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You know your tailbone? It used to be a tail. That pink part in the corner of your eye? It used to be a third eyelid. The appendix used to help us digest tough foods. Now, it does nothing. The story of our evolution, is the story of what we leave behind, what we've discarded. Our bodies only hang on to the things we absolutely need. The things we have no longer use for, we give up. We let go. Why does it feel so good to get rid of things? To unload? To let go? Maybe because when we see how little we need to make us survive, it makes us realize how powerful we actually are. To strip down to only what we really need. To hang on to only what we can't do without, what we need. Not just to survive but to thrive.

Throwing it All Away is the fifteenth episode of the tenth season and the 211th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[]

Arizona has a bad day which escalates when she advises one of Callie's patients on a potential double amputation. Derek goes back on a promise to Callie, and Jo and Stephanie come across an abandoned baby outside the hospital. Meanwhile, the doctors deal with the repercussions of the non-fraternization rule, which include meetings with HR and one doctor's suspension.

Full Summary[]

Arizona gets up out of bed and stretches. When she goes to grab her leg, she sees that is has juice spilled on the knee. She calls for Sofia.

Owen and April are treating a car crash victim with a severe head wound. They are attempting to resuscitate. While doing chest compressions, April looks over at the registration desk and sees a woman who is talking to the nurse, asking for Donald Mercer.

Stephanie is walking toward the ER when she sees Jackson and hides behind a shelf.

Callie enters their bedroom with a box to see Arizona blow-drying her leg. Callie asks for an explanation and Arizona says that Sofia spilled juice on it and could have fried the microprocessor in the knee. She says that she's told Sofia not to play with her legs, but Callie points out that she actually never has. Then Callie says she found something while unpacking and wants to know where Arizona wants them. It's her wheelie sneaks. Arizona tells her to put them in the trash. When Callie challenges her, she says it's fine.

April is able to get a heart rhythm, but Owen says there are signs of brain death.

At the registration desk, Marie Mercer is crying and saying she needs to see her husband.

Jo presents the case of Jared Cole, who has Byler's disease and has severe jaundice, edema, and frequent fevers. Arizona notes that if the bile continues to build up, they're looking at cirrhosis or liver failure. His mom asks if that means he needs to go on the transplant list, but Alex says they have one more chance, a diversion procedure. They'll take a piece of his intestine and create a hole through which the bile can drain. Jared asks if he'll have a hole in his stomach. Arizona comes around to the side of his bed and says she knows it sounds weird, but it's their best shot to avoid him feeling sick all the time and looking like an Oompa Loompa. She asks if that sounds good, but he's distracted by her leg. Her pant leg has gotten caught, revealing several inches of her prosthetic. He asks her if she's a robot. His mom scolds him, but Arizona says it's okay and says she's not a robot, but she's almost that cool. She explains that she lost her leg and they had to give her a new one. He asks if she can jump really high. She says no, but then mouths yes.

Alex complains about having to cut into Jared's healthy intestine to put a hole in his belly, but Arizona says they're out of options. She sends Jo to do labs before they take him to surgery. Owen comes up and says that Jo is off peds, so Arizona will have to assign someone else. Furthermore, Alex is suspended for three days, meaning no surgery. It would have been a slap on the wrist, but then he told off the board. Owen sends Jo to the ER as Alex explains about Jared's surgery and how him being suspended would interfere with patient care. Owen says Arizona can take the case. Alex leaves angrily and Arizona tells Owen, "Thanks. Makes my day real easy." Then he breaks the news that it's about to get worse. HR wants to talk to her because the anonymous HR complaint came from Leah Murphy. They legally have to investigate and they want her to answer questions. That might be the end of it, but Arizona asks what if it isn't. Owen shrugs. She says she doesn't have time for that, but he just tells her that she's to have no contact with Leah Murphy.

Meredith and Derek are walking when Callie comes up behind them and asks Derek if he's going to stop by the lab today, because they're losing their phase two momentum. He says he plans to, but then remembers that they're setting up his new office and he needs to grab a sensor so they can duplicate it. Callie asks if he's still going to have time to do their thing. He says he hopes so and plans to. She says to let her know when he's ready. After Callie has walked away, Meredith makes fun of Derek, saying that was a blow-off, despite his objections.

Cristina is reluctant to work with Shane. Richard says Shane needs to feel like he has support. He's finding his footing. Cristina is worried that it's due to her influence that he lost his footing in the first place because they had an intimate relationship. Richard knows and that's why they have the new rule. Cristina says she thinks it's a bad idea and that Owen will too. Richard says Owen told him to keep an eye out for Shane and as far as she's concerned, he will always be The Chief. She tells him, "Yes, sir."

