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Theo Ruiz is a lieutenant at Station 19 of the Seattle Fire Department. He is in a relationship with Victoria Hughes.


Friendship with Michael and Michael's Death[]

Theo and Michael went to the fire academy together, where they quickly became friends. When Michael began dating Travis, they also became friends. After finishing the fire academy, they began working at station 54 together. Theo was present when Michael and Travis became engaged. When a captain position opened up, Theo happily announced that he was in the running for it. He eventually got the promoted. He served as captain of station 54 until he mistakenly told Michael it was safe to shelter in place, leading to Michael's death. After this incident, he asked to be demoted to lieutenant and he moved to station 23.[1]

Meeting Vic[]

After two weeks of spotting each other on their morning run in Bremerton Park, Theo got into a friendly race to the park entrance with Vic. When they'd both arrived, with Vic slightly ahead, they acknowledged that they'd both been jogging there a lot lately. When they each removed their masks at a distance, they realized they knew each other from fighting a fire together. Vic was put off when he mentioned being from station 23, but they said they'd see each other tomorrow.

The next morning, Theo smiled when he saw Vic jogging by him and started running after her.[2]

Theo and Vic met again when Vic went to Kaminski's, her parents' restaurant, to get celebratory pierogis after a three-alarm fire. Theo hadn't been there as his shift started after the fire was put out. He asked her out on a date, but she turned him down, saying she wasn't dating due to the pandemic.[3]

He told all his Instagram followers to try Kaminski's, saying they have the best pierogis in town.[4]

Another day, Theo met Vic in the park again. He saw that she was upset and asked if she'd had a rough shift. She told him she actually hadn't started yet. He told her he'd seen the video of Sullivan and Dean being arrested and they talked about that for a while. She said she was usually the one to find the good in the bad, but she couldn't this time, which he understood. He reached his hand across the back of the bench where they were sitting and let their fingers brush together lightly.

Later, Vic called Theo to try to set up a date between them, but was disappointed to learn he was on his way to meet up with someone. She was surprised when only a few moments later, he appeared at the station door with flowers for her. She asked when his next COVID test was and he said Tuesday, the same as hers, so they agreed to meet up on Wednesday.[5]

Subbing at 19[]

While they were on their date, Theo got a call asking him to sub at 19 the next day. Vic asked him not to tell anyone there they were seeing each other and he agreed. The next day, they pretended not to know each other, but Travis recognized Theo as the captain who had gotten Michael killed. Because of this, Vic told Theo they couldn't see each other anymore, believing that Theo had really done something wrong as she knew Travis and didn't believe he could be so wrong about anything so important. However, she later comforted Theo when he said that the day Michael died didn't just haunt Travis. She was hugging him when Travis walked in.[6]

Travis was angry that Vic was comforting him and realized Theo was the firefighter Vic had met in the park. This led to a fight between Travis and Vic that lasted for several days.[7]

Seeing Vic Again[]

After parting ways, Vic and Theo ran into each other as he left her parents' restaurant. He asked if it was okay that he kept eating there and she said it was.[8]

Fire at Kaminski's[]

When Kaminski's was set on fire, Theo went in to retrieve Vic's parents, carrying out a crock pot when her mother refused to leave without it. Later, once the fire was out, he came back from a fire down the street to help with overhaul. He brought bottles of water and helped Travis board up windows. While they boarded up windows, Theo apologized and Travis thanked him.[9]

Maya and Carina's Wedding[]

Theo attended Maya and Carina's wedding after Anthony Hughes invited him. He got the couple a massager. After Travis gave Vic his approval, Vic went to Theo and they kissed.[10]




Victoria Hughes[]

He and Vic flirted over their morning jog.[11] He later asked her out on a date after seeing her outside her parents' restaurant, which he said had the best pierogi in town. She turned him down, saying she wasn't really dating because of the pandemic.[12] However, at a later meeting, Vic said she may have been a little rash turning him down and they made arrangements to go for a date after their next Covid test.[13] The date went well, but while they were together, Theo got a call asking him to sub at station 19 the next day. Vic asked him not to tell anyone they were seeing each other and he agreed to that. When they were at the station, Vic learned that Theo was previously a captain and was the reason Travis's husband, Michael, was dead. Vic told him they couldn't see each other anymore because of that, but later comforted him when he said that day didn't just haunt Travis.[14]

On the day of Maya and Carina's wedding, Anthony Hughes invited Theo to join the celebration. He did and after the wedding, he ended up kissing Vic outside her parents' restaurant.[15]

High School Girlfriend[]

In high school, he was helping his girlfriend parallel park while also trying to make her laugh, which resulted in her rolling the car over his foot and bruising it.[16]


His father, who was also a firefighter, died when he was eight. After this, his uncles, his father's firefighter buddies, and his mother's eventual husband all stepped in to be like father figures for him. He says that he had a lot of anxiety about this as he was worried about losing another dad.[17]


Theo is a Lieutenant at Station 23 of the Seattle Fire Department.

Following in the footsteps of his late father, he rose up the ranks quickly and was appointed Captain at a young age. He thus became Captain to Michael Cooper Williams, with whom he had completed his training at the Fire Academy. Not long into his Captainship, he made a judgment error that cost Michael his life. Theo was demoted because of this and ended up at Station 23.[18]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He shops at farmers markets.[19]
  • He brought broccoli soufflé to his and Vic's first date.[20]


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