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This page contains timelines from Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Station 19. All time references in the shows are listed, but those who are chronologically incorrect, are marked with a footnote (with an explanation of why it's wrong at the bottom of the page).


Grey's Anatomy Season 1[]

  • Seasons 1-3 take up a year and is reflected in the summer and autumnal weather of Season 1.
  • Seasons 1-3, Meredith, Cristina, Izzie, George, and Alex are 1st year surgical interns and in the first year of their surgical residency.
  • Bailey is in her fourth year of surgical residency. Torres is also in her fourth year of residency, but in her third year of ortho residency, as confirmed later in Season 6 by The Time Warp.
  • A Hard Day's Night takes place on July 1 to 3, as the intern's 48 hour shift starts in the morning July 1. The new interns always start on that date.
  • The first season roughly spans 2 months.
  • Derek moved to Seattle 6 weeks before the second episode.
  • Shake Your Groove Thing the Chief says Mrs. Drake was operated on in 1999 and later says the towel was in her for five years, making the year 2004, and this is clued to in the episode Winning a Battle, Losing the War, where we can see a sign for blood donation, which has the date Thursday January 8, 2004, which can tell us it is sometime in 2004 when this certain episode takes place (but the following season implies it is actually 2006).
  • The First Cut Is the Deepest finished roughly at 6pm.
  • The First Cut Is the Deepest lasts about 2 days.
  • If Tomorrow Never Comes takes place at least one month after Shake Your Groove Thing, as Meredith gets banned from the OR in the latter episode, and is allowed in the OR again in the former.
  • Save Me takes place before the 16th of the month it takes place in.

Grey's Anatomy Season 2[]

Grey's Anatomy Season 3[]

Grey's Anatomy Season 4[]

Grey's Anatomy Season 5[]

Grey's Anatomy Season 6[]

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Grey's Anatomy Season 16[]

Grey's Anatomy Season 17[]

Private Practice Season 1[]

  • Runs in parallel with Grey's Anatomy Season 4.
  • Violet reveals that she has fantasies of Bill Clinton leaving his wife for her in 2010.

Private Practice Season 2[]

Private Practice Season 3[]

Private Practice Season 4[]

Private Practice Season 5[]

Private Practice Season 6[]

Station 19 Season 1[]

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Station 19 Season 4[]


During the initial years of the show, the year set was never formally mentioned, however, as the show progressed, time frames began to be mentioned in the show, leading to continuity errors throughout the series, such as:

  1. In the beginning of Shake Your Groove Thing, Richard Webber mentioned that Stephanie Drake was treated at Seattle Grace Hospital back in '99 and Preston Burke said he was a CT fellow at the time, however, paperwork revealed on-screen during Cristina's investigation showed that the patient was treated on 10-18-2000.
  2. Shake Your Groove Thing is the first episode that mentions a year in dialogue, spoken by Richard Webber regarding a patient being treated in 1999. The cast during the episode mentions that this occurred five years ago, making the current in-universe year as 2004. Although the show premiered in early 2005, the medical education year begins in July, making the 2004 year correct as this episode takes place early in the surgical internship. However, because the following two seasons make up a year, the in-universe year is likely pushed forward to 2007, as it would align later, chronologically, in season 6 and later when each season would encompass the July start year.
  3. In "Let It Be" Miranda announces that she is pregnant, and nine episodes later, she has the baby. So, at least six months must have passed for Miranda to carry the baby to term, or she was already heavily pregnant when the show started (yet she only told others about the pregnancy in season 2). She did inform Richard that she was carrying a boy at the same time as she informed him she was pregnant, indicating that she is at least 18-20 weeks pregnant at that point.
  4. The year is later contradicted by Izzie who claimed it was 2009 in Season 5's Now or Never.
  5. Meredith tells Derek the previous night was Tuesday, meaning the episode takes place on Wednesday. Contrasting this, in a later episode, Ben tells Bailey was playing golf the day of the shooting and he once stated that he plays golf on Tuesdays. However, it's possible that in the time between when he told Bailey he played golf on Tuesdays and the time of the shooting, he changed the day he played golf to Wednesdays.
  6. In universe, she has been an attending closer to two years than one, so she was likely downplaying the number to get Richard to talk to Derek.
  7. This is obviously wrong, as March 4 is a week before March 11, and not four weeks and two days later.
  8. This date, shown on the surgical monitor, is incorrect, as Teddy mentions in All You Need is Love, which takes place on February 14, that Henry died one month ago.
  9. Arizona's cell phone shows the date is April 12, 2012, but this is most likely the date of filming rather than the in-universe time.
  10. There is, chronologically, a time jump of 4 months between Thriller and Map of You despite being stated otherwise in the episode's dialogue.
  11. Heather Brooks died in mid-to-late June, as she had not taken her intern exam as of yet, which would mean that it has been four months since her death.
  12. This is incorrect, as Puttin' on the Ritz takes place before Map of You, which takes place after July 1. Considering that this episode takes place after Thriller and thus October 31st, the time between Puttin' on the Ritz and Man on the Moon is more than 4 months.
  13. This is most likely the date of filming rather than the in-universe date, as earlier episodes took place in April.
  14. This is incorrect as the season should take place in early 2017 as seasons 12 and 13 together span one year, that starts on July 1, 2016.