Stephanie is sitting out by the dumpsters and Jo brings coffee for her. Jo apologizes for what she said and how she blamed Stephanie for the complaint. Stephanie heard about Jo and Alex getting busted and Jo laments having to miss out on Jared's surgery because of it so that they can keep her and Alex on separate floors. Stephanie says she wants a rule that will keep her away from Jackson. She's afraid she'll nut punch him if they're alone together, so she's taking a break every time he's in the ER. Jo says Stephanie should nut punch Jackson. Stephanie wonders what she was to Jackson that he could dump her and marry another woman just like that. She angrily kicks a box and hears a baby cry, piquing their interest.

In the ER, Arizona takes the baby out of the box and notes that he's still warm. Stephanie says that his pulse is weak and he's breathing fast. Arizona estimates that he's 8-9 months old. She sees a scar on his chest, indicating that he's had surgery. She tells them to get him up to the PICU. Stephanie goes to get a peds gurney while Arizona tells Jo to get prints and identifying marks and call the police so they can find out who the baby is. As she exits the bay, Stephanie comes by with the gurney and hits Arizona, knocking her to the floor. Arizona says that Stephanie broke her leg and Stephanie looks horrified to see Arizona's prosthetic sticking out at a weird angle. Arizona says it's okay because she has another one in her car.

Arizona is sitting on a hospital bed in the ER across from Jo when Bailey comes in and asks what happened. Arizona says she's fine and starts to explain what happened. Owen comes in and Arizona again says she's fine and starts to explain, saying her leg got broken and someone's bringing her a spare. Stephanie then comes in with her backup leg. Stephanie apologizes, but Arizona says she should go page cardio and do a workup on the baby. Jo wants to go with, but Owen asks what baby and when Jo explains, he reminds her that she's not on peds and can't be on the case. He has a patient for her. Arizona asks Bailey to assist on Jared's surgery since Alex can't do it, which Bailey happily accepts. Callie comes in and shoos everyone else out. She asks if Arizona is okay and Arizona says her neck's a little sore and her leg is broken. She has to wear her old beater leg, which chafes her, but it's better than nothing until her regular leg is fixed. Callie helps her put the leg on and asks her if she can round on Alyssa Cramer, who is back for scar revision. Arizona reluctantly tells Callie that HR wants to talk to her because the claim came from Leah Murphy. Callie asks if Arizona's good and when she says yes, Callie stands up and leaves.

Jo knows she broke a rule, but doesn't feel like it's fair for her to be punished in a way she feels inhibits her education. Owen points out that she spends more time on Peds than any other service. She counters that she's interested in peds. Owen says he wants her to have a well-rounded education. He shows her her patient, Donald Mercer. He tells her what happened to Donald and says they're waiting the six hours to declare him brain dead so they can harvest his organs. Jo has to make sure that his organs are in optimal condition for donation and then she can scrub in on the harvest surgery, which Jo points out is basically six surgeries in one.

April tells Owen that Donald's wife has filled out the donor paperwork, but she wants a few minutes with him to say goodbye. Thom comes up behind her and asks to speak with them. He knows it's not a good time for it, but it can't wait and says that he donated a kidney to Donald four months ago. He wants to know if he can have the kidney back. April is stunned.

Derek is video chatting with Lloyd, but his camera isn't working, so Lloyd can't see him. Lloyd asks if he got all the paperwork, which he did and if he plans to send one of the sensors, which he does. Then Lloyd tells him he has to discontinue all other work with the sensors. Derek says his work with Callie is on-going. Lloyd says that their NIH grant depends on the use of the sensors being proprietary to their research. Derek says he doesn't think Callie will understand and he doesn't like it. Lloyd says they hired him and his sensors come with him.

Cristina is examining the baby when Arizona comes in with her leg squeaking every step. Arizona asks for an update and Cristina says he's had a median sternotomy and a few chest tubes, low SATs, high BP, and Failure to Thrive. Arizona asked if Cristina has cuddled him. She says she hasn't. Arizona says that if she were left in a cardboard box, all she'd want is some cuddles. Cristina says she'd want a cardiac cath to confirm that she'd had a coarctation of her aorta. Nevertheless, Arizona scoops the baby up as Cristina says that he's like a puzzle she can't solve. Arizona asks the baby if he's had a coarctation of his aorta. Shane comes up and says the hospital has no record of the baby being a patient there and the police are getting statements from Jo and Stephanie. Arizona gets paged. She tells Cristina to page her when she's done with the cath and asks Shane to take the baby. He is reluctant, but Cristina tells him to do it, so he allows Arizona to hand him the baby. As Arizona walks away, still squeaking, Cristina asks about it, but Arizona waves it off, saying it's a long story. After Arizona is gone, Shane asks if he can put down the baby. Cristina says he needs to be cuddled and she's not doing it.

Stephanie goes to enter an elevator and sees that Jackson is on it. She still enters and he asks if he heard right that she had found a baby. She confirms that it's true. He asks if the baby is okay and she says he's probably pretty traumatized after being cast aside. He wants a talk with her, but she says he wants to get out of her way so she can leave.

