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Train in Vain is the sixth episode and mid-season premiere of the fourth season and the 49th overall episode of Station 19.

Short Summary[]

Carina and DeLuca pursue Opal, the woman suspected of sex trafficking. Meanwhile, Maya leaves Andy in charge for the yearly inspection, and Dean and Vic struggle to cope with the fallout Dean's traumatic arrest.

Full Summary[]

Locked up in the police station, Robert and Dean think back on the events that landed them there.

While Andy waits outside, the team waits as Maya argues with the officer at the desk. Vic shows the team footage of the arrests that was widely shared on social media. Officer Wicklund comes over with documents. The charges have been dropped.

As the sun rises, Dean and Robert are released. The team shares a group hug.

The team arrives at the station. Dean is relieved that Joyce was released. Maya checks if the team wants to work. Dean refuses to bring home all this rage to his perfect girl. Robert adds that today is inspection day. Maya thought it was tomorrow. It determines their entire budget for the year. It cannot be rescheduled. Robert needs to make a good impression so he can rebuild his career. Andy says they need to get this house in tip-top shape and make it through today. The team takes off to get to work. Dean appreciates Robert for running into that house with him.

Maya checks in with Carina and talks on her voicemail about the inspection and last night.

Carina and Andrew are tailing Opal. Andrew is on the phone with the police and reads the license plate. He explains the situation and why he thinks Opal is connected to the kidnapping case. Andrew admits he doesn't have proof of the connection. Since he is met with disbelief, he has the officer look up Erin Banks and asks them to follow up with him later. Andrew is determined not to lose Opal this time. He wants to call Maya.

Andy is caring for Robert's burn. He has been in similar situations before so it's mostly exhausting to him.

After a shower, Travis asks Dean if they are talking about it. Dean would rather not. Vic tells Travis to give him some room. They all wish they could take a nap.

Maya is videochatting with the DeLucas as Ben comes in to discuss a million worried texts from Andrew. Maya explains the situation to Ben. The DeLucas are hoping they can follow Opal to an address. Opal heads into an alley. The DeLucas pull over on the main street. Andrew photographs Opal as she meets with a suited man. Maya is worried for their safety. Andrew tells her to cut through the red tape and get the police there. Maya asks them to wait for the police but Andrew won't make promises.

While working the turnout room, Andy tells Jack she doesn't know how to process last night. For her, knowing Ryan and how tough his job could be, it was always firefighters and cops on the same side. But being married to a black man now, she saw it with different eyes.

Ben can't reach Bailey while Maya has been in touch with the PD. The detective assigned to the Cindy Wright/Erin Banks case is not in today so they need to find another one and get them up to speed. Ben suggests they try Ryan's old captain. While on hold, Maya confirms to Ben that Andrew has been stable for months. Maya is told the captain is not available.

Opal hands over the package to the man. Andrew takes a photo of his car as he drives off. The DeLucas then continue to follow Opal. Carina hates that Andrew has all this on his shoulders. Andrew feels like trying to make this right is what makes him different from their father. Carina thinks he is different from his father as he managed to diagnose Webber whilst in a manic episode, but Andrew says they only listened to him because of Meredith. Opal managed to escape before because he was too unstable and people didn't believe him. He refuses to let that happen again. Carina insists Andrew is nothing like their father.

Vic is watching Theo recommend her parents' restaurant on his social media. She turns it off when Travis approaches her. He knows she has a guy and demands to know everything about her secret romance. Vic decides not to tell him and walks off. Dean has finished checking his gear. He hasn't videochatted with Pru yet to prevent himself from crying. Maya and Ben walk up and inform the crew that the DeLucas are following Bob Corson's partner. Ben decides to take the aid car to go help them. Dean wants to tag along but Jack points out it's risky for him to possibly be arrested again. Jack and Ben take off while Maya asks the others to focus on the inspection. Dean yells at Maya for wanting to wait for the cops, like she ignored the black mother's cry for help yesterday. The girls had to start a fire to get attention.

The DeLucas park outside the Seattle transit center, a few spots behind Opal. Ben calls Andrew to inform them that they are on their way. Andrew texts him photos of Opal and their location. Ben warns them to keep their distance. Jack radios the Idaho license plates to Maya. Jack hates that he has been avoiding Dean because he does not know how to help. Ben confirms he can't understand this particular ache. Jack says there are a lot of good cops out there. Ben points out the difference of treatment of black men when they are not wearing their firefighter uniform. Ben advises Jack to give Dean some room and not force him to talk about his feelings or listen to Jack's. He can't make it about him. Dean will let him know when he's in the right place to talk about it. Maya informs him the car is registered to Bob Corson. Since they are likely trafficking over state lines, the FBI got involved and the cops are on their way.

