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They say you fight fire with fire. We do it in medicine all the time. We cut you to repair your injury. We hurt you to heal you. We stoke the flames, but playing with fire is a dangerous thing. When we strike that match, we like to think we can control the burn. We like to think we have any control at all, but fire is wildly difficult to contain. And just when you think you've extinguished the blaze, it reignites. It sucks in air and burns hotter and brighter than ever.

Things We Lost in the Fire is the eighth episode and mid-season finale of the twelfth season and the 253rd overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[]

As the rumor mill around the hospital continues to spiral out of control, Grey Sloan Memorial is flooded with injured firefighters from a nearby wildfire. Maggie struggles to keep things with Andrew professional at work. Meanwhile, Jo questions Alex's priorities.

Full Summary[]

Amelia is riding in the front and she's talking about Owen's deal with Riggs. She thinks maybe Kepner will know. She notices white particles falling around the car and wonders if it's snow. Jo and Alex are in the back, and Alex asks Meredith if they're still good. She assures him they are. Jo asks about what, but none of them tells her what's it about. Jo says it's 60 degrees out, so it can't be snow. Alex thinks Owen and Nathan's thing is about a chick. Everyone agrees the particles look like snow.

Arizona tells April there was a rumor that the fight between Owen and Nathan is about her, but Arizona shut that down. April thanks her and she says that she thinks it goes back further, because Nathan never even mentioned knowing Hunt. Arizona suddenly thinks maybe Nathan and Owen had an affair, what can happen in wartime with no rules. April thinks about it.

Callie and Jackson leave an OR. Jackson says no way. Callie says it was Arizona's idea. Callie heard a patient of Nathan's died and then Nathan tried to blame it on Hunt. Jackson says the gossiping is getting a little out of hand, but Callie prefers to call it scuttlebutt. Jackson asks Callie about marriage counseling. Callie heard that Jackson was looking for divorce. He's surprised that she heard about it. "Scuttlebutt," she says.

Maggie and Andrew get dressed again in the on-call room. Andrew is on her service today and she wants to make sure he's okay with that. She wants them to be professionals outside of the on-call room. He agrees to this and kisses her, one for the road. He walks out. Maggie turns to the window and wonders if it's snowing.

Richard enters Bailey's office and asks if it what he thinks it is. There's a news report about a firefighters trapped in a Mt. Baker fire on the TV. Bailey confirms and says they're all coming here, over 40 patients. She's looking for the protocol. Richard says she'll handle it well, but she won't find anything in the binders. She's gonna have to take it as it comes. He's sure she knows what to do. If she's in control, her people are in control. He advises her to stand on the stairs as she's talking to her people, as it makes them feel like she's watching over them. Bailey grabs her binder and follows him outside.

Bailey informs her staff that four crews of firefighters got trapped battling wildfires. There are at least 40 of them on their way. Jackson says they'll hit capacity. Bailey says they're looking at second-, third-, and fourth-degree burns and smoke inhalation. Richard gestures to step up a few steps. While she does so, Bailey says non-emergent patients are to be transferred to Seattle Pres and Tacoma. Bailey says the entire hospital is now a burn treatment center.

During the speech, Amelia approaches Owen, who stayed at the hospital again last night. She asks if he slept at all. He says he's fine.

Nathan joins the group and Owen looks hateful.

Alex notices this and tells Meredith it's definitely about a chick. Meredith hushes him.

Bailey tells the residents to stay with their assigned attendings unless they're needed elsewhere. Callie looks at Penny, who doesn't react. Stephanie asks Penny if she's with Grey again. Penny replies she's always with Grey, and it bombed things with Callie, so she's basically a nun now. Stephanie says it is a good choice, because dating an attending doesn't work out well. She says Jo's just lucky. Bailey instructs everyone to treat patients in the ER and only send severe victims up to the burn unit or the OR. Jackson will be their point person. Bailey starts looking through her binder, but Richard gestures to stop now. She says that was it and tells them to get to work.

