When we arrive at the scene, civilians don't see us. Not really. They don't see past our gear, our uniforms. The uniform inspires confidence. The uniform makes people believe everything's going to be okay. Even when your whole house is burning down. Our uniform is our armor, our protection, our hard-candy shell. It protects what's under the surface. But the truth is that no amount of armor can protect you from everything.

Under the Surface is the second episode of the second season and the 12th overall episode of Station 19.

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It’s a life-and-death situation when a young boy falls into water pipes beneath the city of Seattle. With the clock ticking, the firefighters of Station 19 jump into action to save his life.

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  • Andy Herrera
  • Ben Warren
  • Jack Gibson
  • Victoria Hughes
  • Ryan Tanner
  • Travis Montgomery
  • Dean Miller
  • Maya Bishop
  • Pruitt Herrera
  • Maggie Pierce
  • Andrew DeLuca
  • Grant
  • Evan Forrester
  • Brit Logue
  • Station 23 Firefighter David Mayhorn
  • Natalie Forrester
  • Max Forrester
  • Officer Vu
  • Nurse Dominique

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The Seattle Metropolitan Police Department searched for Max, a child who had run away from the hospital. Ryan and Brit Logue found Max on the side of the street, but when they called for him, he ran from them and fell into an open manhole and was swept away into the sewer system. The fire department and police department started a coordinated effort to find exactly where Max had gone and get him out. The got the plans and placed different stations at each potential location where Max could be. They found a handprint on one of the stations' feed, which showed them where he was. They went to the location and waited for him to come to them so they could catch him. When Maya prepared to go into the sewers, she was all geared up when they learned the tank she had wasn't working. While they went to replace it, Andy heard Max down in the sewer. Over orders, she impulsively jumped down into the sewer. She tried to get to Max, but the flow picked up and sent Max down the line before Andy could get him. Andy was pulled out and they searched for the next place down the line where they could get access to Max. They found one last place he'd go by. When they got there, they saw that it was not a large enough access point to get an adult in there. They discussed using a jackhammer to open it up wider, but there were gas lines in the area, which made it too dangerous. Instead, they lowered a loop for Max to wrap around himself and with his dad's help, they talked him into jumping for it. Once he was secure, they lifted him to safety.


Song Performer Scene
"Get Up" Maggie Szabo
  • Dean tries to stall his departure from the hospital.
  • He and Andy talk about Sullivan as they leave.
  • Andy knows he's trying to rebound from JJ with Maggie.
"Xpress Urself" Red Red Lips
  • The firefighters eat breakfast together and talk about Sullivan.
"Burning Bridges" Alon Apollo feat. Nilu
  • Evan tells Max that his mother is dying.
  • He tells Max to grab the floatie.
"Every Time" Kyle Neal
  • Max lies in bed with his mother.
  • Andy is glad they were able to give the family this moment.
  • Maggie says if she needs to scream, there's a supply closet where she can.
  • Dean comes to get Andy. Maggie turns him down, but he says to come find him if she finds herself not with a boyfriend.
  • Travis talks to Pruitt about Grant the job.
  • Grant and Travis talk about Travis returning to work.
  • Travis reassures Grant and they leave.

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  • This episode scored 6.54 million viewers, a series high.
  • This episode is the second part of a crossover with the Grey's Anatomy episode Momma Knows Best.


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