Maya approaches Dean to inform him that the police and FBI were engaged. She apologizes for getting it wrong yesterday. He says it might be a minute before he accepts her apology.

Travis and Vic get to cleaning the ladder. Vic finally opens up and says she said no because the guy is also a firefighter. She needs to feel safe and not scared. She witnessed her worst childhood fear come true in the middle of a pandemic. Vic leaves to get more rags and coffee.

Maya calls Carina to tell her the cops are on their way. Opal then gets out of her car. Andrew goes to follow her, determined not to lose her again. Carina hangs up and runs after Andrew. She catches up to him as they enter the transit center. Carina answers a call from Ben and tells him they are following her through the train station. A passerby openly discriminates the DeLucas as they argue in Italian. Carina's loud reply draws attention from Opal. Andrew is quick to turn his back towards her, seemingly in time not to cause suspicion. As they continue to follow Opal, Carina says she thinks they are following her onto a train. Carina loses service. Ben and Jack decide to put on the sirens. Ben informs Maya that the DeLucas are getting on a train.

Carina pleads with Andrew to stop but he is determined. He says they can text Ben from the train. He thinks the license plates are not enough. Carina decides to come along.

Andy informs Maya that the station is looking pretty good right now. Maya says the battalion chief won't arrive for at least another hour. She puts Andy in charge since she is taking off help Carina. Andy reminds her that the inspection defines her role as captain, the first female captain of 19. Maya hates that that means she has to play by the rules to be considered as good as the men before her, but she can't play by the rules that she witnessed yesterday. So, she is going to follow her gut now and if that means this is her last day as Captain, she can live with that. Andy agrees to take over.

Travis finds a distract Vic spilling coffee in the kitchen. They clean up the coffeemaker and Travis apologizes for prying about the guy. Vic says those girls would be branded heroes on the cover of newspaper if they were white. She is tired of black women needing to scream before being listened to, while still screaming into a void most of the times. Black women shouldn't have to yell in the street and rely on men to save them. Black women give so much in exchange for so little. She risks her life every day for this city but it wouldn't do the same for her. She is so angry and sad that she can't calm down. She is trying to bounce back but she is tired of trying. Travis tells her not to calm down then. Vic then says them fire widows can die alone together.

Robert and Andy get changed into their official uniform. He misses his bugles. He admits that he hates that Maya is in charge over him. He will learn to live with it, clean up his messes, and makes his amends, but then he plans to claw his way back to where he belongs. He wonders if Andy hates that he got knocked back to grunts. Andy didn't marry him for his rank or title. She only cares that he is okay. Inspection day makes her feel her father's death all over again. Yesterday made her feel Ryan's loss again. Andy admits she feels brittle. After checking that his sponsor found it okay for them to be back together, she admits she wants to come home. He wants the same thing. She would like to kiss him but she cannot kiss a probie on inspection day.

The DeLucas are on the train conversing in Italian while keeping an eye on Opal, who has her back towards them. Ben texts Andrew to tell them they are meeting them at the next stop. The police will get on the train if Opal doesn't get off. Another passenger moves away from them. It's the first time the DeLucas get profiled for being Italian. Carina laughs at the idea of how their father would react. Andrew apologizes for her having to grow up with their father by herself. She apologizes for having lied to him when their mother died. She wanted to protect him. She recalls tucking him in and singing a song to him before he and their mother left for the States. He remembers the song. He wonders why their parents split them up. Carina admits it was her idea. She overheard her mother suggesting moving to the States to start fresh and her father screaming he would rather be left alone and childless. In that moment, she realized something was wrong with him. She knew how to handle him and she did not want Andrew to be stuck with him. She told their mother to take Andrew with her. She thinks the desperate need to help others is a family curse, even if it hurts. They then notice that Opal is looking at them. Carina tries to block Andrew from her view but they fear they have been burned.

Ben receives a text informing him about the situation. Ben hopes Andrew won't do anything stupid.

Carina knows Andrew wants to tackle Opal but she warns him it is too dangerous. Opal moves to the next train car while making a call. Andrew thinks the masks may have prevented Opal from recognizing them. Andrew goes to follow her to the next car but Carina stops him. It's too dangerous. He doesn't listen to her.