In the ER, April tells Jackson she'll triage and take the most acute injuries so he can take care of compromised airways. They get on an elevator and Jackson asks to talk now, since it's been three days. She says she doesn't have time now because her OR is about to be jam-packed. Jackson points out they would have time if she stopped talking about not having time. The elevator arrives on the roof. An air ambulance has just dropped off a patient.

The other doctors are getting ready in the ER. Jackson comes back and says they're all burn and plastics specialists for the day. Treat, debride, and admit are the rules. He tells them to come find him if they have questions.

Meredith and Penny are tending to man in the trauma room. He has burns on his abdomen and chest and suffers from severe smoke inhalation. Meredith wants to know about the metal rod sticking out of his chest. Penny explains he lost his footing, fell into the ravine and got caught on a steel spike broke his fall. Meredith wants a cardio ultrasound and asks for Maggie, but Nathan comes in and says he's got it. He does the ultrasound and says there's blood in the pericardium, but he can't tell if the pericardium is ruptured. Meredith suspects that patient is not bleeding out because the steel is blocking the hole. Nathan says there's only one way to find out. Meredith wants to do that in the OR, where they can control the bleeding, but Nathan pulls it out anyway. Meredith gets mad at him.

April tells Bailey they are stretched. She yells for someone to take care of the patient in bed 4. Bailey says she'll take care of it. A firefighter is updating the patient on their colleagues. The patient claims he's fine as he's been through this before. She urges him to put on the oxygen mask while he asks her to look at the others first. She says they'll all be looked at it and starts examining him. She takes a look at his chest and sees there's a hole burned in it. Casey asks her how bad it is.

Meredith, Nathan, and Penny are looking at their John's ultrasound. There's a bleed. Nathan thinks it'll resolve itself, but Meredith orders to book an OR. Penny obeys Meredith.

Meredith walks past Alex, who asks her if she has time now. She says no, but Alex wants to do it now before they get too busy. Jo comes over, but Meredith bluntly tells her to go away. Alex asks for a minute. Jo walks off and Meredith says Jo will be fine.

Maggie asks Casey to stop talking. She says there's major lung damage, so they gotta take him to the OR. Andrew says the OR's backed up. Casey says he did his best, and now he wants the other guys to go first. Bailey agrees to this and tells Andrew to get him to the burn unit while they wait for an OR.

Jackson and April come over to tell Bailey that the burn unit is full. They got patients with severe burns on gurneys in hallways. They need to start diverting patients to other hospitals, but Bailey won't turn firefighters away. She asks them and Richard, who's joined them, to come with her.

They enter the cafeteria and tell everyone to clear out and get the food out. Jackson starts instructing people to move the tables and asks for supplies for burn patients. He says this will work.

Arizona is treating Charlotte, a female firefighter who's bottom is burned. She asks Arizona to be discrete. Charlotte says a man hasn't seen her bottom since a wardrobe malfunction in school. She wants to know if Arizona can fix her butt. Arizona says yes. The burn is confined to one cheek, and she's got a good one to compare it with. Charlotte accepts the compliment, although Arizona didn't mean it like that. Charlotte hears one of her colleagues scream and she feels guilty about complaining. Arizona tells her not to feel guilty about not getting hurt. Charlotte says it's a small part of the job to be happy when there's big fires, because that means overtime and hazard pay. Arizona understands, as she makes her living off sick babies.

Owen is treating a patient as April comes over to inform him that his mother is here for her boyfriend. Owen tells Isaac to take over and walks up to his mother. She says John was injured and was brought here. Owen checks for her and then sees Nathan is operating on him. He asks April to page Maggie to OR 3 and tells his mother to wait here. He then walks off.

Meredith and Nathan are operating. There's a bleeding, but Nathan says they could have fixed it with a needle downstairs. Meredith reminds him they're not in a tent in the war zone. Owen comes in and asks Meredith for an update. Nathan says it doesn't look good. Owen tells Nathan to scrub out as Maggie comes in. She wants to know why she has to scrub in for Nathan. Meredith tells Owen she's got this. Nathan says he works for Maggie, so he'll only leave if she tells him to. Maggie asks Owen if there's a reason why she should remove Nathan from this surgery. Owen doesn't reply and walks out.

