Trey is a bartender at Emerald City Bar.


Serving CatherineEdit

When Catherine entered the bar upset, she asked Trey what one of the drinks on his tray was, then took it and ordered three more. When he returned, she took two of them, left the third with Jackson, and told Jackson to tip Trey. ("Let's All Go to the Bar")

Bar CrashEdit

After a car crashed into the side of the bar, Trey helped the doctors treat the injured. He suggested the back door for evacuation, though that turned out to be blocked. He later held a stool for Pruitt to stand on to retrieve supplies through a window. When Taryn's leg needed to be set, he served her two shots of whiskey so she could tolerate the pain. After the firefighters cleared an exit and the injured were taken out of the bar, Trey sat at the bar and drank a drink of his own. ("I Know This Bar")


He is a bartender at Emerald City Bar.



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