Tiffany is a woman whose house caught on fire due to a faulty laptop cord.


Tiffany was using her computer and then left to use the bathroom. While she was gone, her laptop cord sparked and started a fire. She waited in the bathroom until help arrived and evacuated her. After she was taken outside, the fire was put out. She was asked if she was alone in the house and she said Charlie was inside. Inside the house, they looked for Charlie and found a dog. Dean picked up Charlie and took him outside, where he was reunited with Tiffany, who thanked him profusely. Dean later invited Tiffany to his place, where they hooked up. She bought steaks to thank the team for saving her and Charlie. Dean let her stay at his place until she found a new home. Charlie ended up staying with Dean because Tiffany's new place wasn't pet-friendly.



She has an ex-boyfriend she's still hung up on. She stalks him on social media.

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