Amelia finds Owen and asks if he's okay. He tells her about John and that Nathan is operating. Amelia asks why that is a problem. Owen says he doesn't want Nathan near his family.

Callie is consulting on Jackson and Ben's patient. A sling will fix the humerus fracture, but there's a severe burn on the hand and forearm with bone exposure, so it's uncertain if a graft will work. Callie says she recommends counseling. It gave them a sense of where they were. Callie asks Jackson if he wants to work it out with Kepner, but Jackson prefers not to talk about this right now. Callie says one thing their therapist was right about was to not have sex, because it complicates things. She derives from Jackson's face that they did have sex. He agrees it's messy. Ben brings the conversation back to the patient by suggesting they sew his hand into his abdomen, so they'll have a graft and a sling.

Arizona approaches Richard and tells him she's found an option. Richard is not pleased upon hearing it's a patient. Arizona wants him to go find out if she's into Arizona, but Richard doesn't want to wingman a patient for her.

Isaac, Stephanie, and Amelia are scrubbing in. Stephanie suspects the problem between Owen and Nathan may be because of a secret mission thing, but Amelia doesn't want to talk about it. Isaac says Hunt is a sleepwalker and -talker. Isaac tells them about the time he found Owen experiencing PTSD in the on-call room.

Casey is told he may end up with scars. Casey says that's okay, as they show where you've been. He shows some of his scars and tells them the stories behind them. Casey has trouble breathing, but he refuses to be intubated. He wants to talk to his wife first. He looks Bailey in the eye and says he doesn't want it. Bailey then decides to give him a few minutes, as long as he puts on his mask.

The doctors leave the room. Andrew thinks they should intubate. Maggie says the damaged lungs are causing his heart to fail. Maggie gets paged away. Bailey tells Andrew that Casey is right: they should treat the others first. Andrew wonders what's more urgent than a patient with a hole burnt in his side. Bailey replies a case that will survive surgery. Andrew wonders if they should just tell him he's going to die, but Bailey says he already knows. She asks Andrew to make Casey comfortable and to tell her when his wife gets here.

Alex walks into the room where Jo is tending to a severely burned patient. He wanted to take a break with her, but she's busy. She had a minute for a break back when he and Meredith were whispering and Meredith told her off. Alex defends Meredith. Jo says he's always defending her, like everybody else does in the hospital. If you're out with Grey, you're out, and Jo says she's out. Alex asks if Jo thinks Meredith just sees her as his girlfriend, but Jo says not even that, as she would show up and kick her out of bed in the middle of the night. Alex says that hasn't happened in a long time. Jo replies that is because she hauled him out of that house. He always lets Meredith have full access to him, as she's always his priority. Alex says she's been through a lot, which gives her the license to take her crap out on him. He'll always be there for her because she's the only one he can count on. She stood by him for years while everybody else left. Jo concludes that he's taking her side because she's his priority. He yells she doesn't get to decide what his priorities are. She tells him to go so she can focus on her patient.

Nathan is operating and tries to get a conversation going about their patient dating Owen's mother. Penny and Meredith stay focused. The monitor starts beeping and they take the paddles. They shock a few times. Nathan says this never would have happened had they done it his way, but Meredith says they just wouldn't have been able to catch it. Nathan asks for adrenaline, which gets the heart going on.

Bailey tells Casey that the fire is 80% contained. She tells him that there were no losses in his crew. Casey says you just prepare the best you can, but you can't control everything. She asks what she can do for him. He's just waiting for his wife Ruth.

Arizona tells Charlotte the burn will heal in 6 weeks. Arizona asks if they could see each other. Charlotte thinks for a follow-up, but that's not what Arizona meant. Arizona asks her to be tight and walks off to Richard. Richard thinks her attempts are clumsy and a little creepy. He tells her she doesn't need help though. She's a smart, confident woman. He tells her to stretch out her wings and feel the air.

