and says Andy's cadet got a real baptism by fire today. Andy says her friend quit the Academy today. Andy is so glad she has Maya. As Andy walks off, Jack catches Maya's eye and she feels guilty for not having told Andy yet.

Jenna tells Andy she did good today. Andy says they both did. Jenna thinks they should go for a drink. Jack and Ryan watch them from a distance. He can't believe the two of them are friends now. Jack wishes him good luck with that.

The next morning, Andy walks into Sullivan's office rather than head home. She says things have been different between them since the Aid Car. They are friends now but that doesn't mean she can take liberties like she did when she advocated for Kathleen. Kat didn't belong there. Sullivan points out he agreed to the arrangement. He thinks it's great that she wants to mentor. This job puts them in danger and Kat knew what she signed up for. For the record, Sullivan is glad that they are friends. He doesn't open up to many people but it's easy with her. She feels the same. She then points out Pruitt's sweets do not equal a real meal.

Maya, Travis, and Dean are drinking beer at the houseboat. Travis is using his phone to find constellations. Since it's light, they can't actually see them. Jack joins them. Maya has convinced Dean to try a stout. Dean has decided not to fake date Maya. The faux bae plan is really bad idea. He asks Jack for reasons why she would be a terrible girlfriend. Jack admits she can be pretty annoying, but despite that, she's also pretty impressive. She'll be there for you even if you don't want her to. If she cares about you, she cares fully. She might not be the relationship type but she could be. Also, her eyes sparkle, even in the dark. Dean thinks he should write that down. Maya and Jack share a look.

Ben is driving Tuck home. Tuck is on his phone but he puts it down as soon as Ben says he let someone die last night. Ben tries to protect him from the bad stuff because he doesn't want him to worry. Ben brings up the bad patch with Bailey. They are making a lot of changes to make sure it doesn't get bad again. Ben is making sure that his world doesn't interfere with Bailey's in a way that's not healthy for her. It's going to be a little tough before it gets better. He knows Tuck is feeling that. Ben wants him to know that everything he does is for Tuck and his mother. Ben is trying to make it all work and he'd like for Tuck to meet him halfway. Tuck can try that. Ben has plans for the two of them tonight. They are going to watch constellations in the backyard. Tuck tells him he can be weird.

Vic comes home to a shirtless Ripley reading in her bed. She climbs into bed with him. She tells him about Elliot, the master of fantasy scenarios. In the end, reality turned out better for him. Vic says life is too short for fantasizing. She wants a real vacation. Ripley says he has vacation days lined up. She questions if they can't make it work. She thinks it's not possible without outing their secret. Ripley says that it might be time for them not to be a secret anymore. They share a kiss.

Andy returns to Sullivan's office with two plates of leftover food from last night. Friends don't let friends not eat real food. He appreciates that. Andy says Kat wanted to join Seattle FD after what she saw them do at the skyscraper fire. Andy feels like she's the one bright spot to come out of that whole thing. Sullivan says there are others. Andy made it out alive, for one. Andy adds it ruined her chances of becoming Captain of 19. Sullivan points out it's also how she got him. He asks if that could be a bright spot, too. She smiles and tells him to eat his food.


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Penny Hayes[]

Station 19 was called out during a power outage because Penelope Hayes, a six year old child with bad asthma, had been missing for two hours. They asked her brother for her favorite hiding spots, but he said she had many. They split up into teams to search. When Andy, Jack, and Kat came upon Ryan and Jenna, they split the teams so Andy, Jenna, and Kat were together. They heard from another building resident that Penny likes to play in the basement, so they went down there, where they found Penny trapped in a washer. When a gas leak was discovered, they started evacuating the building. Everyone but Andy and Sullivan was sent out while they worked to pry open the washer. They were finally able to break the lock and pull her out. They got her out of the building, where they determined she wasn't breathing. They worked to resuscitate. They were successful and Penny regained consciousness. They put her in an ambulance and sent her to the hospital.


While searching the building for Penny Hayes, Ben heard a woman calling out for help. He found Mila doing CPR on her father Elliot, whose life-support machine had turned off when the power went out. Ben took over CPR and called for extra assistance. Mila revealed that he had terminal lung cancer and didn't want to die in a hospital. Travis brought in mobile power and hooked Elliot up before checking on Mila. Elliot regained consciousness and asked why they didn't just let him die. When a gas leak forced an evacuation, they had to move him to a mobile gurney and then said they'd take him to the hospital. He said he didn't want to go to the hospital. When a fire started because of a resident lighting a cigarette, they hastened the evacuation. Elliot then decided to tell Mila to sign his DNR. She said she wasn't ready, but he said he wanted to go outside under the stars with her. They took him outside and lay in the grass with him and his daughter until he died.


While searching for Penny, Sullivan and Maya came upon Graham, who was acting odd while eating ice cream. They asked if he had a gas stove and he said he was making pasta when the power went out. Maya checked his stove, but said it wasn't the problem, though there was gas filling the whole apartment, which meant the whole building had to be evacuated. They took Graham out to the Aid Car for further treatment.


When the power in his building went out, Trevor was annoyed that they were searching for a missing child instead of working on getting the power back on. Later, when they discovered a gas leak and went to evacuate the building, he ignored the firefighters' orders and lit a cigarette in his apartment, causing an explosion and starting a fire. They evacuated the building and were able to extinguish the fire.


Song Performer Scene
"All By Myself" Maggie Szabo
  • Pruitt hands out presents while the team eats a meal together.
  • They also discuss Dean's dating life and suggest a fake relationship for him.
  • The lights start to flicker.
  • Tuck gets up and leaves abruptly.
"Fight for Your Life" John Ripple
  • Mila signs her father's DNR order. They pack him up and take him out of the building.
  • They put Elliot down in the grass next to his daughter and then lie down in the grass with him to look at the stars.
  • Andy and Sullivan resuscitate Penny and get her in an ambulance.
  • Mila points out constellations until she notices her father's not replying anymore.
  • They continue to lie in the grass.
"Bring Me Home" G Flip
  • Ben tells Tuck about his day and how he always wants to shield Tuck from bad things.
  • He then tells Tuck about his Medic One training.
  • Vic climbs into bed with Ripley and they talk about going on vacation.
  • Andy brings Sullivan food and sits down to eat with him.

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  • This episode scored 5.38 million viewers.


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