Alex tells Meredith about his suspension, saying she bangs a co-worker and gets a house and two kids while he gets suspended. Meredith says she knows she's a hypocrite. He tells her about the surgery he's supposed to be doing on Jared Cole and asks Meredith if she'll talk Owen into starting his sentence after Jared's surgery. Meredith says she will. He thanks her, but still reminds her that she's a hypocrite and she sucks.

Cristina asks Meredith if she heard about the baby that Jo and Stephanie found. Meredith says that Emma Marling came to her house to ask for a key to the trailer. Cristina asks why Meredith is telling her and Meredith says she's gossiping. She wanted the key to get her stuff because she and Owen are over. Cristina asks why. Meredith doesn't know, but doesn't think it was Emma's idea. Cristina's not sure if she's happy or sad at the news.

Arizona and Callie go to enter the room of Alyssa Cramer, who is telling her father that she's in a lot of pain. They are fighting. Callie and Arizona enter and asks what's going on. Alyssa says they're going to do another surgery, yet she'll still be in pain. Callie says she knows Alyssa's symptoms are worsening, but today's surgery will hopefully help with that, but Alyssa says that Callie has said that after the past few surgeries, but they haven't helped either. Above her father's objections, Alyssa asks them to amputate both her legs so she can get prosthetics and do all the things she wants to do. Her father says she's been talking about it for the last few months and wants them to explain why they can't just do that. Alyssa objects that she is in pain all the time and can't do the things she wants to do. Callie sits on the edge of Alyssa's bed and says it's been a long road. She shows Alyssa pictures of her feet, starting when she was a baby. Callie says she knows that it's hard, but this is when she has to be brave and push through and have faith because it will work. She looks to Arizona to back her up, but Arizona isn't so sure, which shocks Callie.

Callie is upset that Arizona didn't back her up, but Arizona says Callie shouldn't just dismiss the option out of hand. Derek approaches and wants to talk to Callie, but Callie asks him to wait a minute. She says it sounds like Arizona is asking her to throw away three years of work. She turns to Derek and asks what he needs, but Derek says it's nothing and leaves.

Cristina tells Shane that someone tried to fix the baby's coarctation and did a bad job because it's closing up again, so she needs to re-open it. She asks if Shane noticed anything about the baby's mitral valve. He says he didn't, but Cristina challenges him to try harder to solve the puzzle. He figures out what she's asking about and he has the trifecta of congenital heart defects. Shane says that answers the question of why they abandoned him. He'd already had surgery and will need at least two more, so someone thought he was more trouble than he's worth.

Jo is tending to her patient when Alex comes in. She tries to shoo him away, but he asks what she's doing. She explains and he says he's off peds and Jo is arranging a meat platter. Jo says she'll show Owen by keeping the guy so healthy that someone could use his appendix. That sparks an idea in Alex. Owen sees him in there and says he'll turn three days into a week. Alex is upset and asks if he got too close to Jo and an alarm went off.

April is explaining to Thom that as a donor organ, it can't be given back to him. He says it's his, but April says that when he agreed to be a donor, he gave the kidney away. Thom says Donald isn't using it anymore and he's still down one kidney. Thom also loaned Donald his bike and probably won't get that back. She says transplanting the kidney put strain on it and to try it again so soon would be bad for him and the kidney, which she mistakenly calls his, giving him hope. She excuses herself.

Arizona is bandaging her residual limb with Bailey's help when Alex comes in to tell her about his idea to use Jared's appendix to create the stoma, which would be a better option as it would create a smaller hole and he's not using his appendix, so it's better than removing a portion of his intestine. Then he notices that Arizona's leg is exposed and he turns away, apologizing. Arizona says it's not a big deal. Alex asks if she's okay and she says it's just a blister. She says that using the appendix sounds good. He offers to go prep the patient, but she says he still can't scrub in. Bailey says that Alex came off his hinges when he saw her with her leg off. Arizona says you get two looks: without the leg, people pity you, but with the leg, you're amazing and brave or a robot.

Cristina asks Owen if there's any news from the police about the baby. He says no, but social services is on it. Owen asks about the baby, whom Cristina says needs a mitral valve repair, which she'll do tomorrow as he's been through enough for one day. Owen tries to go back to what he was doing, but Cristina closes the door and grills him about Emma, saying he's an idiot for breaking up with her because she was perfect for him. He doesn't want to talk about it. She asks if it's because of what happened with them, but he says he knows what that was and that's not it. She asks him why and he asks why she's so upset about it. She struggles to answer. He asks if it's because of what happened in the trailer. He says he'll tell her if she answers him.