Ben is complimenting his own idea. Callie asks Jackson if was make-up sex or break-up sex. Jackson doesn't know. Callie asks what April said. Jackson says they haven't talked after. Callie explains the difference and decides make-up sex is the best, because it means you can throw off your troubles and start anew. Jackson won't answer what type if was because maybe he and April thought it was different things. Ben talks about the procedure. Jackson says the patient will be surprised.

Jo is crying in a supply room as Stephanie walks in. She claims she was looking for betadine, but then realizes it's right in front of her, so it's clear it's an excuse. She says Stephanie can't ignore her forever. She has to acknowledge her existence, but Stephanie doesn't say anything. Jo storms out.

Nathan tells Meredith she got lucky, but Meredith says she saved the patient. Amelia enters the ICU with Evelyn. Evelyn then sees Nathan. She gets emotional and they hug. Amelia and Meredith are surprised.

Amelia is watching Owen and his mother talk by John's bedside. Amelia guesses Owen's mother and Riggs were a thing, but Meredith is more leaning towards Evelyn also being Nathan's mother. Owen leaves the room and asks them to keep him updated. Amelia follows him and asks him to talk so she can help him. Owen says he doesn't want her help with this and walks off.

Meredith enters John's room.

Maggie takes Ruth to Casey's room and warns her that maybe Casey won't be able to speak. They've done everything to make him comfortable. Maggie warns her to prepare herself as the injuries may be quite extensive. Ruth says she's been preparing herself for 30 years.

Evelyn wants to sit with John. Meredith says it's not her business, but Owen is her friend and she's worried. She asks how worried she needs to be. Evelyn tells her to close the door. Meredith looks a worried Amelia in the eye before closing the door.

Ruth enters Casey's room. She tells him the fire's almost out. She says this was the one. She says Doug and Susan are on their way, so he doesn't have to worry about her being alone. They told her they loved him, and she told him he loves them too. Casey nods in agreement. He tries to say he loves her, too. Ruth tells him he did good as she starts crying. Casey then succumbs to his injuries. The doctors are moved too. Andrew puts his hand on Maggie's shoulder to comfort her, but she shakes it off.

Amelia finds Meredith and asks if she found out anything about Owen. Meredith says it's Owen's thing and he asked her not to talk about it. Amelia asks why Meredith is shutting her out of this. Meredith says it doesn't concern her. Meredith says she promised Cristina to keep Owen's head above water, so she's watching him and letting him be. Amelia wonders what Cristina has to do with this. She says Meredith is the most loyal person she's ever met, except to her. Cristina left her and Amelia is right here, her sister. Meredith says Cristina is her sister, Amelia is Derek's sister and Derek is gone. Penny appears in the doorway to update Meredith on her patient. Amelia yells at her to get out. Amelia thinks Meredith hates her because she reminds her of Derek. She suspects she's like Penny, something Meredith clings to to keep the memory alive. Meredith says Amelia's a child, but Amelia says Meredith is a sad widow. Widow Grey is okay, she's moving on. She'll never love again, but she's okay. Amelia thinks that's crap. Meredith's crawled into a hole, she's hollow. Amelia thinks Derek would be ashamed of that. Meredith states she wants Amelia out of her house.

Casey's body is brought to the morgue. Andrew asks Maggie if she's all right. She says he can't touch her in front of other people at work like they're together. He knows she wants to keep things professional, but his feelings for her are not professional at all. He's calling this.

Owen leaves John's room as Nathan enters the ICU. He tells Nathan John's okay, but Nathan wants to go check for himself. Owen blocks him and says Meredith's got him, and he tells Nathan to walk very far away. Nathan says he's already seen Ma. He asks Owen to talk. Owen tells Nathan to stay away from his family. Nathan says it's also his family, which causes Owen to punch him to the ground. He says they're not his family.

Arizona is discharging Charlotte in the ER. Charlotte is worried about sitting down. Arizona asks if Charlotte would like to get a cup of coffee. A woman who turns out to be Charlotte's girlfriend comes walking in. Alice was worried when Charlotte didn't pick up her phone, so she came over. They kiss and Charlotte introduces her to Dr. Robbins. Alice thanks Arizona. Charlotte and Alice take off. Richard comes over and asks Arizona if she flew. Arizona replies she crashed.

