Tom Waller is the son of Irving Waller.


Tom and his wife, Irene, came to the hospital with his father, who needed to have a growth removed from his back. However, once they were out of the room, he confessed that he really wanted a penis implant, which would allow him to have sex with his new girlfriend. They tried to talk him out of it and then tried to force him to move into their home, but they ultimately backed off. Irving's surgery was successful and afterward, his girlfriend came to visit him in the hospital.



He is married to Irene Waller.


He and his wife have a daughter, Janey, who is said to be pretty, but not that bright.

His father lives in a retirement home. He was appalled when he heard that his father wanted a penis pump implanted into his scrotum to allow him to get an erection so he could have sex with his girlfriend.