Vic, Travis, and Dean are waiting for the battalion chief in the lounge. Dean thinks it's some kind of power move of his to show up late. Travis announces he is going to say something painfully earnest and sentimental. He can't begin understand the weight of everything that Vic is feeling but he will not let her die a sad, lonely widow. She can't deny herself love because her job is dangerous. Every job is dangerous now. Firefighters still show up and make the world safe for everyone. Dean then says he is ready to talk about it. He is going to go after them through the courts. There is no other option. There are still three girls missing from Joyce's neighborhood and the cops did nothing. Joyce was arrested in front of her daughter for false charges that were only dropped because someone filmed it. If they only chalk it up to a systemic problem without action, if they don't name the individuals who support the system, nothing changes. As firefighters, they defy the odds and save lives. This is just a different kind of fire. Dean will fight for his daughter's future and his family has got money. He will make up with his family. Travis says he will do whatever Dean needs from him.

Andrew and Carina keep some distance as Opal waits by the doors.

Maya meets up with Ben and Dean outside the train station. Ben says the train should be pulling up soon. Maya says they'll post at both exits when the cops arrive.

Opal runs off the train as soon as the doors open. Andrew follows her despite Carina's pleas to stop. Carina asks about his plan. He tells her to go find Ben and the police. He will tail Opal. Carina stays behind while he continues on his path.

Battalion chief Gregory arrives at the station, which appears empty. He eventually finds Vic, Travis, and Dean asleep in their uniforms in the lounge. He wakes them up. Andy and Robert rush in from the other room. Andy informs Gregory that she has been put in charge while Captain Bishop is out on a call. He recognizes her as Pruitt's daughter.

Andrew follows Opal across the lobby and down the stairs.

The police arrive. Maya shows the officer a photo of Opal.

After checking their gear, Gregory says he found the supposed A-team without a captain and sleeping on the job. Andy says the team prides itself on precision, accuracy, and dedication. He stops her and demands to know where their Captain. Andy admits she is helping coordinate the arrest of a notorious sex trafficker, whom they think is responsible for the kidnapping of the girls they rescued yesterday. In doing so, she is setting an example for what it means to be a first-responder, outside of red tape or jurisdiction. They are proud to serve under her. Gregory heard about yesterday, about them running into a fire while off-duty without gear. Dean says they valued human life about protocol, which they would do again, especially for an overlooked community.

A man runs into Andrew as he and Opal are nearing the exit.

Ben, Maya, Jack, and the police officers surround a redheaded woman at the exit, but it's not Opal. They apologize for the mistake. Moments later, Ben spots the real Opal, who is promptly arrested. Jack points out the difference in arrest.

Gregory does not condone conflict with PD, he does appreciate honesty and bravery as core values. They saved two lives and did it with their bare hands. He is proud of them. Vic bursts into tears. She apologizes. Dean explains that she has been shoving her feelings down. Gregory can imagine. Robert says demoralizing does not begin to describe their experience. Andy rallies the crew by shouting "19!".

Carina finds Andrew groaning in pain on the floor. He has been stabbed. Carina calls for help. Moments later, the firefighters arrive. Maya pulls Carina back while Ben and Jack get Andrew on the gurney. They move to the ambulance.

En route to Grey Sloan, Maya radios Grey Sloan to let them know they have a 35-year-old male with an abdominal stab wound coming their way. As Ben applies pressure to the wound, Andrew asks if they got Opal. Ben confirms that they did. Carina holds his hand as she sings their bedtime song.


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Andrew DeLuca[]

Andrew was stabbed while following Opal. Carina found him and immediately applied pressure to the wound. Maya, Ben, and Jack soon joined her and packed the wound, then took him to the hospital so he could have surgery.


Song Performer Scene
  • Sullivan and Dean wait in jail and relive their arrest.
  • Andy waits outside the jail.
  • Maya argues.
  • The team watches footage of the arrest.
  • Sullivan and Dean come out and hug the team.
"Ad Finem Vitae" Marie Gallo
  • Maya holds Carina while Ben starts to treat Andrew.
  • Carina talks to Andrew as they put him in the aid car.
  • Maya calls ahead to the hospital.
  • Carina sings to Andrew.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode scored 5.40 million viewers.
  • Goof: When Ben calls in the accident, he mentions that Andrew is 35 years old while later information suggests he was only 32 years old at the time.


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