Jo is crying while she's tending to her patients burns. Stephanie notices this from outside and comes in, asking if she wants help. Jo says she doesn't need help. Stephanie knows that. She asks if Jo debrided, irrigated, and cleaned out all the wounds. Jo affirms, because contrary to what people seem to think, she does know what she's doing. Stephanie says she's not saying Jo is not a good doctor. Jo says she's sorry for everything. They started out together and Stephanie just blew right past her. Stephanie says it's not her fault if people don't see what a good surgeon she is. Stephanie says she's sorry too. Jo says she misses Stephanie. Stephanie misses her too.

Richard tells Bailey she did well today. 44 patients, 19 critical, and she only lost one. Bailey wonders why she only felt one. Richard says that's the job. Bailey gets a page that her doctors are punching each other, and she walks off. Arizona approaches Richard and asks him same place. He says he's been dreaming about those jalapeño poppers and lets her get on the elevator first.

Jackson chases April as she's on her way out. He wants to talk. April says they had sex, that's it. He wants to talk about it. She tells him to talk about it. They had sex and it was... He says confusing, she says amazing. She says she's not confused about the situation. It felt good for the first time in forever, it felt like them, and then she saw it ones his face. That was it, that was goodbye. She then thought, if they're over, that's the way she wants to go out. She wants to remember the amazing. She wants to end where they began: in a bed, in love. She wants to keep them there for a minute and anything he's gonna say right now will end that. Jackson says that's the problem here, she's always the one deciding. She decides to leave, to come back, she decides she needs him, then she decides she doesn't. She decides they need to talk, then decides they can't. April yells she doesn't want to talk because she knows what he's going to say. He yells she doesn't know what she's going to say. She tells him to go ahead and just say it.

Maggie enters the on-call room and tells Andrew she's got feelings too. A lot of unprofessional feelings, for him. It's just difficult for her to like him at work, so she asks him if it's okay for her to just like him outside of work. Andrew smiles and tells her to lock the door. She does so and he takes his shirt off.

Jo enters the loft and tells Alex she needs to talk to him. He has to talk to her too. Jo says this isn't working. She needs someone in her corner and the more she looks at it, she's all by herself. She doesn't want to come between him and his friend, but she can't keep feeling like everybody's second choice, especially not his. She mentions she's going to live with Stephanie for a while, but Alex stops her. He pulls out a ring. She's surprised and comments he's really bad at choosing moments to propose, because one of them is always falling apart and then he does this crazy, sweeping thing. Alex says he's been planning this. Meredith has been holding on to the ring for him so Jo wouldn't find it and she's been trying to pass it down to him without Jo noticing. Jo says this doesn't make it all okay, but he tells her he's in her corner. He's there for her. He's been thinking about this night ever since he left the jewelry store and this was the first night he knew they'd both be off work. He assures her he's been listening and he's listening now. He's still holding out the ring and asks her if it's yes or no.

Nathan sits down at the bar at Joe's, next to Amelia. He comments it was one hell of a day and orders a whiskey. He asks if he can get Amelia a drink. She says no, but then changes her mind and asks a vodka tonic. The bartender gives her the drink. Nathan says cheers and she takes a sip.

Meredith finds Owen sitting outside the ER. She sits down with him and tells him Bailey's looking for him. She tells him he's got to pull himself together, as he's getting himself in trouble. He replies he knows. She stays silent for a moment and then mentions he never told her he had a sister.


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


Medical Notes[]

Jackson and April's Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Burns
  • Treatment:

Jackson and April met a burn patient on the roof.