Herb Cramer stops Arizona ask she walks past the nursing station. He asks her if she has children and she says she has a little girl. He asks how she can have a kid still recommend that he allow them to amputate Alyssa's legs. Arizona says it's ultimately Alyssa's decision, but he needs to help her make it. He asks if Arizona thinks her life will be better with no legs, if kids won't stare or make fun of her because she's "crippled." Arizona corrects, "disabled," but Herb doesn't care what she calls it and asks how she can say that. Arizona pulls up her pant leg and shows him her prosthetic, saying she never thought she'd carry her daughter again or be a doctor, but with her prosthetic, there's very little she can't do. He asks her when she got the leg and she says she had it when they met. He never noticed, but she questions why he would notice. She says Alyssa's condition is severe. The pain won't get worse, but it will never stop. Herb says it's just the two of them and he doesn't want to make the wrong decision. She says she knows because Alyssa is his little girl.

Nicole brings in a man with tightness his chest, which may be heart-related or may be enchilada-related. Stephanie directs them to Trauma Room 2. Nicole asks if Stephanie has done anymore bowling for doctors. Nicole says what she did to Arizona is all over the radio and next time, she should try to take out Kepner. Stephanie turns around and, to her horror, hits Jackson with a gurney. Nicole says that that works, too.

As he is led to a bed, Jackson insists that he's fine. He asks Stephanie if Arizona was her warmup. Richard says he's about to take Jackson's pants off and tells Stephanie to go somewhere she won't be a danger to others. As he closes the curtain, April rips it open and asks what happened. Jackson again insists that he's fine and says he got hit by a gurney. April is shocked and looks at Stephanie, who leaves to a round of applause from the ER.

Meredith wants to talk to Owen about Alex, but he turns toward Arizona and asks if she's been to see HR yet. She hasn't had a chance because they've been developing a biliary diversion using the appendix. He says he wants the residents to observe that surgery, but reminds her that HR needs that statement. She sends Bailey to prep the patient and Bailey says she'll take Meredith, but Meredith protests that it's Alex's patient, so he should be doing the surgery. Owen says Alex is suspended, so Meredith has to be on the case. She is not thrilled.

Meredith goes to tell Derek what Owen just told her. Derek says he has to tell Callie that she can't use his sensors anymore. Meredith says he should tell Callie that he made a promise to her, but instead, he's going to spend all his time and energy on something else. It worked when he told her that. She says Callie knows how research works and Derek should just tell her. He asks if she thinks Alex will be understanding about her taking over his surgery, but she says there's no way she's telling him.

April asks if Jackson talked to Stephanie yet. He hasn't. She asks if Stephanie hit him on purpose. He doesn't think she did. He asks if she talked to Matthew. She says she left a message, but Nicole told her that Matthew quit and then called her a name. April asks him to apologize to Stephanie for both of them and he says he's trying.

April turns around and is startled by Thom, who asks if she's thought more about it. She says she hasn't and, seeing Owen walk by, asks him if they give back donor organs when the recipient dies. He says no, that U.N.O.S. is very strict about that. He asks why Thom wants the organ. Thom says it's the principle. He donated the organ for a purpose, to save Donald's life, and now it's just being discarded, so he thinks he has a right to get the kidney back. Owen asks if Thom's other kidney is failing and Thom says it could. April says he's fine, but Thom questions her on that. April fakes a page and she and Owen make a quick getaway. Owen asks April if Thom is stalking her.

Callie tells Arizona that Herb Cramer told her that Arizona is pushing him toward amputation. She says she wasn't pushing, but amputation is the right thing to do. Callie has done palliative amputations before. Callie says that that was on a soldier, not a child. She's been working on Alyssa's legs for three years, but Arizona points out that it's not working. Arizona thinks that before Arizona's amputation, Callie would have seen amputation as the right choice for Alyssa. Arizona thinks that Callie is scared to do the amputation and she's worried that it's her fault. She thinks she's made Callie reluctant to make that call. Before they can continue, Anne from HR tells Arizona that she's ready for her. Arizona says a quick goodbye.

Anne says there's just a few questions she needs to answer and it won't take long. Arizona passes a room in which Leah is talking to another HR worker. They make eye contact through the glass.

Shane is defibrillating the baby, but Cristina objects that his heart can't take it. Shane knows that and used a different technique to try to stabilize him. He thinks it has worked. Cristina says it was a good call, but they need to take the baby to surgery.

Callie is confused and upset about the sensors having to be proprietary to Derek's new research. She asks if it's going to keep him from doing the new project. After a moment of silence, she realizes that he's bailing on their research. He says he's trying to fight them. She says that he's taking their ball and is going to play with his new friends. The last six months of work has been a complete waste of her time.

Anne is asking Arizona about a surgery involving herself, Callie, and Leah. Arizona answers the question and clarifies that at that point and afterward, there was no romantic or sexual contact between her and Leah. Arizona gets paged for an emergency and says she'll have to come back, but Anne says she doesn't need to as they have everything they need. She says if she's being accused of something, she should have more time to, but Anne cuts her off, saying that the complaint wasn't filed against her. Arizona realizes in horror that the complaint was filed against Callie.

