Tracy McConnell came to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in order to interview as the potential new Chief of Surgery.


Past AccomplishmentsEdit

She helped rebuild a hospital in Haiti and then took a team to Houston to build shelters after flooding.

Chief CandidacyEdit

Tracy came to Seattle to interview to be Chief of Surgery when the position became available. She was chosen by Catherine Avery to go against Miranda Bailey for the position. After touring the hospital with Bailey and Richard Webber, she gave her presentation to the board, which ended in applause. However, she ultimately lost the job to Bailey.

Aliyah HamedEdit

During her tour, they went into an operating gallery, where Tracy saw the doctors struggling to control a pulmonary artery bleed. She convinced them to do a sternotomy to control the bleeding even though they'd already done a thoracotomy and it would mean a second incision only a few inches from the first. It worked and they were able to save her life.


She is the head of cardiothoracic surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. During the course of her career, she started a non-profit that has done work in medicine all over the world.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She went to undergraduate and medical school at Yale.
  • She's a Sages Award recipient.
  • She was familiar with Richard's islet cell research and had wanted to meet him for years.


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