John Finch[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Partial-thickness burns
    • Smoke inhalation
    • Impalement injury
  • Treatment:
    • Controlled extraction
    • Surgery

John came into the ER with partial-thickness burns on his chest and severe smoke inhalation. He also fell into a ravine and ended up with a metal pole in his chest. He had a hole in his pericardium, but Nathan couldn't tell if the pole had penetrated his ventricle. Meredith wanted to wait to take it out in surgery, but Nathan decided to pull it out in the ER. He had a small amount of bleeding in his pericardium. Nathan wanted to watch it, but Meredith insisted on taking him into surgery. Nathan patched the hole in his pericardium. He coded, but they were able to resuscitate. They expected him to make a full recovery.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Burns
    • Severe lung damage
    • Smoke inhalation
    • Partially-collapsed lung
    • Heart failure
    • Rhabdomyolysis
  • Treatment:
    • Palliative care

Casey came into the ER with severe burns on his chest. Bailey examined him and found that she could see his lung from the outside through a wound. Maggie examined him and said there was severe damage to his lungs. There wasn't an available OR, so they took him to the burn unit while they waited. When he struggled to breathe, Maggie wanted to intubate, but Casey refused. One of his lung was partially-collapsed and the other was damaged from smoke inhalation, which is why he couldn't breathe. It was also causing heart failure. Since both he and the doctors knew he was going to die, they gave only palliative care. He died while talking to his wife.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Burns
  • Treatment:
    • Debridement
    • Bandaging

Charlotte was burned on one of her butt cheeks. Arizona used the other as a reference point to treat the burn. She was then told that it would heal in about six weeks. She was told to use crutches until it didn't hurt to walk anymore.

Owen's Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Burns
  • Treatment:
    • Debridement

Owen debrided burns in the ER. He had Cross take over when he was called away.

Callie and Jackson's Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Proximal humerus fracture
    • Full-thickness burns
    • Second-degree burns
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Callie and Jackson treated a burn patient in the ER. He had a proximal humerus fracture, which Callie said would only need a sling for a few weeks, but he had full-thickness burns on his hand and forearm. He also had second-degree burns on his chest. Ben suggested that they sew his hand into his abdomen in order to make a graft for his burns while also making a sling for his humerus fracture. They took him into surgery where they did that.

Amelia's Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Clot
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Amelia operated to drain a clot on a patient.

Jo's Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Burns
  • Treatment:
    • Debridement

Jo debrided a patient's burns.


Song Performer Scene
"Celeste" Ezra Vine
  • Meredith, Amelia, Alex, and Jo drive to work. Amelia talks about Owen and Nathan.
  • The doctors gossip about why Owen hates Nathan.
  • Jackson asks Callie about couples therapy.
"As Long As You Love Me" (originally by The Backstreet Boys) Sleeping at Last
  • Maggie tells Ruth to prepare herself, but she said she's already prepared.
  • Meredith asks Owen's mom how worried she needs to be.
  • Ruth sits by Casey's bedside and talks to him.
  • Ruth tells him she won't be alone.
  • Casey dies.
"Love Story" (originally by Taylor Swift) Barcelona
  • April tells Jackson to say what he needs to say.
  • Maggie tells Andrew she has feelings for him, too.
  • She asks if he can keep it professional at work and he tells her to lock the door.
  • Jo tells Alex they need to talk. She tells him it's not working and she needs to end things.
  • He asks her to marry him.
  • Amelia's in the bar. Nathan comes in and orders a whiskey. He orders Amelia a vodka tonic.

Notes and Trivia[]


Grey's Anatomy 12x08 Promo "Things We Lost in the Fire" (HD) Winter Finale

  • This episode's title originated from the song Things We Lost in the Fire, originally sung by Bastille.
  • This episode scored 8.50 million viewers.
  • The table read for this episode took place on October 7, 2015.
  • This is the first time Amelia sits in the front seat while carpooling.
  • As per usual, the mid-season finale provides us with several cliffhangers:
    • Does Jo accept Alex's proposal?
    • Will Amelia's drink result in a relapse?
    • What's the deal with Owen's sister?
    • What will Jackson tell April?
    • What are the consequences of Owen's violence?
  • In this episode, the cafeteria was used to care for patients due to the ER being over capacity. This happens again in Fight the Power, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


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Behind the Scenes[]


Callie: You know, break-up sex is, um... well, it feels sad-happy. It's an emotional potpourri. All the feelings, all the history, all of it... It's all just right there, because it's... You know, you just know. You just know that it's the last time, and it's like taking in all the air you can before you go underwater. It's like "do me or die." Break-up sex is the best.
Jackson: Yeah, but then you're broken up.
Callie: Huh. You know what? You're right. Make-up sex is better, because make-up sex is like coming up for air when you thought there wouldn't be any more air. So it's like all is forgiven, and you can throw off your troubles and your clothes, and you're like out of the dark and into the light, full speed ahead. Oh, God, it's the best.