Cristina is scrubbing in on the baby's surgery when Arizona comes in and asks what happened. Cristina explains that Oscar's mitral valve blew and says she's preparing to operate. Arizona says she was stuck in HR. Cristina asks if Leah is coming after her, but Arizona says it's worse, that she's coming after Callie. Cristina asks why. Arizona says she doesn't know, but then clarifies that she knows, but she doesn't want to believe it. Then she puts together that Cristina is calling the baby Oscar because he was found in a trash can. Cristina asks if Arizona needs to be in on Jared Cole's surgery, because she can handle Oscar's heart surgery on her own because she has Shane. Arizona gets paged by Callie and leaves.

Arizona tells them to have Bailey start without her and she'll be there as soon as she can as she approaches Callie. Callie says that Alyssa and her dad have asked for her. They enter her room together. Herb says he needs to hear again that it's the right idea. Arizona says Callie has done anything anyone can do to stop the pain, but it's not working and Callie agrees. She'll be in pain for the rest of her life. She'll never run and he'll never walk her down the aisle unless they amputate. He looks at Alyssa for a moment and asks them to schedule a double amputation instead of the planned scar revision. He wants her pain to stop. Callie says okay. Alyssa hugs her father and thanks him.

At the nurses' station, Callie says it's fine, but it's just one more thing. Arizona tells her that HR wants to talk to her because the complaint was filed against her, not Arizona. Owen was supposed to tell her, but Arizona asked if she could because she thought it might be easier coming from her. Callie says she has to push the amputation, but Arizona says she can do it and asks Callie to come find her when she's done talking to HR and apologizes, but Callie says she just got through a malpractice suit and now she has to deal with Leah trying to ruin her reputation. She swears she can't take any more of this.

Cristina says Oscar's heart has so many abnormalities and it's very fragile, so they have to be delicate. She tells Shane she wants to ask him something, but there are new rules. He tells her just to ask. She says that she thought the complaint might have been him. He says it wasn't, which she knows, but it made her wonder if he felt like she was taking advantage of him, because that wasn't her intention. He says he didn't and she says that's good, but then says that sounds like coercion, like she's telling him how to feel. He counters that he didn't take it like that and she asks if he's just trying to get in her good graces. He says he's not and she says he never has to do that. He doesn't have get Derek coffee or fix Callie's baby schedule or relax her. He's too good a doctor for that. She says in ten years, he'll look back and be relieved that he didn't. He doesn't know if he'll be a doctor in ten years, but she says he will be. He better be. He says that THAT'S coercion.

Jo and Stephanie are watching Jared Cole's surgery. Stephanie says that should be Jo down there, but she doesn't care because she's doing an organ recovery. She'll be on multiple services at once. Stephanie says she has to go up to HR to fill out an accident report. Jo thinks it's for hitting Arizona with the gurney, but Stephanie says it's because she hit Jackson with a gurney. Jo is shocked, but offers her fist, which Stephanie bumps. Jo gets paged and leaves just as Alex comes in and sees Meredith operating with Bailey.

In the OR, Bailey says that Arizona should be there to see it, the appendix is holding. She asks Meredith to check the stoma. When Meredith reaches for something, she sees Alex watching from the gallery and alerts Bailey to his presence.

Jo comes into Donald's room to see him coding. Nurse Ruth says he's already gone, but Jo won't accept that.

Arizona is scrubbing in when Leah comes in. Arizona asks why she's there. Leah says Arizona asked for a resident and Leah was the only one available. Arizona says to forget it; she'll do it herself. Leah asks if Arizona's really going to refuse to work with her. Arizona says she cared for Leah and liked her and that's all it was and she's sorry she hurt Leah, but if Leah's going to come after her wife because of that, but Leah interrupts that she knows what their relationship was. She's not a child. She never thought of it in terms of work, but claims Arizona brought it into work and her telling Callie caused Callie not to teach her in a moment that put the patient at risk. Leah claims that both Arizona and Callie caused her to put a patient in danger. Arizona never thought that ... Leah says she was thinking about herself. It wasn't fair and she had to say something because it shouldn't happen again, to her or anyone else.

As Arizona amputates, she is explaining each step to Leah. She asks if she's watching because she's going to do the other leg herself.

Alex checks on Jared after his surgery. Jared's feeling much better and is less jaundiced. Alex says he had to watch to make sure they didn't screw it up. He fist bumps Jared and leaves.

Alex sees Meredith and asks if that was her having his back because that was cold. She says Alex was suspended so someone had to be in there. She offers him a "love contract" to sign and have Jo sign that will clear their relationship as far as HR is concerned. He says it's stupid, but Meredith says it'll work. He doesn't want to sign it because he's already scared Jo. Jo wants to be a surgeon. She came from nothing to get there and if he gets in the way of that, she'll leave him. Meredith tells him just to sign the stupid paper.

Cristina tells Shane to watch Oscar overnight and if it drops too low to page her. The social worker is there to take Oscar's case. Cristina asks if that's Oscar's file. The social worker says that it is. Cristina gives the social worker Shane's name to go into the file. She says the adoptive parents will have question and in ten years, Oscar will have questions and Shane will be there to answer them.

April is leaving when Thom approaches her again and says he could sue them. She says that he signed away his rights when he agreed to be a donor. Thom counters that Donald broke the deal because Thom gave him the kidney to use and he has thrown it away. April threatens to call security if he doesn't back off. Jo comes up and tells April that Donald has died and now all the organs are going into the trash. April informs her that Thom is Donald's friend, which shocks her and she apologizes. Thom is saddened and shocked. April explains what has happened and says that Donald is gone. Thom says it's not fair and Donald has been his best friend since 7th grade. Thom was supposed to have saved his life with the kidney. April leads him away, consoling him.

Arizona is changing the bandage on her blister when Cristina comes in and says Oscar is doing well. She sees what Arizona is doing and cringes. Arizona says it's been a bad leg day and Cristina says she's had one of those, too. Arizona asks what would have happened if Jo and Stephanie hadn't found Oscar when they did. Cristina says he would have died. Arizona says that he didn't, that he gets to grow up and be someone and have a whole life. Cristina agrees. After a moment of silence, Cristina asks if Arizona still has dreams about it. Arizona says she does, especially when she's anxious. The day before Sofia started pre-school, she dreamt about it all night, about Mark and Lexie and Jerry the pilot. Cristina says she dreams about Arizona screaming. Arizona reaches between them and clasps Cristina's hand in hers. She tells her good job and they agree that Oscar is a lucky kid. Arizona goes to put her leg back on.

Anne tells Jackson about the paperwork she needs for him to fill out. She says it won't take long. They pass by a room where Callie is talking to an HR worker. Anne puts Jackson in a room with Stephanie, who is also filling out paperwork. He says he can wait, but she's almost done anyway. Stephanie asks how Jackson's leg is and he says it's fine. He asks how she is. She says she didn't see him coming, but that's not what he meant. She knows that. He apologizes to her. He says he didn't know what he was going to do until he did it. He told himself that he didn't want April and she didn't want him. He says he didn't see it coming and he didn't want to hurt her. He doesn't know how he can make it better. She says he can't, but they both got a day to remember. He got a day to tell his grandkids about and she got to feel like she wasn't enough. She's never been pitied like this before. He says he knows and she can hit him with as many gurneys as she wants because he will feel guilty about it for the rest of his life. She says he can do that, but she's done feeling bad about it. She's done caring about him. He just exists to her. She doesn't care.

Arizona is home and again changing her bandage. Callie comes in, pulling off her jacket. Arizona asks how it went and Callie just says she's going to bed and heads toward the bathroom. Arizona says she thinks Leah was right. Callie says of course she was right. Callie says she mistreated her and she was petty because Arizona slept with her. Callie keeps thinking they're okay and they bought a house, but then things like this happen and she's not sure they'll ever be okay. She says today she lost her research, she failed a patient, and now she has a disciplinary note in her file that will follow her forever, so she's going to bed. She goes to leave again. Arizona starts to apologizing, saying she's been thinking about herself. Callie says she can't listen to Arizona apologize again because Arizona has made it hard for Callie to keep forgiving her and she goes to leave again. Arizona stops her by saying that for over a year since the plane crash, she's been thinking about herself. She had to figure out how to be her again. She used to be someone who was always happy. She used to skate at work and then the plane crash happened any everything was hard and everything took planning. And her life felt like it didn't fit her anymore and she wanted to tear it all down and start over. She wanted to throw it all away and find a life that fit who she is now. She's starting to feel like she knows who she is again. She's had to give up things, but she's learned that she doesn't need much to be happy, she doesn't even need two legs, but she needs Callie. She needs her daughter and her wife. She's afraid that now that she's learned that, she's made Callie give up on her. Callie leaves the room and Arizona bursts into tears. A few moments later, Callie comes back in with a box, pulling Arizona's wheelie sneaks out. She goes to put one of the shoes on Arizona, saying that Arizona shouldn't have to give up anything.

Owen is leaving the hospital when Cristina comes up. She says she'll tell Owen why she's upset. It's because Emma was perfect for him and you don't just throw something like that away. She wants Owen to be happy. He asks if she wants him to be happy or if she just wants him squared away so she can stop feeling guilty about not giving him what he wants. He says it's that or she wants to see him get married off so she can stop thinking about him. She jokingly says that that's the one.

Outside their house, Callie is helping Arizona skate around on the sidewalk. Arizona almost falls, but they just laugh and keep trying.