Amelia: Why are you shutting me out of this?
Meredith: Because this does not concern you.
Amelia: But it concerns you?
Meredith: No, it doesn't. I made a promise that I would help him keep his head above water.
Amelia: Promised who?
Meredith: To Cristina. So I am watching him, and I am letting him be, and I am not sticking my nose...
Amelia: What does Cristina have to do with this? You're in some sort of three-way trust circle with Owen and his ex-girlfriend?
Meredith: Ex-wife.
Amelia: God. Meredith, you are the most loyal person I have ever met to everyone except me. You're loyal to some woman halfway across the world...
Meredith: Yes, I am.
Amelia: ...when I am right here. Cristina left you. I'm here. I'm your sister.
Meredith: You are not my sister. Cristina is my sister. You are Derek's sister, and Derek is gone.
Penny: Dr. Grey, I changed the mediastinal drains...
Amelia: Get out! Is this why you hate me? 'Cause I remind you of him? Does it help you to hate me?
Meredith: Asking you not to push me.
Amelia: Am I like her? Something you cling to to keep the memory alive?
Meredith: You are such a child.
Amelia: You wrap her around you like some sick widow shawl. The widow Grey. She's okay. She's moving on. She'll never love again, but she's holding it together. That is crap. You've given up. You are crawling into your little hole and dying. You are hollow. And Derek would be sick about it if he could see it. He would be disgusted.
Meredith: I want you out of my house.
Amelia: Done!

April: I want to end where we began, in a bed, in love, and I just want to keep us there for a minute. And anything you say right now is gonna ruin it, so please just don't!
Jackson: Don't you see? This is what you do. You just decide how things are gonna go.
April: I am not the one deciding in this situation!
Jackson: Of course you're the one deciding!
April: What?!
Jackson: April, you're always deciding! You decide to go to Jordan. You decide to leave. You decide to stay. You decide you need me, then you decide you don't. You decide we can talk. You decide we cannot.
April: I don't want to talk because I know what you're gonna say! You're gonna say you love me but...
Jackson: You don't know what I'm going to say!
April: I'm pretty sure I do.
Jackson: It doesn't matter! You don't!
April: Fine! Then go ahead! Say it.

Jo: This isn't working. I need someone in my corner, and the more I look at it, the only person I have is me.
Alex: Jo...
Jo: And I don't want to make you choose between me and your friends... Your friend... But I can't keep feeling like everyone's second choice, especially not yours. So, I'm gonna go stay with Steph for a while.
Alex: Jo, stop. (he shows her the ring)
Jo: Oh, my God. Alex...
Alex: Yeah?
Jo: You suck at proposing!
Alex: What, you don't like it?
Jo: No, it's not... It's... It's when you do it! Either I'm falling apart, or you're falling apart, and then you just do this crazy, sweeping thing.
Alex: What, do you think I got this at the 7-Eleven? Mer has been holding on to this for a month so you wouldn't see it in my freaking underwear drawer. All day, she's been trying to pass it off to me without you seeing it.
Jo: You think this will make everything okay, but you don't listen.
Alex: I am listening. You're saying you need someone in your corner. I'm right here, Jo. I'm in your corner.

Stephanie: Jo, if they don't see what a good surgeon you are, it's not your fault. It's theirs.

Arizona: I found the one!
Richard: Oh, good. Now you can help me find an arterial line kit.

Richard: Why don't you write her a little note? You know, the ones with the boxes that you can check, and I'll pass it along.
Arizona: Mm. Don't you think that sounds a little childish?
Richard: Yes, it does! I'm not gonna wingman a patient for you!

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