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Medical Notes[]

Donald Mercer[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Skull fracture
    • Other MVC injuries
  • Treatment:
    • Resuscitation
    • Life Support

Donald was brought into the hospital after an MVC in which he went through the windshield, sustaining a skull fracture. They were able to re-establish a heart rhythm, but his lack of pain response and reflexes led them to determine that he was brain dead. While they were waiting the six hours to declare him officially brain dead so they could retrieve his organs for donation, he became unstable and died.

Alyssa Cramer[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Arthrogryposis
  • Treatment:
    • Bilateral leg amputation

Alyssa was initially scheduled to have scar revision as an attempt to reduce her pain. However, she decided she wanted a bilateral amputation so she could end her pain and get prosthetics to live her life. Her father was opposed to the idea, but after speaking with Arizona and hearing of her personal experience, he agreed to let them amputate.

Jared Cole[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Byler's Disease
    • Jaundice
    • Edema
    • Fevers
  • Treatment:
    • Biliary diversion

Due to his Byler's Disease, Jared had severe bile build-up in his body, causing severe jaundice and edema. As a last-chance efforts, a biliary diversion using part of his intestine to create the stoma was planned. However, Alex had the idea to use Jared's appendix instead, which would create a smaller opening and therefore allow Jared to have a more normal life.

Arizona Robbins[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Broken prosthetic
    • Neck soreness
    • Blister
  • Treatment:
    • Bandaging

While exiting a bay in the ER, Arizona was hit by a gurney pushed by Stephanie Edwards. She fell to the ground, breaking her prosthetic leg. She replaced her broken leg with her old "beater leg" which caused a blister to form on her left thigh, which she bandaged with the help of Miranda Bailey.

Jackson Avery[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Knee injury
  • Treatment:

Jackson was hit by a gurney pushed by Stephanie Edwards, causing an injury to his knee.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Failure to Thrive
    • Coarctation of the aorta
    • Parachute Mitral valve
    • Supravalvular mitral ring
    • Shone's Complex
    • Mitral valve rupture
  • Treatment:
    • Re-opening
    • Mitral valve repair
    • Redo sternotomy

"Oscar" was found in a box by the dumpsters outside the hospital. When he was examined by Cristina, she determined that he'd had a median sternotomy. He'd had a coarctation of his aorta, which someone tried to fix, but did poorly, which necessitated her to re-open it. While she was doing that, she discovered that he also had a parachute mitral valve and supravalvular mitral ring, leading to the diagnosis of Shone's Complex, the trifecta of heart defects.

ER Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

Paramedics brought in a 46-year-old patient who was complaining of tightness in the chest.


Song Performer Scene
"Just Like Heaven" (originally by The Cure) Joy Zipper
  • The episode starts: Arizona rises from bed and goes to pick up her prosthesis. 
  • Owen and April work on Donald, a car crash victim. He's brain dead.
  • Callie finds Arizona's wheelie sneaks. Arizona says they are trash.
"Maneater" '(originally by Hall & Oates) Graham Fink
  • Arizona and Callie argue over whether Callie should amputate a patient's legs.
  • Anne leads Arizona into her office. She sees Leah.
  • Cristina and Shane take Oscar back into surgery.
  • Derek tells Callie about the sensors.
  • Anne tells Arizona the complaint isn't against her.
"Tainted Love" Gloria Jones
  • Meredith and Bailey are operating on Jared when Alex comes in and sees them.
  • Jo is paged to the ER and sees that Donald has become unstable.
  • Leah comes in to operate with Arizona.
"Time After Time" (originally by Cyndi Lauper) The Wind + the Wave
  • Callie comes home and argues with Arizona.
  • Arizona says she's been selfish and she's afraid she's made Callie give up on her.
  • Callie brings out her wheelie sneaks.
  • Owen and Cristina talk about Emma.
  • Callie helps Arizona skate around on her wheelie sneaks.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode's title originated from the song Throwing it All Away, originally sung by Genesis.
  • This episode scored 7.36 million viewers.
  • Filming for this episode was scheduled from December 19, 2013 to January 15, 2014, with a break from December 23, 2013 to January 3, 2014.
  • This is the first episode to be directed by Chris Hayden, who has been an assistant director since the pilot episode.
  • Callie's palliative amputation on a soldier is mentioned, which took place in the episode Here's to Future Days.
  • This episode features a cover of Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time, from which Time After Time's title originated.
  • Goof: When presenting Jared Cole's case, Arizona refers to possible "psoriasis" when she clearly means cirrhosis.


Episode Stills[]

Behind the Scenes[]


Stephanie: If I find myself alone in a room with Jackson, I'm afraid I'm gonna nut punch him. Every time he has a consult in the ER today, I'm taking a break.
Jo: You shouldn't. You should nut punch him. We'd all wanna see that.

Arizona: Have you cuddled him?
Cristina: No, I have not.
Arizona: Well, if I were left in a cardboard box, all I'd want is cuddling, right?
Cristina: Oh, I think I'd want a cardiac cath to confirm I've had a coarctation of my aorta.

Arizona: I think you broke my leg. It's all right. I have another one in my car.

Cristina: Are you squeaking?
Arizona: Long story.

Jackson: Did I hear you found a baby?
Stephanie: Yes. In a box, abandoned.
Jackson: Oh, is it all right?
Stephanie: I don't know. I imagine it's pretty traumatized, having been suddenly left behind, thrown aside.
Jackson: Stephanie...
Stephanie: Dumped, as it were, in the trash.
Jackson: Would you please let me talk?
Stephanie: You... you really want to get out of my way.

Nicole: You do any more bowling for doctors today?
Stephanie: What? You heard?
Nicole: Oh, it's all over the radio.
Stephanie: Oh, my God.
Nicole: Oh, I'm just saying, the next time you do it, try and take out Kepner.
(Stephanie accidentally hits Jackson with the gurney.)
Stephanie: Oh! Oh, God!
Nicole: That'll work, too.

Arizona: Yeah, there are two different looks that you get. Without the leg on, they feel sorry for you. And with the leg on, they think you're amazing and brave. Yeah. Or a robot.

Callie: Hey, Derek! Are you coming by the lab today? We're starting to lose all our phase-two momentum.
Derek: Yeah. Actually, they're setting up my new office today. Oh, you know what? I got to grab a sensor. The guys are gonna duplicate one.
Callie: Ah, Yes! The Washington guys, mappin' the brain. You're actually gonna have time to do this, too, though, right?
Derek: Yeah. I hope so. I plan to.
Callie: All right. Well, let me know when you're ready. (Callie walks away.)
Meredith: (mockingly to Derek) "Oh, yeah. Call me. We'll hang out." I haven't seen a blowoff like that since high school.
Derek: It was not a blowoff. (Meredith smirks.)

Derek: I have to tell Torres that the President won't let her use my sensors any more.
Meredith: Just tell her you made a promise to her, but instead, you're gonna spend your time and energy on something else. It worked when you told me.
Derek: I thought we were gonna help each other.
Meredith: You left yourself wide open there.

Alex: Three days I'm suspended from surgery. You bang a co-worker, and you get a house and two kids. I do it and I get suspended.
Meredith: I know. I'm a hypocrite, I've heard.

Callie: You partnered up with me, but now you're taking our ball and you're gonna go play with your new friends.

Owen: (sees Alex talking to Jo) Karev, don't make me turn three days into a week.
Alex: Did I get too close to Wilson? Did an alarm go off somewhere?

Jackson: Look, you can hit me with as many gurneys as you want to, because I'm gonna feel terrible about this for the rest of my life.
Stephanie: Okay. Well, you do that if you want to. I'm not. I'm not going to feel sad or angry or pitiable for one more minute, because I'm not gonna care about you. So, if I don't say hello or make small talk on the elevator or acknowledge your birthday or even acknowledge you're alive, it's because, to me, you just exist. Because I don't care.

Callie: I keep thinking we're okay. And we... we buy a house, and then this happens, and I'm not sure we'll ever be okay. And today I lost my research, I failed a patient, and now I have a disciplinary report that's gonna follow me forever. So I'm going to bed!
Arizona: I'm sorry. I feel like all I've been doing is thinking about myself.
Callie: God, I swear! I swear... I cannot listen to you apologize one more time. You have made it very hard to keep forgiving you!
Arizona: For over a year, since the plane crash, all I have been thinking about is myself. I had to figure out how to... be me. I used to be someone who was always happy. I woke up happy. I was someone who used to skate at work. And then this happened, and everything was hard and everything took thought and... and planning. And my life felt like it didn't fit me anymore. And I just... I wanted... I wanted to tear it all down and start over, just throw it away and find a life that fit who I am now. But I'm starting to feel like I know who I am again. And I've had to give up things, but what I've learned is that I don't need much. I don't need much to be happy. I don't even need two legs. But I do know... that I need you. I need Sofia, and I need you. And I'm... I'm afraid, (crying) Now that I've learned all of that, that I made you give up on me.
(Callie walks out, but returns with Arizona's wheelie sneaks.)
Callie: You shouldn't have to give up anything.

Cristina: You want to know why I'm upset? I'll tell you why.
Owen: Okay, why?
Cristina: She's what you wanted. You don't just throw away a future like that. I want you to be happy.
Owen: Do you?
Cristina: Of course!
Owen: Or do you just want to see me squared away?
Cristina: What does that mean?
Owen: It means, uh, you want to see me, you know, get what I want so you don't have to feel guilty anymore.
Cristina: About what?
Owen: About not giving it to me. (Cristina chuckles) Right? It's either that, or you just want to see me get married off so you're forced to stop thinking about me.
Cristina: Oh, that's it. That's the one.

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